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  1. I was looking for it to be translated into english as i wanted to see the difference between the movie and the manga adaptation. What i wholeheartedly loved was Asuna POV from Aincrad rather than it just being Kirito. When i read LN 1, i wanted to see how would it look like from her POV rather than Kirito.

    I appreciate that your team has been able to translate all these chapters, although may I ask when is volume 3 going to get translated? (Of course i can wait until its translated by professionals like you all)

    1. I can't really say when we'll get the volume translated. Unlike our recent LN and side story translations, our manga translations are always a team effort, so a release depends on multiple people finding the free time to work on the project. So, even I don't know when we'll have the releases ready for release. All I can say is that we're working on it.

      Also, we're not really professionals. At best, we're experienced amateurs.

    2. Haha, even if you say that... i have been using you as source more than the others for comic anthology and all being translated :)
      Anyway, i was just wondering if it was going to progress a bit further but thanks for the update on where you all are.

    3. Like what he just said... I honestly wanted to read a bit further of rainbow bridge to know the full story, but as i found this blog ... I finally got to read it (I don't understand Japanese but i do know a bit).
      Think we all just appreciate your work and the other members for translating/editing and so on for the public to have the chance to read stories that they missed out on.
      So yeah, ill be following this blog post from now as well :D