Rainbow Bridge 5

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Raw: Takazuki
Translation: Gsimenas
Editing: Gsimenas, M. Oosting


Rainbow Bridge 5

Slowly descending towards Yggdrasil City, I looked up to the white cloud that covered the apex of the World Tree once more.

Neither the quest continuation that I had sought, nor the rainbow bridge that Suguha had pursued could be found there. Though, perhaps, the two of them could be one and the same.

Based on what we've learnt from Kraken and Leviathan's conversation, the quest will one day evolve into a grand story that will also drag the yet-unseen Aesir into it. If that's the case, I'm sure that there will come a day when we'll be able to cross the bridge of seven colours and head to Asgard beyond the sky—— of course, we're probably talking about a very distant future here.

The rainbow bridge Bifrost descending from the sky once the reborn Aincrad has been cleared up to Floor 100.

This vision of mine has caused a faint, yet certain feeling of anticipation to dwell in my chest.

Adventures… have no end. There's always 《something beyond》. Even if I one day become an adult and drift away from ALO, I'm sure I'd be able to find a rainbow bridge in the sky.

"Hey, Kirito-kun!"

Shouted Asuna in a lively voice while flying next to me.

"Remember that dungeon that we haven't been able to clear because my healing couldn't keep up? Let's all try going there tonight! With this staff, I believe we'll be able to clear it this time!"

Just then, before I could give a response, Lisbeth, flying ahead of us, turned around.

"Before we do that, pancakes in Ygg City, remember! Kirito, good luck with that hundred of them!"

"Ugh……C-could we make that fifty?……"

At my response, Silica and the others laughed in unison.

Having suddenly turned around and now flying upside-down, Leafa responded with an impish smile.

"If you insist. In that case, as compensation for letting you off easy, confess to what you did in Swilvane last night!"


Should I take up the hundred pancake challenge, prepared for the fact that I'll be unable to eat dinner? Or should I just give in and confess about my misdeed of trespassing into the Lord’s mansion?

Right at the end of the adventure that had spanned the past two days, as I moaned while contemplating which of the two rather pitiable options forced on me I should choose, Yui proposed a wonderful solution from atop my shoulder.

"No worries, Papa! If you cook a hundred pancakes worth of batter in the same pan, you will only need to eat one big one!"

"……I see. That’s a great idea."

With my fingertip, I lightly stroked the hair of my beloved daughter, who seemed to have reached the 《fad for big things》 phase.

While thinking that I should show her a real whale someday, I put the wings on my back to work at their full power, aiming for the tree city that I could now faintly see in my view.

(The End)


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