Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Give me chocolate

I fainted in that manner——

The following, was an “It probably happened like this…” which I guessed after that point.

The unbelievable things, the unrealistic things, mixed with my own fantasy, I still didn’t really want to think that such a strange incident had happened.

@ @ @

“I’m troubled……”

Onii-chan was wandering in『Yaoyorozu-ya[1]』, the huge supermarket which served the locals of Amenonuboko town.

I didn’t know if he intended to just come back home, or going back to the staff room once more, as he loitered around with his face hidden behind the bag.

『Yaoyorozu-ya』looked like it came out of a foreign film (the place one escapes into during a zombie apocalypse), its meaninglessly wide area, its abstruse structure, along with its hard to find product guides gave it a bad reputation among the townspeople.

The employee ran across its slick floor using roller skates.

“Hmmm… I didn’t know——

Onii-chan looked around restlessly before sighing.

The product shelves around him seemed to line up and continued endlessly into the horizon.

“It should be like this if it’s the food section… but this is the electrical appliances section……”

“If you’re going to『Yaoyorozu-ya』then buy me a lot of paper for printer-use too,” it seemed he remembers what I asked of him yesterday and went to buy it.

“There are so many kinds of chocolate these days.”

Anyhow, the surroundings of Onii-chan was enveloped in sweet scents.

It was the floor selling PC parts.

Mouses and keyboards, PC softwares and PC books, up to motherboards and such for assembling, it was a fairly full-scale place, but——

All of those products were chocolate.

“Oh… it’s very well made, down to the fine details.”

He looked at a notebook PC beside him in admiration.

From the small mouse, the keyboard, all the way to the screen, all of them were light brown.

The internal parts were reproduced from chocolate as well, but it seemed to be able to properly maintain the『Functions of the PC』, as Onii-chan moved the mouse to click on an icon, the clip started playing on the screen.

The chocolate human said “Japan’s weather is chocolate and sometimes white chocolate, from the chocolate it’s chocolate……”, like she was crazy.

It was obvious that a mysterious phenomenon had occurred, but Onii-chan still couldn’t recognize『The transformation』.

No, it wasn’t just Onii-chan —— none of the ordinary people could have thought that『The transformation』had already changed the world.

Those who noticed『This is somehow strange,』were just a minority.

The incident which went back to change the living human’s recognitions and thoughts, physical laws and histories —— it was『The transformation of the world』.

Normal people aside from special people like me, or『Existences superior to human』, like the three Yagami sisters, wouldn’t notice the alteration of the world, nor they would remember the out of place feeling.

They just had their ordinary lives up until this point along with their thoughts and recognitions adapted to the extraordinary.

“Buying many chocolates, giving them to Sasami-san, then Sasami-san will say something tsundere like『I can’t eat all these. Here, I’ll give some to Onii-chan! D-Don’t get the wrong idea! I just don’t want to eat too much and gain weight, alright!?』, but with such a plan…… I’ll get chocolate from Sasami-san legitimately! Uhuhuhuhu!”

Onii-chan was tottering as he grumbled out something so pathetic.

“But, when even this kind of chocolate exists…… I’m lost at which kind should I buy—— Ah… I’m troubled at what should I buy that could please Sasami-san the most……? Ah——

The indecisive Onii-chan seemed like he would be unable to come back home for quite a while.

@ @ @

Of course, the three Yagami sisters knew about the world becoming strange.

They are, in every meaning, not ordinary beings.

About that, I could vaguely guess it, but —— until this『Valentine’s Tragedy』incident, I couldn’t have guess they would be this absurd beings.

All I thought of them were that they were just『Slightly strange humans』.

Strictly speaking,『Human』probably wasn’t the right word.

I still didn’t completely understand —— about『The transformation』and『The three Yagami sisters』.

For this reason, creating this investigation and consideration report made my lazy self ponder about them, which was unusual.


It was in the『Prepare Club』’s room.

Tsurugi impolitely lay on the table, and looked at the pink haired girl on the screen of her mobile game machine who said with teary eyes “I’m sorry…… I still want to keep being friends with TSURUGI-kun.” before gave out a sigh.

As she turned off the power of the game machine and tossed it away, she grumbled in a bothered manner.

“What should we do……”

“Leaving it alone is not a very good idea.”

Kagami was reading『The history of gas kiln ~Propane gas and butane gas control techniques~』, was something like that interesting? She closed the book and rubbed her sleepy eyes.

Funya, she yawned.

“The scale of『The transformation』until this point, since we started observing that Tsukuyomi Kamiomi —— is the largest so far. As it is changing the entire world into chocolate. Considering the progression rate of this『Transformation』……”

Chikichiki, with a mechanical sound, Kagami’s pupils shone slightly.

“It’s seven hours until the entire Japan turns into chocolate.”

“Entire Japan? So it isn’t the type to reach the other countries, huh?”

“Yes. Amaterasu is the『Supreme Deity』of Japan after all. I think the『Gods』of foreign countries could defend against her. Within range of the country called Japan, the land, the possessions, the thoughts of people, those『Japanese Recognitions』are within the scope of『The transformation』.

“The scale is surely huge, there was no sign either. Considering the expanding scope of『The transformation』, the cause is really『Amaterasu』, huh? —— No, that might be misleading. The source should be『One of the eight million gods who wishes to serve Amaterasu』causing『The transformation』.

“Err… err…”

Tama, who was left behind in the conversation, made a troubled face as she lifted her hand.

“W-What is happening? Don’t leave Tama out of this! Hiin!”

Tsurugi gave a sigh to Tama who was about to cry.

“Ah, that’s because you still can’t make a distinction about『The transformation』. Comparing Kagami, who compares to『The ideal world』, and me, who judges based on the rules from my experience, our perceptions about『The transformation』are slightly different —— well, that’s fine. I’ll explain it later, for now, you just be a good girl.”

“Yeah! Tama is a good girl!”

Tama nodded lively, then for some reason, she silently kneeled on top of her chair.

After she watched that in amazement, Tsurugi jumped off the desk and landed lightly on the floor.

“I don’t think『The transformation』is the type to go back to normal if we leave it alone…… In the worst case, if the gods aren’t satisfied with the current results, they might accelerate『The transformation』, or change its properties altogether —— thinking about the huge scale, I don’t know how to deal with it when it causes trouble to foreign countries either. It’s annoying but I guess I’ll have to settle it before the unneeded meddling from the foreign gods are thrown in as well, huh.”


Kagami widened her eyes.

“That’s rare for Nee-san to take a proactive action.”

“If possible, I also don’t want to interfere anyway, it’s what the gods want to do, after all —— but this is the largest scale of『The transformation』so far, I don’t know what would happen if we just left it alone. Because all of the physical laws will change, I don’t think it’ll easily lead to『The end of the world』though……”

Tsurugi then took a long and narrow red cloth bag out of the cleaning tools closet of the『Prepare Club』.

She held it casually and headed to the exit of the club room.

“It may be just some stupid phenomenon, but I can’t just watch『The transformation』messing around like this though. While I don’t care how the recognitions of those human are being fiddled with, but I don’t feel like adapting into the world full of chocolate anyway.”

She then beckoned her sisters,

“Well, let’s go, Kagami, Tama. There is no need to think too much about it this time, just treat it as an accident…… and go finish it quickly.”

“But —— there is a possibility, right?”

Kagami said anxiously as she walked towards her sister.

“The phenomenon itself might be stupid, but the scale is huge, could we settle it with just us……?

“Once I set up a plan then it is fine already. Just believe in your Onee-chan. Hey, Tama, what’s up, come here already.”

“T-The feet are…… numb-tao……”

Unfortunately, it was due to her meaningless kneeling.

After Tama joined them while still staggering, Tsurugi grabbed the doorknob.

“Before rushing into the center of『The transformation』, I’ll tell you our brief strategy.”

While Tsurugi murmuring something I shouldn’t think about due to the copyrights issue, like Anywhe*e Door~♪, for some reason, she wrote what looked like a charm on the door knob using a red ball pen.

“This time is probably not Kagami’s turn. This isn’t a small-scaled『Transformation』nor is the opponent human, from this point onward, Kagami isn’t really suited for the powerful『Strangeness』. But Tama is fairly well-suited for this. You —— are you hungry?”

“Tama’s stomach and back are glued together♪”

Tama raised her hands with all her might.

“The boxed-lunch is chocolade from Paparin, but —— everyone in the class ate almost all of it-dao! That’s why… Tama is very hungry!”

“I see. Then, be delighted…… you’ll get to eat to your heart’s content.”

Tsurugi said that and then, Ishishishishi, she smiled.

@ @ @

After finishing the strategy session (?), Tsurugi casually opened the door.

That door was a door of the clubroom in KonoHanaSakuya school, it was just the door of the『Prepare Club』without anything unusual…… but it was as if leaping through the space-time when they stepped out of the room.

It was a pure light brown world, with almost everything in it had turned into chocolate.

While there was white chocolate and strawberry chocolate as well, most of them were normal chocolate.

As if looking through a light brown cellophane tape, that ordinary residential area —— the neighborhood of my house —— became sweets made out of beautiful cocoa.

Despite it being Valentine’s Day, I thought it was a bit too much.

Anything and everything was chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate.

Roads, signs, guardrails, cars, bikes, vending machines, the rows of single houses and apartments, even every single leaf on the trees.

“As expected, it looks so bizarre……”

Tsurugi crouched down and picked up an empty can near her feet.『Chocolate Cola / Ingredients: Chocolate extract, Chocolate color, Chocolaral, Annulated chocolate sugar, Vitamin chocolate / Content quantity: 500 milliliter-chocolate』were the incomprehensible things written on it.

Looking up at the sky, even the clouds were made of chocolate. I wondered how they could stay afloat.


Tama’s eyes shone brightly.

“Are all these chocolade? Wai~, Tama-ne~, well~, loves chocolade~☆ Erm, Tsurugi-nee! Can I eat them? But I won’t be able to eat dinner anymore though! Choco choco chocolade~☆☆ Sweet melting chocolade~☆☆☆”

Tsurugi looked at Tama, who was singing like that, in amazement.

“It’s nice that you can still be carefree…… but well, everything looks so nice being chocolate anyway. While I do have a yearning for the『Hansel and Gretel』’s sweets house, but I have a feeling that if I ate that in reality, I’ll lose my mind…… so I won’t eat this chocolate for sure.”

They walked on the soft road in their slippers.

“That is Tsukuyomi’s house, right?”

The single house where Tsurugi’s finger pointed at, was the house Onii-chan and I lived in.

It was an ordinary house without any personality, everything from the wall until the courtyard were all in splendid light brown.

“Why did we come to this house? The center of『The transformation』is Tsukuyomi-sensei, isn’t it? —— That person is still at the『Yaoyorozu-ya』, he’s not back at home yet though?”

Kagami asked so and waited for the answer.

But Tsurugi kept her sisters moving until they reached the front of my house.

“『The transformation』this time isn’t just from Tsukuyomi’s intentions alone. It’s what his surroundings is doing on its own to please him. There is only one way to settle it while still keeping『The gods』understanding. It’s knocking Tsukuyomi out or killing him, and that would conclude this『Transformation』”


Kagami looked like she thought about something, suddenly, her usual half sleepy expression became sharp, as she quickly put on her guard.


In front of her vision, at the entrance gate of my house.

From inside, an eerie sound like a raging lava reverberated.

Something was taking form.

“I see. So『The evil gods』are taking the opportunity from this『Transformation』and messing around with their little imitation…… Kagami, don’t get too close. You are no match for their physical force —— Tama, be delighted. Today you can eat as much as you like.”


Tama put her finger on her lips, “Wa-i☆”, as she innocently cried in joy.

At the next moment.

The door opened forcefully, from the inside, the light brown substance gushed out like avalanche of earth and rocks.

It was an action as if a huge dragon rushed toward the three Yagami sisters, and they were swallowed by the muddy stream.


It was like a lot of stars scattered from Tama’s eyes, she then plunged herself into the violently rushing stream.

Instantly —— an incomprehensible phenomenon occurred.

The light brown substance close to her —— all of it, the mass of the raging chocolate stream twisted, and disappeared as if it disintegrated into the air.

It was eaten. I didn’t know how to express it but that.

“The mobs are『The material gods』after all…… Tama’s divinity is incredible, but she can eat only in a direct clash. So it is just right to use Tama as bait——

While she was grinning, Tsurugi rushed in and chased after Tama. Kagami also quickly followed them.

The three Yagami sisters stepped into my house without taking off their shoes.

The endless amount of chocolate still came flying towards them, but when it got close to Tama, it disappeared.

“Tama, only eat what comes rushing at you! If you eat those unrelated surroundings like walls or floor, the house will collapse!”


After she replied, Tama continued her『Meal』in trance expression.

“『Sasami-san』, is that what her name is? Her room is —— on the second floor, right?”

Tsurugi called my name.

The whole house looked as if it sunk into a sea of light brown liquid, and everything became indistinguishable.

The location of the stairs couldn’t be known with just a quick glance.

“Nee-san, that way.”

Unlike Tama, she was unable to『Eat』chocolate, as Tama was defending against the avalanche of soil and rocks, Kagami looked around at her surroundings nervously from behind, and pointed her finger in one direction.

That direction, was probably where the stairs were.

Tsurugi gave a hearty nod.

“Alright! Let’s move while defending against the chocolate! Tama! You be our rear guard so we won’t get attacked from behind!”

“Yes! Tama is『Rear guard』! Guard guard~!”

Tama, who looked pleased, closed the distance between her sisters.

Tsurugi was the first, then Kagami, and Tama ascended the stairs in that order.

Tama kept the rushing chocolate back, as if there was an invisible protective wall surrounding her.

However, the muddy stream also came from the front. Speaking from the quantity and force alone, it was more intense from the front.

But Tsurugi just held the vermilion cloth bag over her head (it looked like there was something long and narrow within) —— it was similar to Tama’s effect, the swift stream burst open and disappeared.


Tsurugi opened the door as if she was raiding my room.

At the same time, just like in a scene of a fire, a stream incomparable to the earlier gushed out from the inside.

“So this really is the source……!”

While Tsurugi defended against it, she thrust her hand into the cloth bag and pulled its content out.

That was a Japanese katana.

No, its design was Japanese, but —— it was a strangely old fashioned, double-edged sword.

It was more of a work of art than a weapon.

The blade which was unsheathed from the scabbard glittered without a single trace of rust on it.

“You damn『Evil gods』—— don’t you think you can crush this cute Tsurugi-chan!”

As she bellowed, Tsurugi slashed the sword down diagonally.

With an ear splitting sound like the earth cracking, the approaching light brown evil dragon broke down into pieces and disappeared.

At that moment, they confirmed the state of the room.

The source of the avalanche of soil and rocks was —— the PC in front of my eyes.

Even at that moment, the machine was still spitting the light brown substance out, in other words, it was the PC number one I spent money and time and effort building it up myself, Tsurugi made a single jump towards it.

“Don’t you dare rebel against our effort!!”

As she yelled, the PC was splendidly cut into two.

『The sword』easily eaten the PC, cut it up, and destroyed it.

At the same time, Tsurugi turned to Kagami and called,

“Kagami —— use your『Mirror』to project the world!”

“So I have to act after all…… Well, it can’t be helped with the presence of『The evil gods』anyway —— Tama! Go hug Nee-san!!”


Tama ran over to Tsurugi like an animal, and hugged Tsurugi under her arms before jumping out of the window. After affirming it, Kagami became clearer than she had ever been before —— her firmly opened eyes had no trace of drowsiness at all, as she declared,

——O’ human world, return to the way you should be at once.”

At that moment, her eyes emitted a shiny light, which spread thickly at the light brown world.

@ @ @

“Hng♪ Hnghuhng♪”

Onii-chan was walking.

His surroundings was still the light brown world.

The chocolate car ran on the chocolate road drove the chocolate cat to jump into a chocolate house and broke the chocolate potted plant causing the chocolate lady to shout at it. But Onii-chan didn’t notice『The transformation』, he just accepted it as『The usual scene』.

“I sure bought a lot……”

In his hands are his bag and a hanging vinyl bag (also chocolate).

The contents inside the vinyl bag was bustling with both normal chocolate and not so normal chocolate.

He didn’t forget and bought print papers too, of course, those were also chocolate.

“I wonder if Sasami-san will be pleased——?”

I didn’t know if Onii-chan thought about anything besides that, he opened the door to the house and stepped inside.

When he looked from the outside, “Huh?”, he tilted his head.

The interior was… normal.

Comparing to the『Common sense』we have, it was ordinary.

It wasn’t chocolate. It was the entranceway left unchanged.

The daily pad calendar, the shoe box, and the decorated plant.

Onii-chan lowered his waist to take off his shoes, leaving his bag, the vinyl bag in his hand rattling as he ascended the stairs.

“Sasami-sa~n♪ Onii-chan has already returned~♪”

After knocking the door, Onii-chan waited for a moment.

Because it was normal for me not to answer, obviously, Onii-chan opened the door and stepped into the room.

Inside the room, nothing had changed too.

There was only one incomprehensible thing —— on the floor lay the PC which was cleanly cut into two.

Peeking inside the machine, which was still sparking, there was no chocolate in it.

This very normal scene, in the world which had turned into chocolate, was awfully unnatural, however —— of course, Onii-chan didn’t have any doubts, as he looked around.

“Sasami-san? Today is called Valentine’s, you know! It’s the day you give chocolate to the person you love, right! It seems normally the girls are the one giving, but my love transcends age and gender, I think there is no problem, so I bought a lot of chocolate——

Then Onii-chan became speechless.

Standing beside the broken PC, like a bronze statue, was me.

“Sa… Sasami-san……”

It was just my entire body in a light brown, beautiful chocolate.

From my hair to my fingertips, everything was chocolate.

I couldn’t make even a slight movement, I was petrified with a smiling expression.

Onii-chan gulped.

“I-I see……”

He looked extremely happy.

“I got it, I understand it —— Sasami-san! In other words, this is『Chocolate is…… m-y-s-e-l-f♪』from you, right? Onii-chan completely understands now!! Then Onii-chan will do as you wish, licking, chewing, holding you in my mouth, Onii-chan will, Onii-chan will…”

Onii-chan rushed in as he yelled something so stupid.

The next moment, my bronze statue (?) shook.






As I raised an unladylike voice, I raged violently.

Then, the chocolate surface which coated me cracked, peeled off and fell onto the floor.

Ah nice, I was worrying that my skin wouldn’t be able to breathe.


As Onii-chan made an odd voice——

I realized that I was completely naked after the chocolate peeled off my body.

Due to the result of my full might’s defence against『The transformation』, my flesh escaped its influence.

However, the clothes I was wearing wouldn’t attain the same spiritual power, so it changed into chocolate due to the rules of『The material gods』, and now it peeled and fell off.

When I noticed that, I quickly covered my breasts and the lower half of my body from Onii-chan, who absorbedly looked as if he was a devout believer who had met the messiah.

“Onii-chan, you dieeeeeeee!!”

As I raised an unsister-like voice, I delivered my knee into Onii-chan’s face.

Even though my body was weak, but girls had times where they had to burn their life away in order to cut the consciousness of other people.


Onii-chan made a voice like he died after living a satisfied life, before he fell down onto the floor and stopped moving.

I breathed in roughly, still trembling, covered my body in a towel-blanket and went to the corner of my room —— before opening the folding screen of my storage room.

In there, were…

“…………” “…………” “…………”

Because Onii-chan came back sooner than they expected, the three Yagami sisters, who couldn’t leave the house and had to secretly hide there, gave friendly smiles.


Tsurugi, who was dyed in red from embarrassment, looked at me as she was shivering, before averting her eyes and said,

“It can’t be helped…… you know?


I raged.

To those suspicious people (such as Onii-chan who couldn’t contain his love for his sister), I grabbed the repulse-use metal bat and beat the buttocks of the three Yagami sisters.

As I was crying.

While acting on my instinctive urges.

“Get out! Get out—!! This is my house!!”


Various things like my confusion due to the lack of explanation, the remains of my maiden-like shyness, the curtain of the first large-scaled『Transformation』which led to『The Valentine’s Tragedy』had now closed.

I’ll make a summarized report of the detailed reason for『The transformation』and『The method of resolution』the three Yagami sisters used this time later.

I dragged myself to the bed, put on the blanket as I stayed in bed out of spite.

I’m so tired, Onii-chan.

Translator's notes:

1. Yaoyorozu-ya 八百万屋 means eight million-shop.