[Announcement] Returning to work on SAO Comic Anthology v1

Mttblue2, who has been helping us with our recent manga projects, has recently got more free time from Uni and has volunteered to help us with our Comic Anthology project. As such, we will (finally) be able to finish releasing the remaining stories on v1 of the SAO Comic Anthology (and perhaps even work on the following comic anthology volumes). He also wanted to redo some of the stories that we had released before, thus he bought the anthologies for himself to rescan them in better quality, so expect the already released stories to be updated as well. And since he's going to redo the typesetting on new scans, I have taken the liberty of improving the translation a bit here and there before he begins work on the stories.

We have already begun work on revitalising the project and have already finished revamping the first story in the volume, Asuna's SECRET! Please look forward to the release of the other stories as well!


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