[GGOV2] Another Story

And here's the short at the end of the afterword, featuring none other than... Sigsawa's self-insert character! It seems that this will be a reoccurring thing, since the following volumes continue this afterword story (ugh, dose titles... and they're growing in size...).

Full-width text (Like this) is emphasising that the original text is written using the Latin alphabet. Note that most abbreviations that are not in italics are written using the Latin alphabet as well. Italic text is Engrish (English written in katakana). Abbreviations in italics means that the Japanese version used some shorter form of an English word, but in katakana. In cases when I needed to emphasise that the word is Japanese (or when the text specifically commented about it being Japanese), I added the Japanese version as furigana.

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Translation: Gsimenas
Editing: Pryun, ZeHaffen

#A great, special and exciting conte#(Another Story)

『I stand proud as I fight! ~Ah, the roaring gunshots in the desert~』

“Dammit! I’m the sponsor!”

Despite his groanful cry, the cameras did not pick up his voice.

13 minutes after the start of the first Squad Jam, a sole character cried in the desert region.

He was using a male avatar with no special traits in particular, and was dressed in a combat uniform with no special traits in particular. His distinctive feature was a gun, the 5.56 mm calibre automatic sniper rifle 《SG550 Sniper》, made by SIG.

It was a sniper rifle version of the high-precision SG550 assault rifle used by the Swiss army. The grip and stock were suited for sniping, while the sturdy, large barrel increased precision. Naturally, it was equipped with a scope.

It was a considerably expensive gun in RL, but it was considerably rare in GGO as well; so much so that buying it from an in-game auction would be considerably expensive.

The man was lying in the desert alone. In the surroundings, there were of course several other men, who were probably his comrades, lying around, but── there were 【Dead】markers lit up above their backs, denoting that they were all dead.

“I am the sponsor! And yet! Dammit!”

Despite him giving another cry of resentment, the cameras did not pick up his voice.

A message from someone reached him. Numerous vivid, red lines lit up in his surroundings from afar. A message that, 〝bullets are coming here〟.


Even the man, who did nothing but complain aloud, noticed this.


Giving a pathetic scream, the man stood up while raising his precious SG550 Sniper, and the next moment, bullets came roaring along those lines.

This was followed by the sound of their flight as they pierced through the air, the muffled sound of impact as sand columns were raised, and the sound of gunshots, which sounded like drum beating, from several metres away.

“But I’m the sponsoooor! Scary! Scary, hyaa! Stop!”

While voicing his umpteenth complaint and hugging his gun to his chest, he began running. HIs location was an open desert, thus the fact that he was under fire meant that his opponent had moved and acquired him in their sights. He had to escape to a safer place.

However, as a machine gun’s precision was not all that good, he would probably not be hit if he ran with all he had. At the same time, the position of the opponent who was shooting him was revealed, so if he once again hid in a calm spot, he could snipe his opponent with his beloved high-precision gun.

“Just you wait and see the sponsor’s counterattack! I’ll teach you! That there’s a difference in precision between a machine gun and a sniper rifle……”

Said the man, with a creepy smile and a bragging expression, and once the enemy’s fire momentarily stopped, he lay down on a sand hill.

And then, he aimed his SG550 Sniper to the place where he had previously seen gunfire coming from, and peeked through his scope,

“Hmph, my glorious self’s certain-kill shot will put you bastards to an eternal sleep…… I’ll give you time to say your prayers…… You better engrave the name of the man who will be your shinigami into your chests as you die…… My name is──”

Muttering this full-throttle chuunibyou(1) line that would be extremely embarrassing to one’s parents if they heard it, most likely pretending to behave like someone else with all he had, the man released his safety device, and just as he put his finger on the trigger,


His body quivered as a hit effect sprung from his head, then, *gudeh*, collapsed and became motionless. He could not finish saying his name. *Pikon*, a 【Dead】marker lit up.

At a place about 300 metres away, the black-haired beauty who settled the match with a single shot from her Dragunov sniper rifle,

“Hey, what did that guy mutter something with a smile? Do the Japanese recite an incantation before sniping?”

Asked the dwarf woman nearby who had been shooting her PKM machine gun as a diversion.

“Who knows. I’ve never heard of such a custom though.”

The dwarf woman answered frankly while inclining her head.

Thus, another character disappeared during the Squad Jam.


1. ^ Chuunibyou (中二病, lit. middle school second year sickness) means behaving in a way characteristic of teenagers going through puberty, especially by being overly self-conscious.

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