Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The second sister, Kagami

This is what I heard later on.

Even after playing at the river in the early morning, she didn’t catch a cold and was still very lively, the youngest of the three Yagami sisters —— Tama was right in the middle of the lunch when Tsurugi fed Onii-chan.

“Boxed-lunch♪ boxed-lunch♪”

With her desk attached to others’, she was going to have a lunch.

Tama (innocently) nodded repeatedly with her arms folded.

“I worked hard everyday just for this moment.”

She dug her hand into the satchel, “Boxed-lunch♪” as she sang; then she wondered once she discovered the box Onii-chan gave her this morning.

“Eh? What is this? Tama-ne~ the boxed-lunch Kagami-nee bought recently-ne~ the favorite…… Ah! That’s right, It’s from Paparin!”

So she forgot about it.

“What is inside……?”

She then opened the box.


Tama’s eyes sparkled as she looked at the slightly elaborate chocolate, which couldn’t be bought from a convenience store.

“I-It’s chocolade…… madam! Erm, is it alright to eat? Tsurugi-nee always saying don’t eat sweets at home or else Tama will get cavities…… but she eats a lot herself! So…… what should Tama do with these chocolade!?

As she became bright red, she pinched one up with her fingers and tossed it into her mouth.

“Howaaah…… it’s so sweeeet…… this is happiness……☆☆☆”

The chocolate which looked delicious caught the attention of the primary school students around her.

“T-Tama-chan! That’s so nice! Chocolate!?” “Did you say Tama-chan brought chocolate!?” “F-For whom!? Eh!? Eat it yourself!?” “Could it be, Tama-chan, you don’t know about Valentine’s……” “Hwah? What? Do you want it? (* This was Tama’s line)”

Tama smiled to the glasses-wearing boy, who looked just like a girl and was nearest to her.

“Because Sacchin let Tama see your homework, Tama will give you a chocolade♪”

Tama then brought a chocolate, which was modeled to look like a jewel, into the small classmate’s mouth, as she said “A—n☆”.

“T-T-T……Tama-chan gave chocolate to s-s-someone like me! Chocolate……!?” “I-I-It’s not fair to only give it to Satou! Give me some too!” “If it’s right now, when Tama-chan still doesn’t know about it, I can have chocolate from her…… have it from Tama-chan……!” “Hand it over!” “I’ll get it even if I have to kill you!” “Ehhhhh!? S-Stop it! If everyone takes it…… Tama won’t have anything left to eatttt!! Hiin—!! (*This was Tama’s line)”

After the majority of the chocolate had been snatched by the children in actions similar to an onrush of vultures, Tama protested with teary eyes.

“Terrible! It’s so terrible! Why did you want to have Tama’s chocolade that muchhh!? Hiin!! And Tama got it from Paparin too!! It’s Tama’s boxed-lunch too!! Tama still haven’t eaten even one yet too!! Oh, you too, Brutus—!?[1]

“It can’t be helped, Tama-chan.”

Sitting on the opposite side of Sacchin, a normal girl, unlike Tama, gave a big sigh.

“Because today is Valentine’s. It’s natural for the boys to act strange in order to get chocolate. After all, Tama-chan, you’re very popular……”


As Tama stared blankly, the girl simply continued,

“Huh? So you really don’t know? Valentine’s is——

@ @ @

The scene now changed to KonoHanaSakuya school.

It was after school.

Onii-chan showed his face (Onii-chan had his face hidden though) to the『Prepare Club』, which seemed to be a club about preparing textbooks, but it looked like he was too free with nothing to do, so he was trying to deplete someone’s magic points[2].




“……Err, Sensei. Please stop your silent『Hare Hare Yukai[3]』dance. It’s gross.”

Reading a book in silence was the second of the three Yagami sisters —— Yagami Kagami, she plainly muttered as usual.

“But Kagami-san, I’m too free, without anything to do.”

“You can read books. Or you can just go rot too.”

What Kagami said was right, the clubroom of the『Prepare Club』had the bookshelves in all directions, each was lined with a lot of books.

However, most of them were just antique books or documents or chronicles, or maps, which no one would want to read.


Kagami made an odd sound, then started speaking without showing any expressions.

“If you’re so free, you should show your face at other clubs’ activities. Somewhere in this vast world, there must be someone who feels your presence is necessary. Yes, there might be……, probably?”

Kagami who spoke in such a plain tone that I couldn’t understand what she meant, was in the first year of high school, just like me. She was sixteen years old —— her height was average, her face and her physique wasn’t anything special, she just didn’t leave any impression on others.

She looked sleepy as usual, actually, she was sleeping.

“Huhu, a person to whom my presence is necessary……? Of course there is!”

Onii-chan looked happy as he loitered within the clubroom.

“My cute cute cute beloved Imouto-sama! Sasami-san! Who is always waiting for me! I am demanded! To be loved! Do you understand!? Let us discuss about the magnificence of Sasami-san, firstly, she is more than anything else…… eh?”

Kagami was sound asleep.

“Kagami-san? Kagami-san?”

“Ah, I’m sorry, I fell asleep.”

After wiping her drool, Kagami lifted her face up and started grumbling with a serious look,

“Uninteresting topics make me sleepy. I already understand Tsukuyomi-sensei’s love towards Imouto-san, so it is not necessary, I’ll say ‘no thank you’ to any further explanation. Or to be honest, it’s annoying.”

“Ehh—…… but I want to talk about it! Please listen Kagami-san! Hey! I know you actually want to hear it! Staying silent feels awkward, so let’s talk about it!”

Now Onii-chan started dancing,

“Please choose the topic you want ——『Today’s Sasami』『Yesterday’s Sasami』『Tomorrow’s Sasami』『The embarrassing episodes of Sasami』『The day I had a quarrel with Sasami』『Sasami’s interests and likes』—— Ah, the dice is rolling, what it will be…… choose a topic! Then let’s enjoy the most interesting topic about Sasami-san, and talk together until we tire out!”



“I’m sorry, I fell asleep.”

“Fueeeeen! Kagami-neeeeeeee!!”

From the door which burst open, Tama, who was carrying her school satchel on her back, jumped into the room.

Because the primary school Tama attended was in the neighborhood, she usually came to play in this club room after school.

She jumped into Kagami, who was still in a daze, as she cried.

“What happened……?”

Kagami seemed annoyed.

“Please don’t jump on me like that. Tama, you’re both big and heavy, you know.”


Tama sobbed at the cool words from her sister, then Onii-chan greeted her.

“Ah, we met this morning too, Tama-san. Was the『Boxed-lunch』delicious?”

“Huya— P-Paparin……”

Tama face became bright red from the embarrassment, which was unusual, she then hugged Kagami tightly like a spoiled child.

“You’re crushing me! I’m dying!”. Ignoring Kagami’s yell, Tama looked at Onii-chan with tear-choked eyes.

“Er…Erm… Tama-ne,”

She then gulped.

“T-Tama loves Paparin but…… but… for something like that… Since Tama is still in the primary school so…… so… Tama wants to start by being friends first… Fuennn, Kagami-nee! What should Tama do!?”

“First, let your hands go. As I’m dying…… you must realize your crazy strength already.”

It was what Kagami quietly muttered after barely escaping Tama’s headlock.

Right after that.

“Oh, what is this? Aren’t all three sisters together here—?”

From the door which was left open, Tsurugi suddenly appeared.

She looked happy, as her expression overflowed with childishness.

“I don’t know what you guys are talking about, but you can’t just leave Onee-chan out of it…… Ishishishi—”

Translator's notes:

1. καὶ σὺ τέκνον?, Et tu Brute? The famous last words of Julius Caesar to his friend Marcus Brutus at the moment of his assassination.

2. In Dragon Quest series, dancing abilities have various effects, one of which could reduce an enemy's MP.

3. Ending song of Suzumiya Haruhi's first season.