[Project Announcement] Ordinal Scale manga v3

After an exam-filled January (and a post-exam break being eaten up by family issues), I finally started my internship this month. This means that I no longer need to listen to lectures and take tests every few weeks... but instead, most of my day gets eaten up by hospital work. Fortunately, I still manage to make some translation progress in what free time I have left (when I don't end up spending the entire day at the hospital, that is). While my translation time this month has been mostly focused on Lycoris and now IYWI, Nguyen finally returned from his sudden hiatus, so we finally managed to return to working on Ordinal Scale after a 4 month break.

Seeing as Yen Press has yet to announce a license on the Ordinal Scale manga, we proudly announce that we will be working on volume 3 of the Ordinal Scale manga. This manga consists of 3 chapters and begins adapting the Ordinal Scale prequel story, Hopeful Chant, though only brief portions are featured in this volume. The volume covers the story from the point where Kazuto takes Asuna to the hospital for a checkup after she started losing her memories to the point where Kazuto visits Asuna's home and ends up reading her diary. We have already finished translating and typesetting chapter 9, which covers the hospital visit and setup for the battle against The Dire Tusk. All that's left is the final seal of approval from Mtt, so we hope that we'll be able to release the chapter in the near future.

While I'm at it, here's a little update on our other projects. I finished translating the first chapter of the Lycoris manga a couple of days ago; now we're going through editing and working on redraws. My current focus is on translating part 2 of IYWI; might get done in a week or so. GGW c6 was released earlier today and only chapter 7 is left. It's already translated, but typesetting will probably take awhile, unless we manage to awaken Super Mtt somehow. Kiss and Fly: The Day Before translated, but it's a long chapter, so typesetting is taking a rather long while; other stories haven't been released yet. Comic Anthology is still on hiatus due to Mtt being overbooked. Too busy to work on the character books, so I'll only turn to them when my work on other projects settles down. Clover's Regret doesn't have much of a fanbase, so it's on the backburner for whenever I run out of stuff to work on (read: not in the near future). I'm also being bugged to work on Sugary Days, seeing as Tap has been MIA since late 2018... might take it on when I'm done with IYWI and don't need to provide material for our manga team.

If you feel that your favourite project isn't getting the love it deserves, or if you really want something that no one has touched and/or abandoned midway, feel free to bring it up in the comments or by other means. We may take fanbase interest into account when deciding what to work on next and how we set our priorities.



  1. Would u sao vol 23...its late, u know

    1. They may do but a summary like vol.21.

      What we can do is to wait,since they already have stuffs they're working on and considering they have real life stuffs to attend.

      Yen Press translation had almost caught up with the final arc, it's really a waiting state.

    2. I know, but i just wanted to ask. We actually know nothing about v23 after the preview ending. Nothing is on the wiki also 😢

  2. Love you guys for everything that you do for the Sao community and I can't wait to see Kirito and the gang back in action again. Keep it up!