Kiss and Fly

Sword Art Online Volume 22, Kiss and Fly is a collection of side stories that were originally released as limited edition Blu-Ray/DVD bonuses for the first and second seasons of the Sword Art Online anime, as well as a TV special called the Extra Edition, which was released in-between seasons 1 and 2 as both a recap and a lead-in for the season 2 announcement. Four of these BD/DVD bonus side stories, namely The Day Before, The Day After, Rainbow Bridge, and Sisters' Prayer were compiled into volume 22 as part of the Sword Art Online 10 year anniversary project to make the stories more readily available to the public. A manga adaptation of these stories by Bekkou Rico was also announced for this project. The first side story, The Day Before, was released in volume 9 of the Sword Art Online Magazine, while the others are being released directly to tankoubon format.

BD Side Stories/Light Novel

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge (虹の橋, Niji no Hashi) is a bonus SAO side story, written by Kawahara Reki, that was included in the limited edition version of the Extra Edition volume of the DVD/BD sets for the Sword Art Online anime. The story is a direct continuation of the Extra Edition and chronicles Kirito and co's attempt to find a continuation of the Deep Sea Plunderers quest from the TV special. This story was later re-released as part of Volume 22 of SAO's main series with basically zero changes, aside from abec providing some illustrations for it.



The other stories in the volume were translated by Tap and are hosted on his site:


Volume 1

Volume 1 of the manga adaptation includes The Day Before, The Day After, and part of Rainbow Bridge. The first volume was released on 10 March, 2020. The Day Before was first released on volume 9 of the Sword Art Online Magazine, while the others were first released in this volume.

The Day Before is a side story taking place during the Aincrad arc the day after Kirito proposed to Asuna on the 61st Floor. The story chronicles an adventure the two had before they were able to purchase the log house of their dreams and register their marriage in the system.

The Day After chronicles a post-Fairy Dance story, during which Asuna experiences a mysterious episodes of dissociation from her avatar... and it just so happens to be close to the anniversary of Sachi's death.

Rainbow Bridge is a sequel to the short quest that was featured at the end of the Extra Edition. In this story, Kirito searches for a continuation of the Extra Edition quest, which leads to the gang trying to storm their way through a supercell.


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