[SAO Comic Anthology] Asuna, Do Your Best!

ZeHaffen here, back with the newest chapter of the Comic Anthology. Chapter 7 is a cute little KiriAsu story called "Asuna, Do Your Best!" Everyone knows I love me some KiriAsu, so this one is perfect for me. It's damn adorable watching Asuna try so hard for Kirito.

This one is a little NSFW, so be careful of that.

Here's the .zip file for those who wish to download the chapter.

As always, any feedback is appreciated.


Mangaka: Hisasi
Raw: Takazuki
Translation: Gsimenas
Editing: ZeHaffen & Dennis
Cleaning: Dennis & KWY
Typesetting: ZeHaffen


  1. I was reading the surprised exclamations by Kirito in his voice and tone xD