Status Update - 1st of July

Well, I'm FINALLY done with my exams (at least until next semester), so I will be returning to actively working on translations. As such, I figured I'd post an update on the status of our projects, and our current plans.


SECT.14 has been released several days ago. SECT.15 had been translated before my exams and Pryun has already finished going through it, so we just need ZeHaffen to do his round of editing. He should be focusing on this next, so, hopefully, we'll get it released soon. Translation progress-wise, SECT.15 is the last chapter that I had translated before my exams, so I'll probably be prioritising on translating SECT.16 (and maybe SECT.17, depending on how fast Pryun catches up) next to maintain a translation buffer zone.

Clover's Regret

Chapter 2 was translated back in April, but editing is only about 1/3 done so far. ZeHaffen plans to work on finishing editing after SECT.15. I'm personally hoping to get chapter 3 translated some time in July, depending on how much time I'll need for AGGO.

SAO Comic Anthology

After we finished Aincrad Night of Kirito, Mttblue showed interest in helping us finish the Comic Anthology, so, hopefully, we can start releasing the remaining stories soon.

Various interviews

I might continue to do some interviews now and then when I need a break from my other projects. Or when we need a filler release.

New project

I might take up translating a certain side story, as Defan has said that he's rather busy. Emphasis on might, since I want to make sure I'm not slowing down my other projects before starting a new one.

Rainbow Bridge
Still in editing hell because too many other more pressing projects to deal with.



  1. "I figured that I'd finish up with some old projects while I have some spare time." - Friday, October 02, 2015.
    This definition of "finish up" is stretching a bit...

    1. Yes, I'm easily distracted and can't find the motivation to actually fine-tune an old project that's mostly available to read already, especially when not that many people are actually interested in it. Nothing new :P

  2. May I ask a question? Are you still planning to translate hopeful chant?

    1. See the "New Project" heading. I thought my hints were clear enough :/

      Anyway, to answer your question, yes, I'm still considering translating it, but I don't want to make the mistake of taking up too much stuff at the same time, so I want to make progress on my current projects before starting work on a new one.

  3. Would someone need any knowledge of Japanese to finish the editing work on Rainbow Bridge? I'd be interested in helping out, English's my first language and I do translation work - but from French, I don't speak any Japanese. If I can be any help let me know over reddit, same username linked at the top of this comment.