[SAO Comic Anthology] Today's Weather is Also Great

The past couple of weeks have been very slow, since I didn't really get around to doing any translations during my vacation. So, while I work on translating something new, here's another story from the SAO Comic Anthology to keep you entertained in the meantime. Note that this story is short and weird. I'm serious about the weird bit; it's very wacky. And it also answers the question why you shouldn't be napping outside when you've got a harem after you. Not like anyone asked such a question in the first place though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, Mttblue wants to focus all of his attention on the Project Alicization manga from now on since it hasn't had a release in.... a very long time, so we probably won't have any manga releases for a considerable while. Though, if I'm lucky, he'll at least scan the last SAO magazine in the next few days so that I could laugh my ass off reading the next two GGW chapters get some translations done in the meantime.

Any feedback is appreciated.



Mangaka: Puyo
Raw: Mttblue2
Translation: Gsimenas
Redrawing, Cleaning, Typesetting: Mttblue2

Alternative versions:

Today's Weather is Also Great

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