[Collaborative Project Announcement] Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online manga

Surprise to all SAOAGGO fans! We'll be taking up the SAOAGGO manga as a joint project with Pure Mashiro. They've volunteered to help with cleaning, redrawing and typesetting and we'll be providing them with a translation of the chapters.

The manga is illustrated by Tamori Tadadi and is an adaptation of the Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online light novel series by Sigsawa Keiichi that we have been translating. The manga is serialised on Dengeki Maoh that's released on the 27th of every month (though the manga has been serialised only bimonthly after its third chapter). The series has been ongoing since the 27th of October, 2015 and should have six chapters released in Japan at the time of writing. The manga isn't a 1:1 adaptation of the novel, as it adds some original content and changes some details of the original story. But if you've enjoyed LLENN's adventures so far, the manga should be a good read. Especially when it gets to the action.

The first chapter is nearly ready and should be posted on Batoto in a few hours. We'll make a post once it's live. As for the following chapters, since this is a collaborative project and we'll be treating it as a side project, I'm not sure how often updates will be made. So, expect the releases to come out at random times whenever they're ready :D



  1. Oh is this gonna had yuri in some way?

    1. It has a mainly-female cast (there are some male characters, but aside from the one on the cover, most of them are nameless supporting characters), but I haven't seen anything that yuri about it yet.