[Choukansha Fair 2018 AGGO] Mizugi de Tatakaeru ka - Online (MTO)

Those who have read the recent Summer Memories or other translations will probably know this already, but Dengeki Bunko hosts an annual gratitude event called the Dengeki Choukansha (great gratitude) Fair, during which people can receive various bonuses for buying select Dengeki Bunko LNs marked with a special band. These bonuses include things like keychains, and leaflets with 4 page short stories for popular Dengeki series. There were raws for the AGGO story from 2018's Choukansha fair, but I kinda forgot all about it due to other stuff going on at the time... and because I kinda forgot to save the raws to my personal raw folder for some reason and the raws post got buried over time... whoopsie. Anyway, I dug up the raws a couple of weeks ago while looking for something else and figured I should get this translated eventually. Since my next project is going to be If You Were Here... and that story will take a bit of time to finish since it does have 50 new pages to translate, I figured I'd get this AGGO short done for a quick release to avoid a long period with no releases whatsoever (after all, no amount of bugging appears to be enough to get Mtt to finish up with some manga chapter, it seems...).

For those not proficient enough in Japanese (or Weebese, if that's how you roll), the title of the story literally means "Can You Fight in a Swimsuit - Online" (possibly with a dash of sarcasm). I decided to leave the Japanese version of the title as is, since Sigsawa decided to make an abbreviation for it for some Sigsawa-ish reason. The story technically takes place after SJ3 (v5 of AGGO), but the story is self-contained and doesn't actually reference anything from SJ3, so you're safe to read it. Might want to have at least watched the anime or read v2 to know who Fuka is, but other than that, you're free to read this short at any time.

Strangely, no markup was used for this story. There were quite a few bits of Engrishy stuff in there, but since there were no instances of synonym spam, I didn't bother highlighting the Engrishy stuff.



Raws: Takazuki
Translation: Gsimenas


Mizugi de Tatakeru ka - Online (MTO)

This took place after the third Squad Jam.

LLENN and Pitohui were chatting at a bar in the capital Glocken.

Having achieved great success during their farming run in the field, the two had obtained a substantial amount of experience points, items, and credits, hence they were in a very good mood. With a mug of virtual beer in one hand, Pitohui said,

"Maaan, what a profit. I'm free to just sell off the items we got at the usual store, right? There's no way you'd use a G3A4 rifle, LLENN-chan, while I already have one. We'll split the profit evenly."

With a mug of ice tea in one hand, LLENN answered.

"I'm fine with that. That aside, those canals in the field were annoying."

"True that."

The field the two visited for monster farming this time was an urban area, which had 10 metre-wide canals spread out through the area like roads. The canals had simple concrete embankments, while the water flowing through them was beautiful and clear. However, there were very few bridges in that field. Whether pursuing or fleeing from monsters, players frequently had trouble due to those canals.

"Can't we just swim through those canals, I wonder……? That would make fights there quite easier……"

LLENN asked. Under the pretext of environmental pollution, just touching the water in GGO would cause one's hit points to slowly deplete, though it wasn't like swimming was impossible.

"Of course it's a-okay. Though, you'd best remove any guns and equipment on you beforehand, even if that's a bit of a nuisance. While you can shoot your ammo even under water, it would impair your movement, after all."

"I see, so I just need to use the 〝remove all equipment〟 option to stuff everything into my storage?"

"Yep! LLENN-chan, how about you change to your swimsuit for a bit?"

"Eeh? How?"

"When you're changing clothes in GGO and reach a point when 〝you can't take off any more clothes〟, that point is known as underwear mode, yeah? For men, it's a pair of underpants. For women, it's a pair of shorts and a bra."

"Well, yes……"

"That seems to actually be the equivalent of a swimsuit. Though everyone thinks of it as underwear."

"That so? So, going swimming dressed like that……"

"Wouldn't really pose any problems. So, give it a try."

"Don't wanna."

"Then how about you try swimming in a bigger lake field until your hit points go down by ten percent next time?"

"Pito-san, what are you scheming?"

"Eeh? Nothing, really."

"You see, Fuka once told me to get my swimsuit ready… and then tried to take pictures of me to sell……"

"Well, that does sound like Fuka-chan."

"So, Pito-san, what are you up to……?"

"Oh my, I keep telling you that I'm not scheming anything!"

As Pitohui tried to laugh it off with a smile, LLENN got up close and personal.

"So, Pito-san, what are you up to?"

"Nothing, reaally……?"




As LLENN continued staring at her, Pitohui averted her eyes from the girl.

And then, quitely muttered.

"I-it's not like I was thinking of using you as bait to draw out a large-scale aquatic monster that lives there or anything."

Whether or not LLENN actually went swimming there… I leave to your imagination.

The End


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