[Project Termination] SAOAGGO manga

As some of you may have heard, Yen Press has, to my great surprise, licensed the SAOAGGO manga (though the LN has yet to be confirmed as licensed). Our goal is to provide the community with SAO content that would otherwise be unavailable to the English-speaking world, thus due to the manga now being licensed (and because Pure Mashiro has been MIA for months now), we will be dropping the project for the SAOAGGO manga. Though since the manga itself isn't hosted on the blog, I probably won't remove any posts about it. Since we've only released three chapters, consider it to be a sample of what you can expect if you buy the entire volume, I guess?

As for the novel version, due to there being no word about a license for the novel, we will still be continuing the translation in hopes of at least finishing volume 3 before Yen Press does anything. Whether or not we'll continue to work on volume 4 and beyond, however, is yet to be decided. The next arc spans another two volumes and I'd hate to leave the job half done, so we'll probably wait and see what Yen Press is planning to do with the series.


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