[Dengeki Comic Anthology] Little Date

Happy New Year everyone! Since the holidays are a time for family to come together, this week's release will be a Comic Anthology story about siblings having some time enjoying each other's company! This release totally wasn't influenced by the fact that my big break from Hell Week starting from New Year's Day was replaced by a surprise shift on the day after New Year's Day just to mess with my holidays one last time without having to pay me a double rate... totally. The perfect release for New Year's would have been a First Day chapter, but I just didn't have enough time to polish it for a release this week... 😢

Anyway, this Comic Anthology story focuses on Kirito and Leafa getting some time to spend together and Leafa decided to hog some attention from her big bro all for herself.

Since I should (and a big emphasis on the modal verb) have a less packed week starting tomorrow, I might finally manage to get around to reading Progressive V8. And maybe I'll get something non-manga ready for next week's release slot? Stay tuned.

I hope you enjoy the release. If you have any suggestions/requests for what to work on, feel free to leave a comment or contact us through Twitter/Discord/Email.

Any feedback is appreciated.



Mangaka: Uzuki Ai
Raws: MttBlue2
Translation: Gsimenas
Editing: Gsimenas
Redrawing, typesetting: Celest
Cleaning: Mttblue2

Alternative versions:

Little Date


  1. I wish this is the Sugu/Leafa we got in the continuity. Now she just feels like an annoying little sister unless there is some serious situation going on.