[GGOV3] SECT.11 - Ten Minute Massacre - The Second (II)

Well, LLENN got her time in the spotlight last chapter, so it's time for some best girl Fukaziroh time. She made this chapter better than the last one :3

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Translation: Gsimenas
Editing: Pryun, ZeHaffen

SECT.11 - Ten Minute Massacre - The Second (II)

“Alley oop.”

No longer hearing any sounds of gunshots at all, Fukaziroh got out from the hollow.

And in the jungle she saw,

“Oho. Wowzers.”

There were many corpses lying around on the extensively mowed grass.

It was about 40 square metres in size. That was an unbelievably close battle. There were even around three bodies lying less than 5 metres away from her.

And, one of them,


Suddenly rose and darted at her. He had been just lying on the ground, but had not yet become a corpse.

It was a large and shaven-headed man wearing an all-green uniform.

In his hands was a 《SIG SG510》. A powerful assault rifle adopted by the Swiss Army in 1957 that used 7.5 x 55 mm bullets.

It was a rather rare small arm in GGO that had an overall length just a little under 1.2 metres; its first half had a long and narrow silhouette that looked like it was just a pole and it had a characteristic, close to 6 kilogram, weight.

The man plunged towards Fukaziroh with a ramming attack.

Upon a closer look, she saw that the SG510 in his hands did not have a magazine in it. It seemed that he had shot out all of his bullets and had removed it, but due to LLENN’s shooting, he did not have the opportunity to put in a new one.


Without hesitation, Fukaziroh lay down on the spot.

The man that was running,


Tripped over Fukaziroh and fell. The gun got separated from his hands and fell down, while his body rolled around for about 3 metres.

“Oh, you wanna piece’a me, punk?”

Saying this in a vulgar tone, Fukaziroh quickly stood up and, at the same time, dropped the guns which were completely useless at this range── her MGL-140s hanging by their slings on her shoulders, to the ground. As if this had been anticipated, there was a buckle in the middle of the sling; it easily came off by pinching under her arm.

The 2 MGL-140s fell on either side of the SG510 that the man dropped and sank into the soft jungle soil. At that moment, Fukaziroh’s right hand nimbly extended towards her final weapon, a pistol held in the holster on her right thigh.

“Cra…… ──Ah crap!”

Having stood up, the man noticed that his weapon was no longer in his hands,

“Too bad! Call upon on your god!”

And then, he noticed the small girl about 5 metres away who thrust her pistol at him, along with a cool-sounding line.

In Fukaziroh’s right hand, the M&P pistol emitted fire.


It was an ultra-high speed rapid-fire. The slide slid down with tremendous force, ejecting an empty shell, then it propelled back due to the power of the spring, sending a new bullet into the chamber── then the trigger was pulled again, emitting flames and a bullet from the muzzle.

The golden, empty shells fluttering in the air glittered in succession.

When the last bullet was fired and the slide stopped after sliding down,

“Huh, what?”

Fukaziroh, who had dealt a merciless rapid fire with one hand, jerked her chin.


Then, the man who was under one-sided fire and had been frantically crossing his hands in front of his face, but before long,


He noticed that he had not been shot anywhere.

‘It doesn’t hurt, I don’t see any hit effects and my hit points haven’t decreased.’

“Huh wha?”

The shaven-headed man’s,

“Huh wha?”

And Fukaziroh’s voices were synchronised.

“Huh? I coulda hit at this range!”

Fukaziroh flustered,

“Ojou-chan…… could it be that you’re terrible with your pistol?”

And the man grinned broadly.

The man stepped forward. And sidled up to Fukaziroh.

“He...hehehe…… I-if I recall correctly, in this tournament you see, a fallen corpse’s remains for 10 minutes as an 〝indestructible object〟, right……”

Saying this with a vulgar smile, the man took another step with his left leg.

And then, he blurted out something unthinkable.

“D-during that time…… the 《harassment warning》 won’t come up even if I touch the corpse all over……”

In VR games, including GGO, if one inappropriately touched the body of a person of the opposite sex (or even same sex if the person disliked it), a harassment warning would come up.

A penalty would be imposed; if these added up over time but such actions still continued, the account would be permanently suspended. No matter how developed it was, the ID would not be usable on any VR game. Starting over from scratch… the worst conceivable situation for a gamer.

However, combat was an exception to the harassment regulation. If that were not the case, contact-based attacks such as using knives or blows would not be possible.

Normally in GGO, a corpse immediately turned into small polygons and scattered, but a body would lie in place until the end of the game in BoB and for 10 minutes in SJ.

That is to say, the theory that one could touch all over someone’s body as much as they wanted by feigning it to be an attack came into existence. The broadcast cameras would not come if it were not an actual battle, so it would not be seen by the audience either.


In other words, this man was thinking of killing the cute and tiny avatar that is Fukaziroh, then touching her corpse to no end and committing lewd deeds,

“Bah── Why you fucking pervert-lowlife-bastard-degenerate-scumbag-savage-beast! Doncha screw around with me or I’ll kill ya, y’know?”

Having realised this, Fukaziroh began glaring at him with a sharp glint in her eyes and hurled merciless jeers at him.

“Heh! How? Don’t start regretting that a fucking amateur like you, who can’t even hit someone at this range, came to GGO and nonchalantly participated in SJ!”

While shouting this, the man brought his hands in front of him and darted at Fukaziroh.

This was an action no longer related to either GGO or SJ, it was just the action of a pure degenerate.

“Doncha make light of me!”

Fukaziroh threw her beloved M&P, which had run out of bullets, with all her force,


And despite not being able to hit him with her shooting, she managed a splendid bullseye on the man’s forehead with her gun while he was charging at her.

However, that alone was not enough to stop the abnormal force of the man driven by his libido.

Fukaziroh found the man’s gun, the SG510, at her feet, though out of bullets, put her left foot underneath it,


And stepped on its stock with her right foot.

*Guwah*, using the principle of leverage, Fukaziroh raised the long and narrow rod-like barrel and firmly grasped it with her hands.

“And what can──”

‘You do?’

Just as the man was about to say this,


Fukaziroh struck his chin from directly below.

The state of their battle was displayed to the audience in the bar.

First, they saw how the collapsed man darted at Fukaziroh, then tumbled,

“What a pity!”

Then, Fukaziroh’s merciless rapid-fire with her pistol, thus they thought ‘Aw, he’s definitely dead now’,


But then they saw that all of it had missed and, after some sort of conversation, the man charged in.

‘Ah, that girl… is already done for. She has no chance of winning in a hand-to-hand battle.’

The moment when everyone had this idea, the man’s large body received an uppercut and was taken aback.



The man fell on his back and his chin was── not shot, but a red damage effect light shined on it. His hit points had decreased by about ten percent.


What the man saw after raising his head,

“Like hell I’m lettin’ ya!”

Was a small girl grasping his own gun.

Fukaziroh was firmly grasping the barrel of the man’s SG510 and holding that heavy thing like it were a two-handed sword.



The man’s voice was perfectly synchronised with the voice of the audience.

Projected on the screen was the scene of the small girl inversely holding a long rifle.

“Eh, whatever the circumstances may be, ain’t it impossible to fight with that?”

“But, didn’t she get a clean hit just now?”

“Ain’t that a fluke? GGO is a game of guns ya know?”

“Do-donncha mess with me!”

The shaven-headed man stood up, then squatted and began his tackle.

Right now, driving him was──

But one wish.

‘I wanna push that chibi girl down, strangle her to death and, after that, do something lewd.’


Fukaziroh moved her right foot one step laterally and turned around clockwise.

Almost everyone in the audience believed that this was a motion for escaping.

They believed that even if she did escape, the man would catch up with her in an instant and easily push her down due to the difference in physiques.

Only one man,


Realised the hidden truth.

He shouted in his mind.

‘This girl has experience with fantasy-style VR games! And she’s used to handling a long sword!’

Turning around was the motion for swinging a long, heavy weapon like a bat.


With an audacious scream, Fukaziroh swung the SG510 diagonally downwards at a tremendous speed while pulling her left foot backwards and twisting her body counter-clockwise.


With unprecedented timing, a diagonal slash was dealt to the man’s left shoulder as he charged in.

Exerting herself, she dealt her strongest blow, with all of her power and speed riding on it.

The upper part of the SG510’s stock literally smashed she man’s collarbone into small pieces. As her strike continued, his ribs and breastbone broke into pieces.


As a long damage effect gleamed from the man’s shoulder to his stomach, he collapsed forward.

While feeling a pain from his chest and stomach, the man looked up and saw a small silhouette, holding its sword above its head, covering the sky,

“I’ll hand down the divine punishment on the enemy of womankind! Chest!”


With such tremendous speed that an afterimage was created, the 〝sword〟 swung down.

“Fuka? Where are you? You safe?”

In the world now cleared of pink smoke, the pink LLENN looked for her partner while holding her P90 in one hand,

“Ah, over here! Can you see a black gun?”

Along with that voice, a black stock appeared above the jungle grass.


That did not appear to be Fukaziroh’s MGL-140. For the time being, LLENN pushed her way through the grass while being on alert,



And there, she found an excessively pitiful scene.

Fukaziroh, grasping the barrel of a long rifle she had never seen before with both hands and swinging it down on the enemy, a shaven-headed man, who was about to burst into tears, collapsed with his face looking up in front of her.

With a heavy impact, she hit the man’s right hand, then quickly brandished it again, and hit the left hand next. Then, the right ankle and then the left ankle.

“──Gyah! ──Gyah! ──Gyah! ──Gyah!”

Although the man was at her mercy, the damage from the blows to the tips of his limbs was not that high, thus it only caused minor effects. There was a decrease in hit points, but it was far from nearing death. However, the struck part of the body would become numb and definitely hurt. This was practically torture.

“Yo LLENN, glad you’re okay.”

Fukaziroh once again brandished it overhead as she said this, while LLENN, who did not understand the situation other than the fact that Fukaziroh was safe and lively,

“W-what happened……?”

“Well, I figured that I’d help out by killing at least one myself!”

Fukaziroh answered with a refreshing smile. Then, she glared at the man,

“C’mon c’mon! Try and touch me!”

And then attacked again. The rifle swung down on his left hand.

*Bakin*, with this unpleasant sound, his fingers shined red due to the damage effect. If this was RL, the man’s fingers would probably have been smashed and fractured.

The shaven-headed man looked at LLENN with a tear-stained face, and in a frail voice,

“P-please save me…… I wish… to log out… but my left hand… is nu… mb… I can’t call out… the window…… P-please…… kill me……”

And appealed to her in keigo.

“Quit screwin’ around, punk! Don’t think I’d let an enemy of womankind like you die easily, you bastard!”

At Fukaziroh’s tremendously threatening attitude,

“I’m sorry I won’t do it again I won’t do it again I won’t do it again I won’t do it again!”

The shaven-headed man shouted as large tears welled from his eyes.


LLENN made eye-contact with Fukaziroh,

Okay. That’s enough. Ah, that was refreshing!”

Fukaziroh lowered the SG510 from her overhead stance and tossed it aside. The heavy-looking rifle flew through the air while turning, and disappeared into the jungle.

LLENN aimed the tip of her P90’s suppressor at the man’s temple, and

“Aah…… I’m saved…… Kami-sama, th……”

LLENN put the man, who let out words of relief and called on God, out of his misery with just 1 shot.

“I think we’ve wiped all of them out right now, but let’s count!”

Saying this, LLENN began counting the corpses in the area. The smoke had cleared up entirely and the jungle returned to being green. With the vegetation mowed down by the numerous bullets flying about, it looked much more open than before.

LLENN nimbly wandered from one corpse to another, scattered about,

“Eight, nine, ten──”

Counting the 【Dead】markers.


As LLENN counted this far, Fukaziroh, who had retrieved her thrown M&P and hung her MGL-140s on her shoulders, said.

“Yeah. That’s not a wipeout?”

“Considering that there could be a maximum of fourteen of them, it’s natural, but……”

After saying this, LLENN,

“Ah! So that’s it……”

Made a stern expression and turned around.

LLENN readied her P90 and walked slowly. Her goal was a spot 10 metres ahead where some corpses had piled up.


Fukaziroh followed after her and LLENN, when she was only 4 metres away from the corpses, suddenly fired.

3 bullets towards the collapsed corpses.

Corpses become indestructible objects, thus nothing would change by shooting them. It was just a mysterious wall that absorbed the force of the bullets── or something like that.

However, this 〝corpse〟 was different.


It shouted this right after being shot and jumped up, then fell on its backside with a thump.

It was the black combat uniform wearing ikemen character── Clarence.

“I knew it!”

“Ooh! So he was planning to play dead!”

Shouted LLENN and Fukaziroh. This fellow had been lying face-down on someone’s corpse, thus faking the marker.

While sitting, Clarence raised both hands with a brand new hit effect shining on them,

“So you got me, oh well. Okay, I give up, I give u~p!”

The ikemen said with a smile.

“Look, as you can see, I’ve got no weapon. My main arm was shot away by someone during that melee just now. I have a pistol on my waist, but you’ll shoot me if I try to take it out, right?”

“Of course!”

Said LLENN while aligning her Bullet Circle on Clarence’s face,

“I want to save my bullets, so I don’t want to fire a single bullet anymore. I’d like you to resign.”

“Well, what can you do. But y’know, if you don’t mind, why don’t we talk a bit? You two are cute. I really really really love strong and cute girls like you two!”

At the magnificent nanpa(1) line that came out from the refreshing ikemen smiling face,


LLENN made a truly unpleasant expression,

“Woah, this guy’s amusing. You’d want at least one of this type in a joint party.”

On the other hand, Fukaziroh said this with a cheerful smile. And then,

“But since he’s so amusing, let’s shoot him. We’re not in a joint party right now.”

LLENN sighed,

“Then, I’m gonna shoot him, so don’t get a bad impre──”

And stopped midway on her remark.

“Oh? What’s up?”



And Clarence let out their curious voices. LLENN,

“He── th-that pouch──”

Asked while looking at the extensive, long, and narrow pouch, which was of course black, on Clarence’s black combat uniform.

“What’s in it?”

“Huh? Ah, this? May I move my right hand?”

Clarence asked in return and LLENN answered by slightly nodding with her head and P90.

“Then, if you’ll excuse me……”

Clarence’s right hand slowly moved down, then, once it had descended below the shoulders, suddenly gained speed, extended towards the pistol on the right side of the waist, pulled it out──


LLENN’s P90 spouted fired. A high-pitched, suppressed gunshot resounded.


It was a rather speedy quick draw, but LLENN, who was already armed, naturally won. An 《FN Five-SeveN》 automatic pistol was shot out of of Clarence’s hand with a 5.7 mm bullet and fell down.

With the last counterattack method sealed,

“Oh geez! Fine! Just kill me! Humph!”

Clarence had a childish tantrum.

“Before that, what’s inside your pouch! If you continue toying with me, your ears are gonna be shot next!”

“Arencha a scary girl…… Look.”

Clarence pulled off the pouch’s flap and took out its contents.

Which was a long and narrow magazine made of plastic, with clearly visible bullets packed inside. And, aside from the tint, it was the exact same as the one in LLENN’s beloved gun that she was using right now.

LLENN’s eyes suddenly opened wide.

“I knew it! You! You’re using a P90?”

“No. My gun is an 《AR-57》... but I guess you don’t know about it? It uses an M16-type lower receiver, but the upper one is exactly the same as the P90’s, and it uses the same mag──”

Interrupting Clarence’s speech,

“Hand over your magazines!”

Was LLENN’s shout.

“Excuse me?”

“All the ones that you have! Hand over your magazines!”

“Excuse me? ──Ah, I get it! The pink ochibi-chan has shot quite a lot in this battle, right. So, you’re uneasy about the future with the ones you have left. Which means that you want my magazines that you can use for your P90.”

‘Ah, I see’, Fukaziroh, who was behind LLENN, nodded.

“But, even I had quite a shootout just now, so this is all I’ve got left in my pouch, y’know.”

Clarence tapped on the stomach pouch with the hand that held the magazine and it collapsed entirely. Proof that there was nothing inside.

“H-how about your storage?”

“Well, I do have──”

“Take it out!”

“Eh, why?”

The ikemen gave an expression of amazement,

“Why do I have to do so much for the enemy that defeated us? Though I am already going to resign.”

‘Hmm, that’s true’, before Fukaziroh could share her thoughts,

“I’ll win! Using your magazines!”

LLENN answered. With a serious look.

“Buhah! And what benefit do I have out of it? Buhahahahah!”

In front of Clarence, who burst into a cackle, LLENN said to her partner without facing her.

“Fuka…… I’ll be shooting this guy's limbs, so in the meantime, can you pin him down from the back and manipulate his left hand?”

“Ah, okay. I can do that.”

Fukaziroh understood everything and nodded.

Since there was a system for bringing out the window with a specific movement of the left hand, the fact that it did not matter whether the hand was moved intentionally to activate it was a scary part about VR games.

There have been actual cases where someone materialised and then stole items or accepted duels in essentially safe areas like towns by manipulating a person’s arm and fingers while they were having a pleasant nap. Good grief, one could not carelessly take a nap.

“He── hey, wait wait!”

Naturally, Clarence was also shocked.

“You two show no mercy while making those cute expressions, really now! If someone saw you doing something like that, what do you think people would think of you? You do know that this whole thing has been broadcast for a while now? Although they can’t hear this conversation, they’ll surely figure it out if they see your actions you know? You’ll go down in GGO history as lowlife bastards── well, since you’re women, you’d be 〝lowlife bitches〟 who breach etiquette, y’know? Are you okay with that? Really?”

“Is that all you wanted to say?”

LLENN answered in an emotionless monotone,

“…………Uhi. Okay okay. I’ll give you them. At any rate, they’ll return to me once the tournament is over, so I don’t mind.”

Clarence's left hand slowly opened, dropping the magazine in it. And then, just before operating the window, Clarence gave a broad grin,

“But, you know, you wouldn’t mind giving me some kind of reward for it, right?”

And proposed such a thing at the last moment.

“LLENN, how about we shoot him already? This is a waste of time, aight?”

Said Fukaziroh. Without answering to that, LLENN asked Clarence.

“What exactly?”

“Yeah. Nothing much really── would you give me a kiss?”

“Haaaah?” “Hoa?”

While looking at LLENN’s and Fukaziroh’s stunned expressions,

“A kiss a kiss. A # kiss #(seppun ). A baiser. Both of you would be nice, but I would want at least the pink girl over there to give a kiss as a reward. Of course, it could be on the cheek!”


Beside the speechless LLENN,

“Are you fucking taking advantage of us! Is there nothin’ but lechers in this game! ──LLENN, I’m gonna use a grenade to make him see chickens around his head(2), so in the meantime, you should be able to materialise the magazines by moving his left hand, ‘kay.”

When Fukaziroh was about to aim the MGL-140 in her left arm, Clarence twisted while making an *uhya* sound.

And then, LLENN decided.

“Okay. I’m okay, if it’s only that much!”

“Oh? You’re okay? LLENN, are you sane?”

“This guy isn’t right in the head….. but still…… I’m okay if I get those precious magazines. It’s certainly better than 〝mugging〟after all ……”


Clarence cheering like a child,

“Well, if you say you’re fine with it, LLENN. I’ve kissed with my mates in game too.”

Was quite the contrast to Fukaziroh’s somewhat stunned expression.

“However! Materialise all of your magazines beforehand!”

“‘Kay ‘kay! Be sure to keep your promise, ojou-san!”
Clarence said with a wink, left hand waving to operate the storage. P90 magazines appeared one after another in mid-air and slowly dropped to the ground. Their number actually exceeded ten.

“Ohou! A mountain of treasure. LLENN, can I shoot now?”


“Okay, you want to shoot, right LLENN. By all means by all means.”

“No, I won’t shoot. I’ll… keep my promise.”

LLENN finally loosened her P90’s aim and approached the sitting Clarence, while firmly holding it in her right hand.

“You sure are scary. Don’t pull the trigger by accident, okay?”

While aiming at Clarence’s heart so that she could pierce it at any time, she squat down to the right of Clarence.

“I really loathe you, but…… I keep my promises!”

And then, with a stern expression of resolution, she placed her left hand on Clarence’s right ear, and lightly kissed far back on the cheek. The kiss itself took a mere moment, but the time it took her to close in with her lips was unnaturally long,

“Oh, clever. With this, the people watching the broadcast will think that you whispered into the ear, huh.”

Fukaziroh admired LLENN’s quick-wittedness.

“Well? Satisfied?”

With an expression that was filled with thirty percent anger, thirty percent shyness, and the rest contempt, LLENN backed away.

*Gui*, facing LLENN was Clarence’s biggest grin ever. It spread out so much that it seemed like it would reach the nose, but it was quite vexing to see it on an ikemen.

“I’m satisfied I’m satisfied! Hyaah! My heart is throbbing! Ufufufuh! How lovely!”

And then, Clarence abruptly gave several remarks in a feminine tone.

“Hi?” “What?”

LLENN’s and Fukaziroh’s hearts jolted in a bad sense at the unexpected speech and conduct,

“Mm, there’s truly no better kiss than one from a girl! I hate how men's kisses are so rough!”

Clarence was unconcernedly cheerful. Really cheerful.


‘A kiss…… with a man?’

With her comprehensive faculty failing, LLENN froze up like an armed and pink Ojizō-san.(3)


“Hey what the heck? You normally kiss guys……? Is it that? The non-milk kind of homo(4), or the bacon and lettuce(5) kind of that?

Asked a truly Hokkaido-born-like question,


*Kyoton*, staring blankly was Clarence. While having a mutual stare with the stiffened LLENN and the frowning Fukaziroh, Clarence,

“Ah! Oh right right, sorry sorry! I didn’t tell you, that’s right!”

“Tell us what?”

“I── am a woman. Though my avatar reminded me of the Takarazuka(6), so I intentionally went for this manner of speaking.(7) I’m flat-chested, but I could show you my breasts? Ah, this would be quicker, I guess.”


To both equally flabbergasted girls came a name card, which could be called a VR game business card exchange.

It was indeed written on it.

The character name──〝Clarence〟. Gender── female.

IRL, I like both boys and girls, y’know?”

Clarence said, even though they did not ask.

Having finally recovered from her shock, LLENN,

“Eh…… please do not bring up RL subjects……”

Unintentionally replied in keigo.

“Eeh! Why not! Next time, why don’t all three of us go for tea? A virtual girl meetup! There are few girls in GGO, after all! Be my friends!”

“Y-you don’t know what we are like IRL right? We could be fifty-year-old ladies, you know? We might not have anything in common, you know?”

“Oh don’t worry! I’m a philanthropist! Hey! Since we’re all here and all, wanna make a girls-only squadron? Let’s do it!”

‘Just resign already.’

Thought Fukaziroh, but decided to pass on saying it.

“W-well, I shall be borrowing the magazines then……”

“Be my guest, be my guest.”

LLENN operated her window with her left hand. But, the moment she tried to place the magazines that had formed a mountain into her storage──


She was unable to do so as she was pushed away with tremendous force by Clarence.

LLENN’s small body was blown away to Fukaziroh’s side, and when Fukaziroh tried to aim her MGL-140s at Clarence,

“Drop to the ground!”

She felt something in his── no, her frantic expression and did as she was told.

In front of LLENN, lying face-up with only her head raised, and Fukaziroh, who energetically dropped down on her face,

“Win this!”

As Clarence left behind these words, hit effects appeared throughout her body, and thus she died.

And then several high-pitched gunshots could be heard.

The pleasant sound of rapid fire from an 5.56 mm class assault rifle.

Its source was a spot about 50 metres to the north.

The moment they confirmed that, numerous Bullet Lines assailed them,



Then, with a roar, numerous bullets flew above the heads of LLENN and Fukaziroh, who had bent down to the ground.

‘We’ve been talking too much!’

LLENN once again cursed the mistake in her decision-making.

Seeing as it was an enemy team that had just come from the north, those guys were undoubtedly MMTM. They crossed the jungle without a sound and approached them in secret.

If Clarence, who quickly sensed them, had not pushed her away, LLENN would have probably been shot to death as well.

‘Thanks! Truly, thanks!’

Offering her gratitude in her mind, LLENN,

“The magazines!”

Thought about the more than ten magazines that she had been unable to put away into her storage and thus left beside Clarence’s corpse merely 3 metres ahead. She had no confidence that she could fight properly later on without them. However,

“Let’s get outta here LLENN! Retreat!”

Fukaziroh was right. In the current state that did not allow them to even to raise their heads properly, it was only natural to make use of the jungle to creep out to safety.


A diversionary full auto fire passed above their heads. They felt the wind it made.

If the enemy moved just a bit, they would probably be able to reach them here. If she took too long to decide, they would be unable to save what had to be saved.

They had to run away.

‘But those magazines──’

After LLENN hesitated for merely 3 seconds, a Bullet Line lit up right on her face.

As if the opponent had climbed up a tree, it came down diagonally from above.


She had no way of dodging it now.

The Line disappeared with a low and intimidating roar.

A beast roar-like heavy bass sound resounded from the right, opposite from the side they had been hearing the gunshots from MMTM thus far, and a bullet came roaring at the top of her head at supersonic speed.


“C’mon LLENN!”

LLENN was forcibly pulled by Fukaziroh and thus moved out of the way. At that moment, a heavy bass sound resounded, mixed in with the high-pitched semi-auto fire.

Having been forcibly pulled by the superhuman Fukaziroh,



LLENN, who had fallen into a jungle ditch, 〝heard〟 a vehement exchange of gunshots on either side of her.

And then, she finally regained her composure.

‘I’ve heard that heavy bass before.’

'A sound I heard enough of during the previous SJ to make me sick, and it's coming from a very close range at that.'

‘In that case,’

“Fuka! Can you fire some regular grenades?”

“Aye! Shall I pound them with all 6? So, should I go for the left or right enemy? Or both?”

“The left! 50 metres away from here. Fire and scatter them about 30 metres wide!”

‘She’s definitely down.’

MMTM’s leader was convinced of this when he caught the detestable pink chibi in the scope of his STM-556.

However, the 〝man〟 that was in front just before he fired noticed him and thrust her away, thus that guy was the only one to die. It was too late to regret being stingy and not just firing a grenade.

As such, he had his comrades provide cover fire and climbed up a nearby tree like a monkey.


But despite catching the cute face right in the centre of his scope──

At that moment, another formidable enemy appeared and began mercilessly firing at him.

If he had not heard the first gunshots and jumped off the tree quickly, it would have been him rather than the trunk riddled with holes.

That heavy sound undoubtedly came from a Russian PKM machine gun. And, based on the previous scan, he also knew the identity of the enemy team. That’s right. It was those amazons.

They should be firing from not even 100 metres away, but due to the thickness of the jungle, all he could see were the Lines.

“Everyone, withdraw! No need for cover fire, so just retreat! Watch out for the Lines!”

He instantly decided, and his comrades instantly responded.

With their faces turned in the direction of the enemy, the six began running away backwards while avoiding the Lines one by one, but after a few seconds──

*Bo*, *bo*, *bo*, *bo*, *bo*, *bon*!

A series of explosions roared where they had just been firing moments ago, blowing away the vegetation. If their retreat had been just 5 seconds late, all of them would have received a lot of damage.

“Uhhya! That was close! What was that!”

Hearing one of his comrades,

“A series of 6 Denel grenades. That chibi’s partner fuckin’ had two of those guns. I wanted to bring her down before she could fire, but…… We failed.”

The leader answered. And then,

“It’s too much for us to handle the amazons with them here. Though regrettable, we’re leaving the dome for now.”

While running, the leader looked at his wristwatch and saw that it was 13:49:45.

Having seen this series of events and the battle in the thick jungle, a man in the bar,


Shouted in great excitement,

“I’m going to tell those idiots watching another battle on the other side!”

Said this, and began running.

And then, in front of the group who had watched Pitohui’s battle──

Spoke with the most 〝triumphant〟look ever.

“Why didn’t you watch LLENN-chan’s battle! That girl sure is awesome! At this rate, she’s definitely going to be the winner!”


1. ^ Nanpa (ナンパ) is a type of flirting and seduction popular among Japanese teenagers and people in their twenties or thirties, or it can refer to people who take part in this activity.
2. ^ A slang expression for stunning someone or making someone dizzy/lose consciousness. This comes from beat’em games like Final Fight and Street Fighter II where a stunned state was depicted by a ring of chickens or other small birds swirling above the character’s head.
3. ^ The Japanese name for Kshitigarbha, a bodhisattva (one who vows to save all beings before becoming a Buddha) who looks over children, travellers and the underworld.
4. ^ Homo is a common abbreviation of both “homosexual” and “homogenised” (e.g., milk) in Japanese.
5. ^ Bacon and Lettuce form the initials “BL”, jargon for “boys love”.
6. ^ Takarazuka (宝塚) refers to the Takarazuka Revue - an all-female (women play both the female and male parts) musical theatre troupe based in Takarazuka, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.
7. ^ Clarence has been using the first person pronoun ore (俺), which is considered to be a rough- or arrogant-sounding masculine pronoun, to refer to herself.


  1. HAHA! Fukaziroh is great!

    Thanks for the release! A few suggestions:

    “How unfortunate! Call upon on your god!”

    Sounds more weird than anything else, so maybe you could use 'Uh-oh! Say your prayers!', or 'Too bad! Say your prayers!' instead?

    "...The slide slid down with tremendous force, ejecting an empty shell, then (was) propelled back (by) the power of the spring, (chambering) a new bullet── ..."

    Just a little clean-up of extra words. 'Chambering' is a more descriptive word that means 'to putting a bullet in the gun's chamber'.

    1. In regards to your second point about the use of "chambering":

      I didn't want to use that term because of the nature of the sentence. Anyone with basic knowledge of guns knows how the action works, so this felt more like it was for people who don't know how semi-automatic firearms function. As such, using a term like "chambering", one that people likely won't know if they're unfamiliar with firearms, seems a bit out of place to me.

    2. As for the first concern:

      I have nothing against changing "How unfortunate" to "Too bad". "Uh-oh" on the other hand is a terrible replacement.

      However, I am against changing the second sentence, because 1) It would be too much of an oversimplification in my opinion. Yen Press would probably translate it as such, but I dislike localising the text too much. 2) It goes well with the fact that the guy calls LLENN his god several paragraphs later.

    3. No worries. To each their own.

      BTW is the word 'god' to which you refer, 'kami' by any chance?

      IMHO, 'kami'≠ 'god' in the western sense. 'Kami' in Shinto are more closely related to spiritual beings beyond human ken that inhabit and have power over certain objects, forces in nature, or aspects of life. Kami presiding over their own domain must thus be appeased and may be invoked (i.e. summoned by name) for aid by mortals--though certainly not out of abject fear that a powerful 'god' (in the western sense) with much broader influence might strike them down for failing to do so.

      All in all, the idea of 'kami' is more subtle, I think, thus my inclination to generalise it to an idea of invocation or 'prayer' to a non-specific 'power'--if you allow me to stretch the idea of 'kami' so far-- relevant to their current predicament. I do see though how western culture could push the idea of 'prayer' into a traditional organised religous mould. Too bad there isn't a more secular form of the word without the unintended connotations.

    4. The original sentence was 「残念! お前の神の名を唱えなっ!」. So yes, the word used was "kami" (technically, the name of a kami). Though Japanese don't have a separate word for "god" in the western sense in the first place.