[GGOV1] SECT.13 - Battle to the Death

Part 2 of the quadruple update.

Italic text is Engrish (English written in katakana). Full-width alphanumeric characters are for actual English words. In cases when I needed to emphasise that the word is Japanese (or when the text specifically commented about it being Japanese), I added the Japanese version as furigana.

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Translation: Gsimenas
Editing: Pryun

SECT.13 - Battle to the Death

Boss, who saw her comrade disappear in an explosion, had her large figure blown away by the aftereffect.

There had been 6 plasma grenades hanging down from Rosa’s waist, and due to bad luck, 1 of them was sent flying by the initial explosion, and exploded as it drew near Boss. Without the time to avoid it, she had been dealt damage. Her large figure was blown away by about 3 metres, and she stopped as she fell on her backside on the pebbles.

“Shi~it! Using the leader as a decoy, as if that’s normal!”

Swearing at the fact that she was completely fooled, she promptly and energetically got up, and confirmed the damage.

Her hit points were at sixty percent. She was still okay.



There was even greater damage. Her beloved gun Vintorez was not in her hands.

Tanya and Boss frequently engaged in close-range battles, thus, desiring a degree of freedom for the movement of their guns, they did not use slings.

This time, this approach backfired. The gun was blown away by the blast.

Of course, she would probably find it if she searched the surroundings, but she did not have the time for that.

Boss drew out a black pistol from her right waist holster without hesitation.

It was a planar-form automatic pistol. A 9mm pistol, Russian-made of course, that was manufactured by Arsenal Firearms and called ≪Strizh≫, Russian for „swift“(1), and it was called „Strike One“ in export specifications.

Tightly grasping the gun with a 17 bullet magazine, in her right hand, Boss sent instructions to her two surviving comrades.

“There’s a sniper to the north-west! Don’t climb on rocks!”

The reply from the machine gunner Sophie,

“Roger! We’re heading towards you!”

And the Dragunov-wielder Tohma,

“I’ve been shot too!”

Were these.

In other words, this meant that she intentionally kept exposing herself on a rock even after the explosion, tempting the sniper to shoot her. And, after she got hit by the sniper, she was somehow still alive.

Line from the north side! The distance - at least two hundred!”

Being a sniper, she was able to grasp that solely based on the Bullet Line, and conveyed this beneficial information to Boss.

“Alright! Everyone, let’s take down the chibi! Surround it!”

“Sorry, LLENN. I failed to take down the sniper.”

“That’s alright!”

LLENN stood up as she answered to M. She pulled the sling and brought her P90 in front of her body.

She did not have the time to talk leisurely. There was still an enemy in the shade of a rock about 30 metres in front of here, and the enemy should be heading towards her. Because that is what she would do.

No longer minding the other two who were nearby, LLENN broke into a run.

It was an extreme dash towards the enemy, with the resolution of colliding into them. As she ran, the rocks kept moving to the back of her vision as if they were soaring, and what came out from the shade of one of the rocks,


Was a large woman with a shouting expression who was aiming a pistol at her.

Squeezing the P90’s trigger, LLENN continued her assault. By drawing near, she kept moving below the bullets and thus kept dodging her opponent’s line of fire.

She saw her own bullets heading for the huge woman’s legs, but this woman was not a weak opponent that could be taken down that easily.

‘In that case, I’ll shoot you up even if I have to run into you!’

LLENN, who continued charging while dodging bullets,

“Don’t make light of me!”

Saw that the huge woman was raising her big and long leg. And, that it was heading for her like a slanting log.


Giving a tiny scream, LLENN was kicked up. While soaring in the sky——

‘I can’t let her go that easily!’

LLENN put all of her energy solely into the hand grasping her P90.

And then, the small body that flew in the air,


Landed on one of the rocks.

What LLENN had fallen on with her back was a flat and wide rock that was at least 2 metres high. ‘Just how far was I blown away?’


She did not feel any sharp pain, but due to the feeling of her back being pressed with a thump, she couldn’t help but be in agony for about 2 seconds.

When LLENN finally tried standing up, her right hand,


Was stepped on by a big leg.

The right leg of the huge woman that ran up to the top of the rock, and still had hit effects shown——

Pinned down her arm with the P90.

LLENN’s hand and P90 were fixed onto her stomach as if held in a vise. Her right hand could not be moved, and her stomach hurt. As if she had overeaten.

“I have you now!”

As the roaring huge woman was backlit, LLENN could not see her face, but——

‘I’m glad that I can’t see her It’s probably scary Probably like an Asura. (2)

She was able to think calmly.

“The finishing move!”

The huge woman’s right arm had turned towards her.

It was grasping a black pistol. She saw a red Line coming from it, and it was fixed on her left breast, exactly where her heart was.


Three, consecutive, merciless and high-speed shots.

‘Even though you didn’t need to shoot that much, I would have died from 1 shot. A waste of bullets.’

With such a thought, LLENN felt the impact shaking her body.

And, ‘It’s less painful than I thought’, she had this thought as well.

It was an attack on her heart, and yet it only felt as if her chest was knocked on with a *tontonton*. ‘Perhaps the pain is no longer being reproduced since I died from the first bullet?’

That was not it.

Looking at her hit point gauge, she saw that although it was red, it was still the same as it was moments ago. She had been hit by 3 bullets, and yet it hadn’t decreased at all. Speaking of which, she did see any hit effects either.



It seemed that her enemy-san was more surprised than her,

*Dan*, *dan*, *dan*, *dan*.

This time, she slowly fired four times consecutively, at her chest of course. LLENN clearly saw how the slide quickly made round trips, and each time an empty shell was thrown out and glittered.

And still, she did not die.

“Is this guy invulnerable? A cheat?”

‘That can’t be the case you know?’

LLENN tried answering to the question, but——

Before she did, she realised. She remembered. What was in the left chest pocket of her combat uniform.

It was the satellite scan terminal——. An indestructible object.

“Shhit! What, a protector!”

‘No, that is not it, though the result is the same.’


The Bullet Line rose from her chest. It was fixed on her right eye, and the world was dyed in deep red,


LLENN twist her neck to the left. A 9mm bullet that grazed her right ear pierced the rock behind her.

Another Line. This time, she twisted her neck to the right. She heard the sound of impact right next to her left ear.

And then, the huge woman drew her pistol closer. At LLENN’s forehead, merely about 20 cm away.

She avoided those 2 bullets, but she was done for with the next.

LLENN’s resolution to die for the umpteenth time today,

“Wh—— Shit!”

Was once again wiped out by the huge woman’s surprised words, and by the disappearance of the Bullet Lines.

The pistol thrust at her, specifically, its slide stopped at the back.

When an automatic pistol is in such a state, it means that that a common phenomenon around the world has occurred. Namely, either a load failure, or the gun has run out of ammo.

In this case, it was the latter. The huge woman had fired too much.

Having accustomed to the backlighting, LLENN saw the body of the huge woman. While pinning her down with her right foot, the woman reached for the pouch on her left thigh with her left hand as she removed the empty magazine from the pistol with her right.

It was obvious that she was trying to take out a spare magazine for her pistol and reload it, and if this was allowed, 10 bullets or more would probably descend on her face this time.

‘Yeah. I won’t let you.’

‘But, what do I do? What can I do?’

LLENN used the weapon that she could use.

She moved her sole free, left hand and swiftly pulled out a long P90’s magazine from her left thigh pouch, and,


With a yell, she threw it with all her might.

The massive magazine filled with bullets collided with the huge woman’s left hand,


And sent the pistol magazine in it flying below the rock.

“Another one.”

LLENN pulled out a second magazine, and threw it at the huge woman’s face this time . The long magazine that turned sideways collided with the woman’s eye,


And forced a cute scream, which reminded LLENN that the player was female, out of her.

As expected, the force in her right leg loosened. LLENN put all her might into swinging her right hand, forcing the large figured to sway, and fall backwards——


However, by only stumbling a step or two, she stopped.

Using this gap, LLENN rolled to the left to escape, then got up to jump, and then she extended her right hand and thrust the muzzle of her P90 towards the huge woman who was about 2 metres in front of her.


She fired all the remaining bullets in full auto.


The ten-odd bullets that remained in the magazine were immediately fired out.

Meanwhile, only the first 5 bullets landed a hit. On the huge woman’s left arm and hand.


LLENN was shocked.

Even in her dreams she wouldn’t have thought that person who would do such a thing existed.

The huge woman discerned that she would not be able to dodge the attack, thus she made her own attack. And so, she extended her left arm towards the P90 muzzle.

And, she tightly grasped the tip of the barrel that was spewing out flames as the gun fired, and forcibly shifted the line of fire to the left. The P90 discharge continued, but all the remaining bullets were soaked up by the ground below the rock.

On the same rock, LLENN who had extended her left arm with her P90, and the huge woman who grasped its tip with her left hand——

Stood still in that posture.

“D-doesn’t it hurt a bit?”

LLENN reflexively enquired. Even though it did not hurt as much as in RL, it should have been considerably hard on her senses when that many holes were opened in her left arm.

The woman with her left arm and hand dyed in bright red by the hit effects,

“Well, I forgot over the excitement. Though I’m not at all filled with strength.”

With a rough face, she answered in a feminine tone. And then,

“Hey pipsqueak. What’s your name?”

“LLENN. ——And you?”

“Eva. ——Everyone calls me Boss though.”

LLENN exerted more strength in her right hand in an attempt to pull out her P90 from the hands of the huge woman.

Boss continued grasping it with her left hand, which should be becoming numb, with no intention to let her do so. If her hand had not been shot, she would have probably torn the P90 away a long time ago.

With both of them exerting strength, their bodies continued to sway repeatedly. As the two moved their feet to maintain their balance, they kept turning as if they were dancing.

LLENN attempted to extend her left arm towards her right thigh, but her hand did not reach the pouch. Even if she could draw out the magazine inside, she did not know whether she would be able to insert it into her P90.

“Out of ammo, huh.”

Boss gave a fiendish smile.

While thinking what kind of expression she was showing herself, LLENN,

“The same goes to you.”

Replied to her opponent, who was holding a pistol with zero remaining bullets in her right hand, and could not reload her magazine as her left hand was busy.

‘At this rate, as time goes by, Boss’s left hand will recover its strength, and I’ll be the one at a disadvantage.’

The moment LLENN had that thought, an even more unfavourable event occured.


In the right edge of her field of vision, she saw a woman holding a machine gun atop a rock about 20 metres away.

The woman who was large in width held her PKM in hip fire position,


And did not fire. No, she could not fire. Because, if she unleashed the firepower of that gun at this moment, she would quite obviously hit Boss too.”

“Just fire already!”

Boss shouted.

With this, she seemingly resolved to take down the enemy along with an ally, but nevertheless, she raised her machine gun from the hip position to adjust her aim even if only a bit.

The just under 2 second delay until she fixed the gun to her shoulder became the chink in her defence.

LLENN saw.

How a large spark scattered on the right flank of the woman who was aiming her machine gun at her, no, them.

*Gain*, it made a loud sound as if something metal was being pierced, and her orientation was forcibly changed to the left.

It was undoubtedly M’s Bullet Line-less sniping.

The 2nd bullet came flying, and hit the staggering woman, specifically her right flank, and a hit effect began shining.


Having fallen to her knees downcast and no longer moving from that position, the woman, who became a mere target for the third shot, extended her right hand to the holster on her waist.

And took out the pistol that Tanya had originally used, the same Strizh as Boss’s——

Specifically, she only hastily took out its magazine, and,

“Use it!”

Mustering her last remaining strength, she threw it.

The moment that the small magazine left her hand, the bullet that M fired pierced her head.

The body and machine gun that no longer had any strength tumbled down the rock. And then, a 【Dead】marker lit up.

The magazine that had been cast away went through the air while slightly spinning, and with splending control, it came flying towards the spot where the two were holding their ground.

As she saw this——,

‘How many seconds until she grasps it with her left hand, inserts it into her pistol, aims it at me and fires? No, how many tenths of a second until then?’

LLENN thought. Because Boss right in front of her was obviously going to do that.

At the same time, it was her chance. If only the woman’s left hand went away, she could immediately transfer the P90 to her left hand, draw out a magazine from her right thigh with her right hand, and reload——

In that case, it would be a match of lightning speed.

But, LLENN had confidence. In her raised agility and dexterity, and in her reloading abilities that she had practised time and time again.

‘I can do it! I can win this!’

With such a thought, she continued exerting strength into her right arm for whenever Boss would take her hand away, but,

“That won’t work, pipsqueak.”

The opponent right in front of her laughed with a broad grin, and LLENN felt that more strength was put into the woman’s left hand that was recovering from numbness——

‘She can’t be?’

Considering the possibilities of what Boss wanted to do, LLENN doubted her sanity. ‘She shouldn’t be able to do it.’

The magazine came flying through the air.

Boss pointed the bottom of the pistol in her right hand in the direction that the magazine was coming from. And then, she slowly twisted it——

‘No way? She can’t be serious?’

The magazine that flew towards them as it spun went towards the pistol that Boss had spun accordingly——


*Shakon*, the magazine was splendidly absorbed by the gun.

Boss’s thumb lowered the slide stop lever, and the slide returned as it loaded a bullet.

As LLENN saw this scene, she wondered ‘Who are these guys in RL?’.

Based on the display of a magnificent juggling technique——

Nothing but a street performer came to her mind, and „it’s the audience’s etiquette to pay a bit of money after seeing a performance“, this fact, which was completely irrelevant at the moment, crossed her mind.

Boss finally let her left hand loose from the P90.

And LLENN’s body, who had been pulling it, fell backwards. At the same time, Boss’s right hand moved, and pointed the muzzle at LLENN’s stomach.


It appeared that the world,


And Boss’s mouth,


Were moving slowly.


‘Ah I’m already done for I’m really going to die I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve said this but I’m finally done for It’s the end.

As LLENN thought thus,

“Don’t give up! I will protect LLENN-chan!”

She felt that she had heard someone’s voice.

No, she clearly heard it.

Aiming at the abdomen of the small body right in front of her, Boss pulled the trigger of her Strizh.

She no longer went easy.

She unleashed all 16 bullets at the stomach rather than the chest without restraint. The sound of discharge, that reverberated as if it was made by a submachine gun, resounded, and empty shells shined in midair in short intervals.

“How’s this!”

Boss was confident in her victory this time.

The pink chibi slipped into the smoke from the discharge of her gun, and disappeared.

But nevertheless, she did not let her guard down, and as she dropped the used up magazine, her left hand had took out the spare magazine that she was unable to get moments ago, and attempted to insert it into her Strizh,


At the sight of a human figure slowly swaying, she stopped her action.

“How dare you——”

The pink chibi… was alive.

Even though she bombarded her „stomach“ that much.

“How dare you——”

Hearing a voice that sounded like it was rising from the bottom of hell,


Boss saw.

That her opponent had not died yet, and that the pink P90 that she was holding in her arms had become a tattered wreck.

And she heard a yell.


She did not understand what that meant.

LLENN had thought.

‘Why did I use P-chan as a shield?’

In SJ, there were no weapon random drops, thus she had believed that there would be no way to lose her beloved gun, but everything has exceptions.

Although it hardly ever occurred, if excessive damage was dealt to a gun during a battle, the gun’s durability would be exceeded, and it would fall into to an irreparable state—— in other words, it was possible to lose it.

‘I knew that, I understood that, and yet I used it to shield me.’

‘In order not to die, in order to win the game.’

‘And, for the time being, I haven’t died.’

‘But, P-chan has died.’

“How dare you how dare you HOW DARE YOOOOOU——”

‘Mhm, I’m going to beat that woman in front of me to death.’


Boss was overwhelmed by the chibi’s bloodshot eyes glaring at her, and just as she was about to insert the magazine into her Strizh, she stopped her hand.

The P90’s wreckage fell and scattered on the rock,

“I see…… So you used it to guard yourself, how magnificent!”

She expressed her honest words of admiration.

And then, she finished inserting the magazine to the end, and shut the slide.

‘Even though I'm being praised, it’s not like I’m happy about it; mhm, I’m going to kill that woman.’

That day——

Karen desperately stopped her welled up desire to shoot the cute high school students.

‘But there’s absolutely no need to hide it now. Instead, I’ll kill her quickly.’

While having such a thought, LLENN saw that Boss had finished her shooting preparations.

And, she thought.

‘I don’t have a weapon anymore, but I’ll bring her down even if I have to bite her. Where do I have to bite that Boss to have her hit points decrease?

On that subject, she felt that she had received a vulgar lecture about that from M.

‘When was that?’

‘Was that on Friday?’

No, that was wrong. It was today. And moreover, not even 2 hours had passed since then.

At this moment, she finally remembered what she was taught.

The moment that Boss fixed the pistol’s aim on her,

LLENN kicked up the earth while keeping an eye on the Bullet Line.

“Why you-!”

Boss aimed and fired her Strizh at LLENN who suddenly charged at her.

However, the small and fast LLENN swiftly slipped through her aim, and somehow slipped below her crotch, and disappeared behind her.

Drawing her Strizh near her body so that it would not be stolen, she turned around,

“Don’t screw around! If you think you can run away——”

As she said this, she saw that the world had slanted slightly. She could not exert the strength in her left leg as she wanted. And Boss,


Saw that her hit point gauge was decreasing with a *guun* sound.

Looking at her left thigh, she understood. A long and narrow bullet hit effect—— no, it wasn’t a bullet hit. It was a long, long, long and narrow wound.

‘I was cut?’

She immediately raised her eyes, and saw that a black and atrocious knife held in a reverse grip,


Was being held by the figure who was once again charging towards her.

Their battle with the top of the rock as the stage,


Was continuously observed by Tohma for some time now.

She was lying on her stomach on a rock that was merely about 50 metres away, and had her Dragunov at the ready.

There was no scope on that Dragunov.

It was removed, dropped at the side of the rock, and had its objective lens smashed.

Moments ago, she had leaned out atop of a large rock to confirm the position of the enemy sniper, and she saw. That for a mere moment, a figure had fixed its aim exactly on her and fired. For some reason, she could not see the Bullet Line, but she did see the shining muzzle.

The next moment, her scope’s field of vision blacked out. Being pushed by the gun, she tumbled down the rock, and realised the cause. It wasn’t her that was hit, but her scope, and it became useless.

Her spine went cold at the opponent’s accuracy and speed, but thanks to this, her life was spared. Tohma quickly detached the scope and the cheek pad for the scope,

“I’m not done yet!”

Stuck her head out from another small rock from a low height, and, using normal metal sights equipped on the Dragunov, she began covering Boss.

When the pink chibi was kicked and sent flying atop a rock, Tohma immediately took aim, but,


She could only stop as Boss ran up there.

50 metres was a distance where she could blow away the target’s fingertips if she had a scope, but with ordinary sights, she could not aim that well.

And so, Tohma continued observing their battle to the death from afar without getting to shoot.

If she carelessly shot, there was the risk that she would hit Boss, who had a far bigger body.

And even if she hit the pink chibi, there was also the possibility that the bullet would pierce her and deal damage to Boss as well.

As she could not allow the Bullet Line to become a hindrance, Tohma took her finger away from the trigger, and the Bullet Circle disappeared from her vision as well.

And so, the moment of not being able to do anything but watch the battle continued——

When Boss got a magazine from a comrade and made the pink chibi eat the pistol’s ferocious rapid-fire, she was confident that they had won.

Having endured that much close-range rapid fire, she probably did not have any hit points left.


‘H-how? Are you a zombieeee!”

Seeing the pink chibi moving once again, Tohma felt fear from the bottom of her heart.


Towards the charging LLENN,

“Stop screwing around!”

Boss fired; however, she missed once again.

LLENN quickly dodged, as if she was avoiding a punch, charged under her crotch, and came out on the other side. While cutting her inner femoral artery.


This time, her right thigh was cut, and her hit points decreased again. It finally went into the yellow zone.

‘A blade fight huh!’

Boss understood the essence of this fight.

She herself had a gun, but it was no longer a battle of guns.

The broadcast of the third BoB crossed her mind. At that time too, the battle to the death that was nearly the last one turned into a sword against sword fight.

The pink chibi brandishing a knife right in front of her could see the Bullet Lines of her Storizh. As the bullets would fly there, she could just avoid them thinking of them as slash attacks.

And, in regards to agility, the opponent was far better.

Her large-framed self brandishing a long sword, and her opponent charging with a knife, which had a short reach, but it was impossible to tell where it was aimed at.

‘In that case!’

Turning around, Boss changed tactics.

Having slipped under the crotch the second time, LLENN,

‘One more attack! No, however many it takes!’

Turning around, she saw Bullet Lines extending from the pistol in Boss’s right hand.

‘That much I can just dodge.’

‘Unless they touch my body, I won’t be hit.’

With the battle having unfolded thus far, LLENN no longer had any hesitation.

‘I’ll avenge P-chan.”

With just this thought, LLENN held up the knife in her right hand over her head, and began her third assault,


She saw that Boss transferred the pistol to another hand.

And let go of the grip from her hand, grasping the front of the gun with her left,


Followed by the start of a swing towards her.

She was going to strike with the pistol as if it was a hammer.

As LLENN had begun her assault, she could no longer stop. She did not know where the Bullet Line-less blow would go until the very last moment.

When she realised that the attack was aimed at her right hand, it was already too late to lower the hand or draw it in——

‘If I lose my knife, it’s over.’

LLENN opened her hand with all her strength.

Boss’s pistol blow hit LLENN’s right wrist——

And, *gori*, made a nasty sound of a bone being hit. Her right arm was sent far outward.

The system acknowledged that the damage was enough to break a bone, and made a hit effect flash from her wrist, while her hit point gauge dropped quickly. Ten percent remained.

‘I repelled the knife!’

As Boss had this thought, she saw.

That the knife was floating in the space between LLENN and herself.

And that LLENN’s left hand extended to it, and tightly grasped the grip.

‘I see, so she released the knife herself before the blow, huh!’

A feeling of admiration towards her opponent came to Boss’s mind,


And she spontaneously let out a laugh.

LLENN firmly grasped the knife in a reverse grip, and lightly jumped.

From left to right, the huge neck of the person giving a smile,


Was sliced in a straight, horizontal line.

The moment that LLENN landed, the giant figure fell to its back, and a 【Dead】 marker began shining.

“You bastard!”

Tohma no longer had a reason to hesitate.

She raised the upper half of her body from the rock, touched the Dragunov’s trigger with her finger, producing a Bullet Circle, which she fixed perfectly on the chibi’s body, and


She pulled the trigger.

“Drop to the ground!”

At the shout that came to her left ear——

LLENN moved her body before she could even think.

A Dragunov’s bullet roared as it passed by, merely 10 cm above LLENN’s body lying close to the ground atop the rock.


LLENN gave a scream.

Right after she heard the Dragunov’s gunshot,

“I’m right here! Enemy-san!”

She heard this voice, and *dokadokadokan*, three loud and consecutive gunshots. LLENN turned her head and faced the direction that the gunshots came from,

“Eh, M-san?”

Wasn’t that M boldly standing up atop a large rock 150 metres away? She only saw a small figure, but that large build and camouflaged clothes were undoubtedly M’s.

“Hey, M-san! Hide! ——Won’t you end up dying if you die?”

M did not answer her words.

“Nice guts!”

Tohma stood up.

Facing the huge man who showed up to provoke her, she bared her canines, and pointed her Dragunov at him, aligning the Bullet Circle on his large abdomen.

The two snipers,

Glared at each other a short distance of merely 200 metres away,

Both of them prepared their respective guns, and discharged at the same time.

The bullets quickly approached and passed by each other——

And hit each other’s abdomens.

The two bodies fell down from the rocks.

LLENN clearly saw how the big one fell.

Hearing a gaudy fanfare,


LLENN ran under the capital letters flashing in the sky.

LLENN violently dashed to the vicinity where M had been and had fell after being shot,


And found M’s large build lying upside down,

“M-sa—— Ugyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

She gave a loud scream after witnessing that his neck had twisted one hundred and eighty degrees.

M’s face was at the side of the backpack.

And then, his eyes looked at her ,


LLENN thought that her hit points would decrease out of shock and that she would die.

“Stop making so much noise. What’s wrong?”




“What are you saying?”

M stood up via his back side,

“GYAAAAAA——, huh?”

In the midst of her scream, LLENN finally realised. That the orientation of M’s face and limbs wasn’t actually unusual.

The unusual thing was the backpack’s orientation. M wasn’t wearing it on his back, but his stomach instead, and there was a small hole open in the middle of the backpack.

“W-what…… So you used it as a guard……”

With the loud fanfare as the BGM, LLENN feebly muttered,

“Because, I…… absolutely didn’t want to die.”

M said with his rough face.

Match time: 1 hour 28 minutes.

The first Squad Jam was over.

Winning team - 『LM』.

Bullets fired in total during the tournament: 49,810.


1. ^ Refers to the Apodidae family of birds.
2. ^ Asura (阿修羅) are the lowest ranks of the deities or demigods of the Kāmadhātu. The expression "like an Asura" means “with berserker-like fury”.

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