[OS] Chapter 4

I'm nearing the end of my exams (finally X.X). Only one final left before I regain my freedom. Despite my hopes, I didn't have the time to work on any new translations, as people wanted some Unital Ring summaries instead.

Fortunately, we were able to finish up with Ordinal Scale chapter 4 in the meantime, so we do have something to release while I'm still going through hell. With this chapter, we finished up with the first volume of the manga. And we decided to include the afterword and a bonus 4-koma while we were at it. Since Yen Press hasn't licensed this manga yet, we're likely going to continue with volume 2 as well.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks to all of those who contributed to the SAO Scans project for helping us get the raws.



Raws: SAO Scans
Translation: Gsimenas
Redrawing, typesetting: Nguyên Milk and Mttblue2


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