[Aincrad Night] 6th Night

On the sixth night, Kirito was visited by Asuna and Leafa!... Wait, what do you mean they're busy? Oh fine, change of plans. Bring in the stunt doubles!
Sorry for the technical difficulties. As I was saying, on the sixth night, Kirito was visited by Asugil and Kleinugu. No story has been referenced here, so, luckily, no need for notes for this chapter. This is actually my second favourite chapter of the bunch (only losing to hunky Asuna) as it's quite funny, so enjoy :3

Also, inb4 Tiffany jokes.

Thanks to all of those who contributed to the SAO Scans project for helping us get the raws.

Any feedback is appreciated. A Batoto link will most likely be posted the following day. I recommend reading the PDF version for now to see the images more clearly.


Raws: SAO Scans
Translation: Gsimenas
Editing: ZeHaffen
Cleaning: Mttblue2
Redrawing: Mttblue2
Typesetting: Mttblue2

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6th Night


  1. thank you so much for translate this series.. you translate also all comic anthology of sword art online?

    1. We are translating the Comic Anthology, but our typesetters are currently busy with other projects, so the Comic Anthology project is stalled for the moment.