[GGOM] LINK #003 - Prologue ③

Since we're done with volume 2 of SAOAGGO, we're now focusing on releasing the first chapter of Clover's Regret, but... that thing is kinda... huge for a chapter, so it'll take a bit more time to get out of editing hell. So, in the mean time, how's about chapter 3 of the SAOAGGO manga to fill in the time between releases? It's about the same size as chapter 2 and mostly still original content, but we're now returning to the main plot (for the most part) and getting the bear's M's debut. Next chapter will be longer and will feature some LLENN and M action and Pito's IRL debut.

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Dreadful Decoding

Translation: Gsimenas
Editing: ZeHaffen

Pure Mashiro

Cleaning: Eris
Redrawing: Cheerio
Typesetting: Chisaki

LINK #004

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