Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The youngest sister, Tama

After Onii-chan finished dealing with me, he slowly left the house.

No, he stood still in front of the gate to our house (a single, two-storied house. The second floor, with the partition walls removed, was my room. The first floor was the living space for Onii-chan, and the bathroom, and etc)——

Tsukuyomi Kamiomi

Was what was written on the doorplate he was absentmindedly staring at.

“Huhu…… huhuhu……it looks as if we’re a married couple…… huhuhu……”

After murmuring out a gross monologue, he happily started pedaling his bicycle.

@ @ @

On the way to his work, Onii-chan made a sudden stop and tilted his head.

Amenonuboko town which we lived in was just a residential area without anything unusual, the sides and front of the station were where mostly generic houses stood.


Onii-chan, who was skillfully riding the bicycle as he used one hand to hide his face, said——

“Something…… like a spirit……”

As he said something like an idiot, he moved towards a certain location.

That location, was the small river at the foot of a few mountains in this town.

The path was unpaved, the clean water was splashed about by the rocks that tumbled down into it.

Onii-chan stopped his bicycle, and started walking closer to the river.


Onii-chan titled his head as he looked around restlessly.

“Geko Geko!”


In front of Onii-chan —— rising from the middle of the flowing river, piercing through the water’s surface, something leaped out with a great vigor!


It was a few meters away from Onii-chan, who bent his body backwards in surprise.

The first voice from her mouth was an innocent shout,

“Tama-chan is!”

Her wholehearted smile was unaffected by the coldness of the stream despite it being winter.

“A cute, lively Frog-chan-dao! Geko Geko!”

She uttered a mysterious phrase.

She was a human.

On top of that, she was a really beautiful girl, who could turn heads if she walked downtown.

However, as she appeared right in the middle of the river, no matter how I thought about it, she wasn’t a race we should come into contact with.

Onii-chan, run away!


Onii-chan took the appearance of the spring goddess like a wonderful transformation.

“Isn’t it Tama-san? What are you doing there?”


He knows her?

I withheld my doubt in Onii-chan’s behavior, and carefully watched. (this『View Point』was certainly not at the state of『As if seeing with one’s own eyes』yet).

As I watched carefully, that beautiful girl who appeared from the river was certainly——

She couldn’t be anyone but the youngest of those three Yagami sisters, Yagami Tama.


Tama made an odd voice as she widened her eyes.

“Ah! Paparin!”

For some reason, Tama called my Onii-chan『Paparin』.

“Good morning♪”

“Tama-san, what are you doing there? You will catch a cold, you know?”

“This is-ne~ um-ne~ Tama-ne~”

Tama came to the riverside, and shook her body to get rid of the water.

Does she wear underwear? The moisture caused her body line to stand out, it looked strangely seductive.

However, her speech and conduct was still innocent, as she continued making a childish imitation-like sound.

“Geko Geko! Frog-san-dao!”


Onii-chan tilted his head toward Tama, as he couldn’t understand her.

Tama became impatient as she pouted.

“So-ne~ um-ne~ Tama-ne~ always-ne~ come to play here! With frog-san! But-ne~ they aren’t around! That’s why Tama becomes frog-san instead!”

Her appearance was that of a secretary of a company’s president, but her speech and conduct was completely that of a little girl’s.

Which wasn’t surprising——

This Tama, she was nine years old and a third grade primary schooler this year.

The evidence for that, was her school satchel placed over there.

“Hahaa, I see.”

Onii-chan really understands the words that only Tama can understand?

“You’re so kind, Tama-san.”

“He praised her!”

“But, Tama-san. All the frog-san didn’t disappear. They’re probably hibernating, you know?”


“Yes. Because there is no food in winter, in order to not waste their energy, all the frog-san went to sleep. But they didn’t die.”

“Ah, it’s the same as Mamarin!”


At those puzzling words, Onii-chan also seemed to be confused.

“That’s why, Tama-san doesn’t need to substitute frog-san. Or rather, if you’re making so much noise, all the frog-san can’t sleep well. Let’s see, if it’s Tama-san, what will Tama-san do if there is someone makes noise while you’re asleep?”

“Beat him to death!”


No, you just can’t do that.

“That’s why, Tama-san, let’s not disturb all the frog-san’s which are sleeping now. It’s alright, when spring comes, they will show up again. At that time, let’s play with them together. ……Do you understand?”


Tama frowned as she thought for a while.

Finally, she gave a broad smile, her smile clearly showed her teeth.

“Understood! Tama won’t disturb the frog-san’s sleep!”

“So you understand. Tama-san is a good girl.”

“Tama, good girl!”

Onii-chan then caressed Tama’s head.

“Then, you should go to school now. Tama-san’s primary school is in the opposite direction from here, right? Aren’t you going to be late?”

“Ah, really!”

Forgot about school up until now, huh. She is really a little kid.

At the same time, a cute “Kuuu……” sound came from her stomach.


Tama didn’t blush at all.

“Paparin, Tama is hungry! Come to think of it, because Tama was hurrying to substitute frog-san, Tama didn’t eat breakfast!”

“Oh, dear.”

It was natural that Onii-chan would feel sympathetic.

He then took out the very box I gave him this morning.

“Then, you can take this. It’s my lunch, but my school also sells lunch —— so I should be able to manage somehow. While you’re walking to school, please eat it in place of your breakfast.”

“Eh? Give? To Tama?”

Tama hesitated for a short while before she gave in to her empty stomach, as she stretched her hands to take the box.

She embraced the box like it was a very important thing, ‘ehehe’, and smiled.

“Thank you, Paparin. ……I love you-dao.”

She tightly hugged Onii-chan, before grabbing her satchel and started to run energetically.

“See you, Paparin! Tama is going to school! Paparin should also do your best at work too!”

After that, as if she just remembered.

“Leaving home without eating breakfast, Tsurugi-nee and Kagami-nee will surely scold Tama —— apologize to them in Tama’s place too! Ehehe…… Tama-ne~ Paparin!”

That was all that could be heard from the naive smiling face, darting away.