[Choukansha Fair 2016 AGGO] LLENN and Fukaziroh Talking About Dates

Since I spent the free time I had this week on kendo and translating Kirito's Gun Gale Wars but can't release any of those translations yet because I still need Mtt to typeset the manga, I figured I'd do a quick translation to have something to release this week. And that something quick was another one of those Choukansha (Great Gratitude) Fair leaflets, but this time it's a story for AGGO. This story is from the 2016 fair when the theme was summer dates... so, the title of the story shouldn't be surprising. I had the story for a long time now, but since this story featured Fukaziroh, who was only introduced in volume 2, I figured I'd save it for when I finished translating AGGO's second arc. So, it's about time it got released. Just don't expect anything grand from it. It is a very short leaflet story, after all.

Note that the story features a ton of monster names. In the English translation, the names will be a little redundant, seeing as in the Japanese raw they were given both proper Japanese, as well as English names, but the English name wasn't presented as furigana text over the Japanese one like it's usually the case. So, for clarity, the part of the name before the colon is in proper Japanese, while the part after it is the English one. Also, before anyone asks, the Sherman refers to some WW2 tank.

Any feedback is appreciated, especially since this was just a quick translation with no editing.


Raws: Takazuki
Translation: Gsimenas

Mizugi de Tatakaeru ka - Online (Choukansha 2018 story)

LLENN and Fukaziroh Talking About Dates

As the guns and gales in the name implied, this was a game ripe with nothing but bloodthirst. In the aftermath of an ultimate war, the world was left filled with wastelands and ruins, roamed by machines with corrupted AI and monsters with corrupted DNA── in this world, two people, no, two avatars…

"Why, you should really start going out with men, LLENN. A datey date."

"Where did that come from all of a sudden."

Talked about dates as they walked to their destination. Fukaziroh, the golden-haired shorty with two 6-round grenade launchers in her hands was passionately addressing LLENN, also a shorty but dressed entirely in pink and carrying a strange-looking submachine gun called the P90 beside her.

"Oh why, I'm just genuinely worried about your future when you're so indifferent to men, LLENN. I'm also secretly kinda afflicted with a boorish curiosity on what your first date would be like."

"Hm, so which is it."

"So, how about fantasising about a summer date that you'd want to go on, while pretending that I'm a guy for a bit?"

"Eeeh. But a guy as vulgar as you, Fuka, would be out of the question, y'know?"

"Wha. But I dun think there'd be any nice guys as reliable as me. Oh well, no point in arguing here. Ya can just project your image of an ideal man on me. I'll be your blank canvas!"

The moment Fukaziroh said this, three 《Murdermower: Desk Rippers》 rushed out of a hole about 300 metres away and headed towards the girls, thus Fukaziroh fired 3 grenade rounds at them, turning the machines into a pile of iron scrap.

"An ideal man, huh……"

LLENN began thinking with a serious expression. At that moment, five 《Giant Sparrow: Hell Sparrows》 swooped down from the dull-lead-coloured sky and were shot down by a barrage from her P90. While reloading her P90, LLENN answered.

"Well, if I were dating, I wouldn't ask for any luxuries──"

"Yup. And?"

"Someone who isn't burdened with debts from gambling sounds nice. Also, I would like to avoid someone who gets drunks and then injures people around him, and I hate drug addicts. Oh, and also people display their violent tendencies every day."

"Yeah, that much is pretty much a given. That's far from asking for some luxuries, y'know?"

Fukaziroh answered as she used her grenades to turn a group of 《Dying Moose: Zombie Bambi》 - monsters that had been dashing towards them from the other side of the wasteland with bared fangs - into mincemeat.

"That so? Then why is there no end to women going out with men like that in any society, despite it leading to misery?"

LLENN asked as she threw a grenade at a 《Lethal Poisonous Toad: Acid Frog》 that crawled out of the ground.

"Well that, umm…… oh I know, it's like when you underestimate your enemy's strength and go into battle with them."

Fukaziroh answered as she blew away a 《Maneating Caterpillar: Mad Caterpillar》, whose tentacles reached out from the ground towards them, with a direct grenade hit. While opening holes in the creature's remaining body with her 5.7 mm bullets, causing a green fluid to flow out of it, LLENN,

"You know, dates really are scary, huh. I'll pass."

"How did it come to this? I told you to talk about your ideal date. It's like if someone asked you, 〝Want me to drive you somewhere when I get my license?〟, and you answered 〝But if you went over the guardrail and fell down the cliff with your car and I managed to survive the incident, I think I'd end up dying because no one would find me, so no thanks〟."

"Uugh……that sounds so sad……"

"Stop cryin' over an allegory! Have bigger dreams than that! ──The summer holiday's gonna end soon, ain't it? Don't ya have some place ya'd like to go to with a boyfriend?"

"Hmm. Nope."

"Oh. So you don't, huh."

In front of the two girls, a steel mass that grew limbs, the 《Biotank: Walking Sherman》 appeared. Since it was an opponent beyond their capabilities, the two decided to ignore it and head back the way they came.

"If ya don't, then oh well."

Not continued

Mizugi de Tatakaeru ka - Online (Choukansha 2018 story)

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