[SAO Comic Anthology] Don't Lose, Lisbeth!

Since 18 May is Lisbeth's birthday, Mtt went into superman mode to get a Lisbeth story out by the end of the celebrate it. While we weren't able to make it in time based on the current time in Japan, we still got like 4 minutes of 18 May left at my time zone, so I guess we're semi-safe? It's the thought that counts!

The chapter will also later be released on Mangadex.



Mangaka: Akada Anmitsu
Raw: Mttblue2
Translation: Gsimenas
Redrawing, Cleaning, Typesetting: Mttblue2

Alternative versions:

Don't Lose, Lisbeth!


  1. the zip file download has a trojan virus in it

    1. yeah... no it doesn't.

      As I make the .7z and .pdf for the manga releases, I know there isn't anything other than the manga pages in either one. To be on the safe side, I ran both my original .7z and the one downloaded from here through my virus scanner, VirusTotal and Kaspersky VirusDesk. All of which came back clean. Please do not spread false info about files being infected when they are not.

    2. i downloaded the file from the link you provided and windows said there was a trojan in it.

    3. https://pasteboard.co/HlZS5G3.png

      This is what happened. Maybe i was unlucky or something then.

      Sorry for the trouble.

    4. Windows Defender is probably reading a false positive for you. I would recommend getting/scanning it with good Virus Software. If you're still not sure, online scanners like the ones I used also work great.