Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Volume 1 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Tsukuyomi Sasami’s investigation

★ What is『The transformation』of the world?

▽ This world (to be more accurate, it was this country) was controlled by『The eight million gods』.『The eight million gods』were different from Christianity which had faith in a single God or Greek mythology which believed in the legends of polytheism, it was based on the idea that everything in this world had『A god』residing in it.

▽ Based on that idea, for example: a pebble on the roadside, a building, a handicraft, an animal or a weed, and even large-scale concepts, such as the weather, physical law and cities —— each one of them had『A god』residing within it.『Eight million』had the meaning of『A lot』, of course, it would be impossible to count if『A god』even resided in something like trash.

▽『Gods』and expressive might sound suspicious, but to put it simply, they had『Ego』. They had『Self-awareness』,『Heart』, and『Personality』. When thinking about『The eight million gods』, they had emotions, they were what we called personified gods. This applied without exception from Amaterasu, the supreme deity who ruled the sun, to『A god』of smaller things, such as an eraser. By observing『The personalities』it could be possible to identify『The god』.

▽ When thinking about『The human world』from what we know, or『Common sense』, the fact about『The gods reside in everything』wasn’t really well-known. I’ll explain in details later, but it was the fact that we naturally thought『The world could be “transformed” in a way that was convenient for humans』, that was why humans felt nervous about『The gods』which could act as they pleased (sometimes when an incident related to a spiritual phenomenon by『The gods』occurred, they just handed it to the specialized organization.)

▽『The gods』weren’t friends with each other to begin with. It was easier to understand when looking at groups of humans. Many『Personalities』gave birth to love-hate relations and factions, which led to quarrels and difference in the influential voices. Of course,『The eight million』of『Gods』got along with each other under the same common cause —— I didn’t say, that given the chance,『The gods』wouldn’t push for their own view, causing『Their own convenient world』.

▽ However, the scope of the control『The gods』had was only within『Themselves』. For『The god of pebble』,『The self』was nothing but『The pebble』. For the other『Gods』to become『Other person』was, of course, unheard of.

▽ But there was hierarchy among『The gods』. For example, let’s say there was a wooden desk.『The desk』was assembled from『Lumbers』and 『Screws』. Then『The desk』,『The lumbers』, and『The screws』all had『The gods』residing within them.『The lumbers』had『The god of lumbers』, and also acted as『A part of the god of desk』. Now『The god of desk』was also a part of『The god of furniture』(The desk was a kind of furniture, thus it fell under control of furniture as well).

▽ It was like molecules, the smaller『Gods』assembled to form a bigger『God』, and became more generic, for example『The god of desk』→『The god of house』→『The god of town』→『The god of country』→『The god of the world』, or it could be thought as the『God』of『The section』was『A part』of the『God』of『The whole』.

▽ It could be thought off in a way that resembles the relations between individuals and an organization as well. Each one of the employees『Self』was『Individual』, but when they assembled together as『The whole』, a single『Individuality』=『Corporation』occurred. In normal case, the employee couldn’t go against the company. The company had the authority to order its employees, it had controlling power even to force its employees to obey. In the case of『The gods』, this was even more obvious.

▽『A god of the whole』could make『A god of the section』obey. That was almost an absolute rights to order. The greater『God』(the higher the divinity, the more expressive as well) could control『The gods』on the lower hierarchy, and alter them freely. This alteration was called『The transformation』.

▽ I mentioned earlier that『The god』had『Personality』and that『One’s comfort led to a convenient world』. So if each one of『The gods』did that as they liked, the world would fall into a lawless chaos —— but that didn’t happen.

▽ If all humans acted on their whims, the state would fail to function. No, a world without regulations wouldn’t be able to form a state in the first place. It was the same with『The gods』. Regulations existed among『The gods』to prevent them from acting for their own self-satisfactions. A so-called ruler of『The gods』—— and that was『The supreme deity Amaterasu』.

▽ It was as the name『The supreme deity』implied, in terms of divinity, Amaterasu was number one. All other『Gods』had to obey her. In other words, Amaterasu regulated『The world』, and the other『Gods』regulated themselves based on that. According to the desire of Amaterasu, the form of this『World』could be altered, from a pebble to the laws of physics.

▽ Let me continue on『The convenient world of humans』for a bit, if this Amaterasu was confined in『A human』, she would have to abide to that human. So『The human』in a special position had sealed『The supreme deity』using their own tools. With the acquired power of Amaterasu, they could use that authority to maintain the human world to be『Convenient for themselves』.

▽ I’ll describe in details later, but the existence of that Amaterasu was within the body of Onii-chan, of all people. Or should I say absorbed. It could be thought as『Onii-chan = the supreme deity Amaterasu』. To give an example easier to understand for some, it’s『Onii-chan = Suzumiya Haruhi』. However, Onii-chan didn’t realize he had all the power of the gods, let alone utilizing it with his idiocy —— The reign of the incompetent ruler would lead『The world』into a mess.

▽ The current composition was, well, because of that. As to why such a stupid situation occurred, I’d save that for my next report. Moreover, I still couldn’t stop thinking about the turmoil a few days ago —— namely『The Valentine’s Tragedy』incident.

★ About『The Valentine’s Tragedy』

▽ The first large-scaled『Transformation』which led to『The Valentine’s Tragedy』was caused by the motion of『The supreme deity Amaterasu』within Onii-chan’s body. About that stupid incident which turned the entire world into chocolate —— when thinking and investigating it afterward, it was then that I started to be able to grasp its outline.

▽ Onii-chan, who had a manservant constitution, didn’t have a single desire for himself. In spite the various circumstances of his selflessness,『He didn’t exist』, he was a person who rarely had thoughts or feelings for himself. Hiding his face was also probably to deny his own『Self』, or to keep himself from noticing it.

▽ With that said, even though he possessed『The power of the supreme deity』, Onii-chan would never use it for his self-interest. One might think it was a waste of talent, but serious usage of『The power of the supreme deity』could potentially destroy the world.

▽ For this reason, I couldn’t be negligent. I used『Onii-chan Observation Tool』in order to see that Onii-chan wasn’t doing anything funny, or desiring something troublesome, that was the reason I watched over Onii-chan (if that wasn’t the case, who would spend day and night watching that pervert anyway) —— But, that shouldn’t be necessary, as Onii-chan spent every day doing nothing but continuing his casual ordinary life anyway.

▽ However, this time Onii-chan bore a desire. While that desire might sound stupid, as it was『I want chocolate』—— but due to the three Yagami sisters whom fed him too much knowledge, he was somehow filled with an unusual『Want』.

▽ I need to say this out front in order to prevent a misunderstanding, Onii-chan never gave out an order『Turn the entire world into chocolate~♪』. That was『The gods』around him acting on their own.『The gods』observed『I want chocolate』from Onii-chan, then they thought “Let’s make『The supreme deity』-sama pleased.” and turned themselves into chocolate while insisting to him “Eat me, eat me~♪” (currently『Onii-chan = the supreme deity Amaterasu』, I couldn’t distinguish the other gods from each other).

▽ Everyone wanted to be employed in a good company, living a wealthy life in a peaceful country —— it was the same for『The gods』. Pleasing『The supreme deity』would raise their own status, increasing their divinity. With more freedom, they could live in greed. That was why『The gods』wanted nothing but to answer Onii-chan’s wish. In short, they wanted to be liked by Onii-chan by using flattery.

▽ As the result,『The gods』turned their bodies into chocolate, and the world was completely changed into a very strange scene full of chocolate. All just for Onii-chan. Just to please Onii-chan. There was surely no one but Onii-chan whom was given this much chocolate on Valentine’s.

▽ With『The gods』changing themselves into chocolate without thinking about the consequences, those who knew that it wouldn’t be good were the three Yagami sisters. Those girls, who were far higher in divinity than the ordinary『Gods』, and seemed to be in a somewhat special position —— knew that『The transformation』was due to『The supreme deity』, but still forcibly intervened.

▽ Those girls caused the world to return to normal. That much was certain. I understood their feelings. I wouldn’t want a world full of chocolate either. However, the actions of those three sisters were judged by the surrounding『Gods』as “clearly hostile acts towards us, who are trying to please『The supreme deity』”.

▽ Due to this reason, in order to return the world to normal, those girls attacked『The gods』that turned into chocolate. They were the light brown muddy stream which swept violently in my house (although the three sisters called the hostile『Gods』as『Evil gods』…… there was some details I still couldn’t really understand at this point, I’ll save that for the next report.)

▽ With that said, when facing the lower class of『The material gods』(the smallest unit of『The gods』. Or the so-called『The section god』. If it was the same small unit of animals or plants,『The creature gods』, their treatment would be slightly different) the three Yagami sisters, who were far higher in divinity, weren’t taken aback. After cleaning up the small fries, they then settled this『Strangeness』(referring to the inconvenient event that occurred by『The transformation』).

▽ To put it simply, the incident this time was caused by the feeling of “I want chocolate!” by Onii-chan. In order to end it, that desire had to be fulfilled. That was why the three Yagami sisters politely coated me in chocolate and gave me to Onii-chan. I was a sacrifice.

▽ When Onii-chan mistaken that it was “Chocolate is…… m-y-s-e-l-f♪” from me, he was satisfied. The result was Onii-chan had his desire fulfilled, as『The gods』felt that there was no point doing it any longer, they returned to normal (if Onii-chan had the feeling that “I want to live like usual”, the world would return to normal on its own in order to fulfill his desire).

★ Conclusion

▽ Well, if just a trivial desire of “I want chocolate!” could lead to 『The transformation』of such grand-scale,『The power of the supreme deity』is really absurd…… I think I have to strengthen the observation of Onii-chan even further to prevent such a stupid situation like this from happening ever again.

▽ As for the true identities of the three Yagami sisters, there were still many unconfirmed facts about them. I also need to be on my guard when investigating, and interacting with them. Why do I have to do something so troublesome —— while I might think so, I could say that I also have a reason that I don’t want the world to fall into chaos, so, well… it can’t be helped……

▽ And I won’t be eating chocolate for a while.