Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Volume 1 Chapter 1

Part 1: Amaterasu

Chapter 1: I’ll do my best starting tomorrow


Onii-chan called me.

I quickly closed my notebook PC and made a big stretch.

Today was February fourteenth.

Saint Valentine’s Day.

“Sasami-sa~n♪ It’s morning~♪”

Onii-chan entered the room as usual.

Onii-chan was in a suit as he was going to work (he was a teacher at the high school in the neighborhood), his face was hidden behind the leather bag, so his expression couldn’t be seen.

Being unable to see Onii-chan’s face is normal.

He shouldn’t worry about me and just go to work.

As I thought that, I lazily flopped onto the bed.


Onii-chan approached me in a weird movement, and said the usual words,

“It’s morning now. The early morning of a Saturday. Let’s go to school today.”


That was the first thing I said to Onii-chan this morning.

Onii-chan didn’t mind it as he took a look at me, who was lying on the bed.

“Sasami-san. You’re sixteen now. And it’s a long-awaited enrollment to the high school, why don’t you try the fun school life just for a day?”

Onii-chan then sighed as he put a tray in his hand next to me.

“You must be hungry. I made breakfast for you.”


I lifted my face and took a peek at Onii-chan’s hand.

Placed on the plate were sandwiches cut into rectangular shapes.

Their contents were banana, kiwi, and strawberry on top of the fresh cream, they looked colorful.


I was certainly hungry, but I stayed lying down.

I opened and closed my mouth.

“Feed me.”

“Don’t act like a spoiled child, Sasami-san. You’re already sixteen, right?”

“If you don’t feed me, I’ll die from starvation.”

“It can’t be helped then.”

After about three sandwiches, I felt satisfied.

“Onii-chan can eat the rest.”

I still had some consideration left.

Onii-chan shook his head.

“I’ve already eaten. I made these, after all.”

After he wrapped the plate, Onii-chan said,

“If you still feel hungry at noon, you can eat the rest.”

No, at noon I think I’ll probably sleeping.

“How about a drink? As you ate in an odd posture, doesn’t anything get stuck in your throat?”

“I’m fine. But more than that, Onii-chan, aren’t you going to be late for work?”

A teacher’s work started very early in the morning, he shouldn’t have time to deal with his hikikomori sister.

As I felt satisfied from my expanded stomach, I felt sleepy.

“Just leave me alone, I’m going to sleep.”

“Alright, alright.”

Onii-chan messed up my hair as he caressed my head.

“Well, I’ll go school now. If Sasami-san feel like going, you’re very welcome at any time, even during the class.”

Onii-chan looked reluctant as he headed toward the exit.

From the wide yet narrow, peaceful room of mine.

To the overflow of the events from a lot of worthless people, to the outside world.

“I’ll be going then, Sasami-san.”


Bearing my sleepiness, I incidentally recalled and stretched out my hand.

Ah, yes, I almost forget about it, I even went through the trouble of ordering it via mail order too.

Today was February fourteenth, after all.

After my hand touched the mail order box, I tore the vinyl package and took its contents out.

It was a small rectangle box wrapped in a curtly paper.

“Here, your boxed-lunch.”

Because it was troublesome to throw it, I just lifted the box up.

“? What is it?”

Onii-chan came back to me, took the box, and stared intently at it.

“I said it’s your boxed-lunch.”

I rubbed my eyes, Ahh, well, I’m really sleepy now.

“Have a safe trip, Onii-chan.”

And with that, today too, I didn’t do my best.