[SAO Comic Anthology] The Secret in the Depths of the Forest

Hi, Dennis here.

This is the second story in the Comic Anthology book.

This is also my first time typesetting, so if there is any problems or suggestions, feel free to leave it in the comment.

(The different fonts is just me trying to stick to the Japanese raw's fonts...)

zip of the manga
read on batoto


Mangaka: Sagami Rin
Raw: Takazuki
Translation: Gsimenas
Editing: 1caiser
Consultation: Tap
Typesetting: Dennis

Don't Lose, Lisbeth!

The Secret in the Depths of the Forest

Don't Lose, Lisbeth!


  1. Hi Dennis, I took a few looks at it and don't see any problems with your typesetting. I thought only Gsimenas and ZeHaffen would work on the Anthology and have said my thanks on the SAO subreddit. No idea if you're visiting there xD.
    Thank you, too!

    1. Dennis offered to help after we released the first story. Now they each pick a chapter to work on and release it when they're done.