[Project Announcement] Sword Art Online: Hopeful Chant

Seeing as I promised Haffen I'd start working on Hopeful Chant if he'd finally finish editing Clover's Regret chapter 2, and this was finished just today, I guess I should formally announce that we've started working the story.

Hopeful Chant is an SAO side story written by Kawahara Reki as a bonus to those who went to see the Ordinal Scale movie in Japan on certain weeks. The SS features a background story for Yuna and Eiji, two of the new characters in the movie (and thus may or may not include some movie foreshadowing/spoilers).

However, we couldn't decide whether to release it in parts, or the whole thing in one go, thus we figured we'd make a poll on that to see how people would prefer we handled it. So, if you're interesting in reading this side story, please share your opinion below.

P.S. The story consists of 6 parts, about 10-15 pages each. That's about half or even less the size of a GGOV1 chapter.

P.S.S. Yes, that means that we're hoping to do a Clover's Regret chapter release soon.


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