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  1. Just noticed that the site's domain is from Argentina. May I know who's the one on the team that's argentinian? Just curiosity from a Buenos Aires inhabitant :P

    1. I don't think anyone on the team, either current or inactive members is from Argentina. Since Blogspot is Google's service, I thought the server should be located in the US though.

    2. Quite strange indeed.
      On a side note, I have a little question: why were all of your translations separated from B-T and hosted here instead?

    3. The domain is from Austria, not Argentina.

    4. Well I guess google have a server in most of the countries which holds the same contents, so wherever you visits the site whichever domain you will have. For me it's in Singapore, dreadfuldecoding.blogspot.sg

  2. most likely because B-T are... well assholes, well Vaelis is anyway

  3. when are you guys going to start on GGOV2?

    1. Technically, we've already started. But I have exams this month, so I personally won't be making much progress until after the exams.

      However, I have managed to translate a chapter before Christmas. We'll release it as soon as editing is done.