Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Volume 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The eldest sister, Tsurugi

Onii-chan is an idiot.

It became somewhat unbearable, I took off the『Onii-chan Observation Tool』off my head.

As I used my fingers to comb my hair which became fluffy due to static electricity, I let out a groan.

It’s Valentine’s Day and yet…

I even mustered the courage…

He just went and gave it to Tama.

“Onii-chan should just die……”

I hated to be imbued with tears, so I stood up and walked unsteadily.

It was somehow absurd, but I wanted to smack my complaints into him.

I couldn’t just wait for him to return.

“Alright then……”

I’ll go to Onii-chan and hit him right now, and in order to put that noble plan into practice, I took out my high school uniform from the closet integrated into the wall.

I took off my nightclothes without difficulty, then forced my arms through the sleeves while being confused by the sensation of the uniform I had never worn.

Ah, somehow, it seems to be alright.

Today, with this anger as the trigger, I will surely be able to go to school.

“To hit Onii-chan……”

I nodded twice before opening the door.

Oo, isn’t this simple?

Just cross the corridor.

It will be an easy win.

Just like going down the stairs.

Then the soles of my feet felt awfully sticky.

Did I step on gum? And why is my head feeling so heavy?

It must be my imagination.

Today is alright. I am alrigh——


I staggered before sinking down to the floor, as the world was flickering in deep red.


I vomited.

@ @ @


Ah, I fell asleep.

I woke up in my own room, then stretched hard.

It seems I slept quite well……

Now that I think about it, when I tried to go to school, which is impossible, I ended up vomiting —— it seemed I came back to the room, flopped onto the bed while still wearing the uniform, and fell asleep, huh.

“And I even thought it should be fine already……”

In the end, I still can’t do it, Onii-chan.


The outside world is scary.

A bad feeling.

Causing nausea in me.

How can everyone live in that vague and uncertain world while being carefree?


I opened the small refrigerator in the room and rinsed my mouth with mineral water.

As I became slightly more conscious, I returned to my mini garden surrounded by personal computers, and placed right there, was the left overs from the breakfast Onii-chan had made —— I looked at the sandwiches.

As I ate, I picked up the『Onii-chan Observation Tool』and connected it to my head. Well then, my eyes are wide awake now. Onii-chan, you’d better not be getting involved in something stupid……

@ @ @

Hiyoko: “If it’s Onii-chan…… it’s alright ♥”

Hiyoko blushed as she nodded, and I stripped the maid uniform off her.

I: “Hiyoko— Hiyokoo!!”

Hiyoko: “Ahnn— Onii-chaaaan —— I luv uuu ♥♥♥”

What the heck is this!?

Of course, I blew both mineral water and sandwich from my mouth.

@ @ @

KonoHanaSakuya school (桜ノ花咲夜学園[1]) was an ordinary high school situated in the middle of Amenonuboko town, and just as the name implies, it is famous due to the splendid rows of sakura (currently it was still February, the sakura will start blooming later).

Onii-chan worked as a teacher there, and one of his colleagues was the eldest of the three Yagami sisters —— Yagami Tsurugi.

Her appearance was just that of a petite girl.

While the youngest sister, Tama, had the height and sex appeal unmatched for her age, the eldest sister Tsurugi was complete reversal.

Age, thirty-one (she said it herself).

However, her appearance was that of a lower grade primary schooler.

In a corner of the staff room —— next to the neat, tidy desk of Onii-chan, was where her seat was located.


The helpless voice of Onii-chan echoed in KonoHanaSakuya school’s staff room.

“Please don’t play eroge openly in the staff room.”

Tsurugi, in her plain clothes, carelessly sat crossed-legged on her seat, as she double-clicked the mouse.

From the gaps of her hair, headphones could be seen on her ears, as she assaulted the little sister in her screen.


Onii-chan wasn’t discouraged by being ignored, Oh yeah, she is wearing headphones so she can’t hear anyway. He took a notebook and wrote characters on it using an oil pen.

Tsurugi-sensei, I don’t think playing eroge at work is a good idea.

Tsurugi stared at the characters, before taking the notebook from Onii-chan and writing her reply using a red pen.

Shush— Go die (^o^)

Although her words were harsh, she seemed to listen to Onii-chan’s opinion, as Tsurugi sighed while moving the mouse across the screen overflowing with pink and mosaic effects to the『Save』icon, and clicked on it.

She took off the headphones after quitting the eroge, Then, Hwaaa, she gave a big yawn.

“It’s lunch now, huh.”

Her voice was also childish.

“I’m hungryー Oi Tsukuyomi, go buy bread from the school canteen already. For me, Melon pan!”

By the way, Onii-chan had the duty of buy lunch for this petite teacher daily.


Does taking orders from a kid make Onii-chan happy? Because he looked excited.

“Actually, today I didn’t prepare lunch either. My sister gave me a boxed-lunch, but Tama was hungry, so I gave it to her.”

“You met Tama, huh?”

Tsurugi widened her eyes.

“That girl, she didn’t eat breakfast and went claiming『Tama is going to be Frog-san-dao! Geko Geko! The amphibian! Living on both land and water! Z’Gok! Z’Gok~![2]』before rushing out of the house. She always acts like an idiot, but today just made me doubt the sanity of my sister.”

“Ah, Tama-san was——

Onii-chan explained what happened in the morning.


Tsurugi seemed uninterested as she rubbed her eyes and gave a big yawn again.

“Tama is still a brat anyway, she is self-centered and empathize with others too much. So she makes herself equal to the others. When the frogs she always play with went hibernating, she felt lonely, as if a part of her own body was missing, so she tried to fill that hole on her own……”

She muttered something that I couldn’t really understand.

“Thanks for helping out and stopping her at that time, Tsukuyomi. If not, she might end up『Transforming』—— Really, Kagami is already troublesome enough, but Tama is much more dangerous. Don’t always make Onee-chan worry already. As for this built up stress…… Go die, Tsukuyomi.”

Tsurugi let out her stress by rubbing the slippers she was wearing on Onii-chan.

At the same time, Onii-chan seemed to be happy.

“Well, there’s no need to worry, I think Tama-san is just growing healthily.”

“She only grows well in the good places I don’t grow at all. Like breasts. Mine don’t grow at all…… Did that girl actually absorb my nourishment through an invisible route? I……?”

She murmured hatefully, then Tsurugi suddenly sprang off her seat and went toward the staff room exit.

“Oi Tsukuyomi, you didn’t bring lunch right?”

She thought a little.

For some reason, her cheeks dyed up.

“I-I’ll go buy it.”

“Eh? Tsurugi-sensei will? The one who always made me buy her lunch without giving money or words of gratitude, that Tsurugi-sensei will?”

As Onii-chan trembled at her unbelievable words, Tsurugi walked out of the room.

@ @ @

Tsurugi came back several minutes later.

“I’m back. ……Here.”

It was a chocolate cornet wrapped in a pack, which was bought from the convenience store.

With a melon pan for herself, she sat cross-legged on her seat again and started eating in a way which made her look like a small animal.

“T-Thank you very much, Tsurugi-sensei……”

Onii-chan was deeply moved.

Does he wants to express his delight? as he started dancing around the room.

“Waai, Tsurugi-sensei bought a chocolate cornet for me—! I’m a fortunate person!”

A killing intent swirled up within the staff room.

The eyes of the other teachers turned beast-like as they glared at Onii-chan.

“F-From Tsurugi-sensei……?” “From our petite teacher……?” “Did you say chocolate cornet……!” “Did you say chocolate—!?” “Cheeky! And you’re just Tsukuyomi!” “Hand it over! Every teacher is as one in body and soul, what’s yours is mine!” “Wait, what are you guys doing!? This is from Tsurugi-sensei to me. (*This was Onii-chan’s line)” “Shut up—! It’s a waste for you to get the chocolate cornet the petite teacher went to buy on her first errand!” “This is the education grounds! The strong survives, the weak just dieee!!”

Onii-chan got beaten up.


The teachers distributed the chocolate cornet with a blissful expression after they took it off Onii-chan, who was now covered in a tattered dust cloth.

Tsurugi, who had covered her face up until now looked at the defenseless and beaten up Onii-chan with a contempt expression.

“You are really an unfortunate dude, huh—……”

She let out a sigh as she crouched down.

Hidden by the desk, that small body couldn’t be seen by the other teachers.

From there, she waved her hand, beckoning him, Onii-chan then crouched near her.

“What is it?”

“A secret ☆”

Tsurugi took out a chocolate stick, unwrapped it and offered it to Onii-chan’s mouth.

“Keep it a secret. B-But this isn’t related to Valentine’s at all, it’s just sympathy, since you’re so pitiful —— don’t get any wrong ideas— okay!?”


Onii-chan made a face that looked as if he was wondering ‘what do you mean by Valentine’s?’

Translator's notes:

1. Lit. the night of blooming cherry blossom.

2. Z'Gok is an amphibious mobile suit in the Gundam series.