[GGOV2] Afterword

To end the SAOAGGOV2 translation project, here's Sigsawa's afterword about Sigsawa... being your typical Sigsawa. There's also a short story that came with the afterword and we'll be releasing it momentarily.

Full-width text (Like this) is emphasising that the original text is written using the Latin alphabet. Note that most abbreviations that are not in italics are written using the Latin alphabet as well. Italic text is Engrish (English written in katakana). Abbreviations in italics means that the Japanese version used some shorter form of an English word, but in katakana. In cases when I needed to emphasise that the word is Japanese (or when the text specifically commented about it being Japanese), I added the Japanese version as furigana.

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Translation: Gsimenas
Editing: Pryun, ZeHaffen


Good day, everyone, this is the author, Sigsawa Keiichi.

I truly thank you for taking this book, 『Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online II ―2nd Squad Jam <Jou>― 』 into your hands.

I will now carry out the afterword seriously.

Because, look, I thought that it’s about time I, well, you know, outgrow writing weird stuff that would trouble the readers, or writing things that would trouble people at the library on the back of the cover……

Since I’ll be forty-three this year (2015), I figured it’s about time to settle down. Normally, it wouldn’t be strange to have your children going to highschool by now. And yet, I can’t do anything about my bachelorhood, since I have no luck with women,

“Hyahha! Afterword! Oh afterword, seen by no one, done by no one!”

Hitting the keyboard while jumping around like that does not feel quite right.

Henceforth, it will be an adult afterword, or, look, perhaps I should say mature, look. I’m not really sure, but something like that.

So, this afterword will be very normal.

There, of course, will be no spoilers as always. That much is a non-negotiable some sort of something.

Now then──

I was able bring out a sequel to 『Gun Gale Online』 that borrows the world of 『Sword Art Online』.

This is solely thanks to everyone who has purchased volume I.

Since it came with a 〝I〟, I had of course considered a volume II and further sequels from the start, but whether or not that could be realised was a different question.

Although this would have been an extreme case, if not a single copy of volume I was sold, this book would not have been brought out. I am truly, truly grateful and happy.

As of this volume, the pink and tiny LLENN’s exploits will continue for at least a bit more with the second Squad Jam as the stage. Volume I’s characters will, naturally, make an appearance as well! Any further details sound like spoilers, thus I will restrain myself, so those who are going to read the story now, please look forward to it!

Furthermore, following volume I, the majority of this story was about firing guns in a virtual world.

This story will not become a sweet love romance between lovers, or an epic about a great war with the fate of the universe on the line, or an impactful, controversial work about boys and girls with no place to vent their anger of youth, thus please feel at ease and continue reading.

And so, the II volume is tagged as a <#Jou#(1/2)> this time, implying that volume III soon to be on sale will be a <#Ge#(2/2)>, thus── that’s right, the story does not end with this volume.

Truthfully, the story should have ended with one book, but the page count reached incredible levels, even though I was only midway through the story when I noticed, but since only I and my editor knew about the sudden change of plans, I’ll keep quiet. Umm, it was planned to have three volumes from the start, okay?

What is the last scene that LLENN sees in the land of guns and gales?

Who will be the champion of the second Squad Jam?

What is the identity of the new, golden-haired character depicted on the cover of this volume? And what is her role?

What is the mystery behind Pitohui and M?

Will Sigsawa buy more air guns under the guise of needing them for reference?

All these mysteries are to be answered in volume III .

It will go on sale on the tenth of June. Please wait until then.

Although I’m repeating myself, I would like to once again declare my gratitude to the author of the original work, Kawahara Reki-san, for letting me use the beautiful world of 『Sword Art Online』.

The 『Gun Gale Onlinegame system is truly well done and, as I do not really play games regularly, there is no way I would have thought of it, as I have written before.

If the virtual game in the story is one day realised──

I’d get addicted to it, and I’d drop my manuscript way before the deadline, I’m afraid. Very afraid.

And then my editor’s avatar will come attacking.

“Write your manuscriiiiiiiipt!”

“I refuse! Uooooh!”

Our emotions and bullets intersecting. Right now, the curtain of the heated battle is being raised.

That is so easy to imagine, but──

Fortunately, since at the present moment of 2015 such a game does not exist, volume III will probably come out on time.

And so, let’s meet at the afterword of the next volume.

Sigsawa Keiichi, 10th of March, 2015

This is Kuroboshi Kouhaku.

While looking up images as material for the equipment, I found a soldier on stand-by with his hands placed in his plate carrier from the side like this [arrow] and felt all warm inside.

It’s cute.

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