[Kawahara's tweets] Kirito's coats (6th June, 2017)

A few days ago, Kawahara noticed that the fidget spinners look like the metal piece of Kirito's baldric and decided to reveal some details about it. I was mostly busy with my first exam this whole week, so I couldn't comment on the tweets on the Wikia twitter, but noticed that Crunchyroll had posted about them. However, now that I've had the time to look through the tweets more carefully, I've noticed that there were some misinterpretation of one of Kawahara's tweets. I figured I'd translate the tweets how I interpret them to correct this misunderstanding and have a translation to reference for the wiki. Unfortunately, Wikia doesn't seem to want to embed tweets, so I had to resort to using this blog instead. Think of it as filler until we have some translation ready for release (and while I'm too busy to translate because exams OP).

If you spot any issue with my translation, please let me know.


Translation: Gsimenas

Kawahara: For some time now, I've had this strange sense of deja vu whenever I saw the fidget spinner and I've finally figured out why... it's this.

Kawahara: I shudder at abec-sensei's ability to go ahead of the times... typical eternal high school girl for you... I wonder if some maker decided to make a spinner based on the model of Kirito's... eh, umm well... that thing keeping his belts together!

Kawahara: Speaking of the one on Kirito-san's chest, when I dug up the lore material I had written for the first season of the anime, I found that I had written 『Armour/chest: Heart of Relic [The heart of the relic]-> a breastplate made from a mysterious metal』. I also think I had it noted that it was the core of an ancient machine, so it might actually be able to spin...

Kawahara: Kirito kept changing his outfit in the Aincrad Arc, so it must have been hard on Adachi-san and the animators. The somewhat popular? armour with the polka dots... I mean, the rivets on the shoulders is named 《Pale Riders Jacket》.

Note: I'm pretty sure he's referring to the coat from episodes 4-6 of the first season with this tweet.


  1. Eternal... How long has abec been a high school girl again?