Ordeals of Kirito

Ordeals of Kirito (キリトの受難, Kirito no Junan) is an original SAO story featured in the Accel World + Sword Art Online Drama CD. This story is available in audio format, but the disc also came with a script. Since I was translating from the script, you'll also find the narration translated, because some of the things mentioned in it weren't audible in the audio (and some of the remarks were funny).

If anyone spots any mistakes, feel free to point them out in the comments.

Note: I'm not really sure what the big ol' M next to the names is supposed to stand for, but it basically means that the following line isn't heard by other characters.


Raw script: Takazuki
Tranlsation: Gsimenas
Editing: iSupercell (Shiki), Asunon, 1caiser, Pryun
Consultation: Tap

Edit #2: A reader has graciously decided to make a sub for this audio drama, so I've replaced the raw on this blog with the English sub. Enjoy.


A detached house with a broad garden. A sparrow chirps.

Suguha runs up from the first floor to the second and knocks on the door to Kazuto's room,

Suguha:“(Cheerfully) Onii-chan .“

Kazuto:”U, uun. Munya.”

Suguha knocks on the door again.

Suguha:”Good morning. It’s about time to head out.”

Kazuto:”(Half-asleep) See you.”


Batan! Suguha opens the door with such a violent force.

Kazuto: ”Hie!...Su-Sugu......!”

Kazuto springs up from the bed. Suguha compromises Kazuto with a rude entrance,


Kazuto:”Ye-Yes. What is it? Suguha-sama.”

Suguha:”Today‘s promise, remember?”

Kazuto:”......Huh, errrr.”

Suguha:”(Down-hearted)......You’re horrible.”

Kazuto:”O-of course I remember! Sorry, I was still partially asleep.”

Suguha:”Geez! I have club activities in the afternoon, so hurry up and get ready, okay?”

Kazuto:”My bad, my bad.”

Suguha:”Then, I‘ll be waiting downstairs.”

And, Suguha goes out of the room and heads towards the first floor.

Kazuto:”......A promise? I really have no memories of it...... (Calling out) Yui!”

In response to Kazuto's call, a bell sound (image of application manoeuvring) rings from the portable terminal,

Yui:”(In a business-like manner) Good morning.”

Kazuto:”Good morning. About today’s schedule…”

Yui:”Yes, there are 3 tasks.”


Yui:”The time for the beginning of the first task, shopping with Leafa-san, has already passed. The second task is an appointment with Liz-san and Silica-san at 13:00 in Akihabara. It says 'you’re dead if you’re late’. The third task is with Sinon-san at 16:00 in Ikebukuro.”

Kazuto:”Isn’t that triple booking?!”

Yui:”Wrong. It's a physically possible schedule. That is why I have replied to everyone with an OK.”

Kazuto:”You know, you should confirm it with me before giving an OK in that case......”


Kazuto, surprised by Yui‘s unexpected reaction,


Yui:”I do not care about Papa!“

Kazuto operating the terminal with a kachi kachi sound,

Kazuto:”Yui? Yui?! ......No use, no response.”

Then, Suguha calls from the first floor,

Suguha:”Onii-chan. Hurry up and let’s go! We’re running out of time for shopping, you know!”

While Kazuto is operating the terminal,

Kazuto:”(Loudly) I'm coming now! (In a regular volume) Let's see, today's schedule, schedule... Uwa, this is a barely manageable timetable. Gah, I have no choice!”

+ + +

Kazuto narrating:”This is how, my, Kirigaya Kazuto’s, day of ordeals began.”

Suguha chapter

Shopping district. In front of a shop for young women.

Kazuto and Suguha come walking together.

Kazuto:”Choosing a swimsuit?! Me? For you?”

Suguha:”……You don’t want to?”

Kazuto:”…Well, I don’t really mind.”

Suguha:”This shop is popular among my friends.”

Along with the sound of automatic doors opening, Kazuto and Suguha go into the store.

Female shop assistant:”Welcome.”

Suguha:”Looks like swimsuits are...in the back, huh.”

The two proceed to the back of the store. Young girl voices saying things like 'cute' and 'isn't this good?', as well as the shop assistant’s 'it matches you well’ can be heard.

Suguha:”(Shyly) I wonder if bikinis are good this year.”

Kazuto:”No way. It's still too early.”

Suguha:”(Somewhat dissatisfied) Humph. ... Ah, Onii-chan, do you like one-piece swimsuits?”

Kazuto:”Well, I guess.”

Suguha:”I see, okay. Then...... how about this black one-piece? Isn't it cool?”

Kazuto:”Rejected. There's too little fabric.”

Suguha:”With this?!”

Kazuto:”Listen, Sugu. The lowness of its defensive power is completely inappropriate. Our dad in America would cry.”

Suguha:”Dad has nothing to do with this. ...... If so, what kind of swimsuit is fine?”

Kazuto:”Hmm... Something like what you wore back then. Such as, a ribbon attached to the chest and fluttering at the waist... Oh! What about this?”

Suguha:”...Well, it‘s cute, but it‘s too childish, you know.”

Kazuto:”(Seriously) Sugu.”


Kazuto:”You are still a child.”

Suguha:”Onii-chan, you idiot!”

And, Suguha thrusts the hanger that was included with the swimsuit at Kazuto.


Kazuto falls to the ground with a thud.

Kazuto:”......D-don't use Sword Skills with a ha-hanger... *gaku*”

+ + +

Suguha:”Pick seriously this time.”

Kazuto:”Yeah yeah. Although you say this, I don't get swimsuit fashion at all. That's right. I'll try asking the store clerk.”

Suguha:”(Murmuring) Eh, but... I asked for you to…”

Kazuto:”(To the shop assistant) Excuuse me.”

Shop assistant:”Yees.”

Kazuto:”We’re looking for a swimsuit for her.”

Shop assistant:”A swimsuit, you say? We've recently got some new styles. Since she has a nice figure, how about this one?”

Kazuto:”Wait wait wait! It has so many straps, so it is absolutely unacceptable!”

Shop assistant:”Indeed, it is an adult-like design. As it's a bustier type, it exposes slightly more than normal. The side and back can be adjusted with the straps, so the silhouette of the bust appears prettier.”

Kazuto:”It shouldn’t be revealing.”

Shop assistant:”Ah, boyfriend-san must be worried.”

SuguhaM:”Bo-Boyfriend?! I w-wonder, if we look like that…”

Kazuto:”(Calmly) No, I'm her older brother. Anyway, not so adult-like ones…”

Suguha:”(Offended)... I will try this on.”


Suguha:”(Half crying) Even I can wear this much!“

+ + +

Shop assistant:”Please take your time.”

The curtain of the dressing room is closed with a shatsu sound.

Inside the dressing room. Suguha, while changing clothes,

Suguha:”(Grumbling) Geez, we’re just one year apart, and yet he is treating me like a child... Err, first from the top. Uh, this might be considerably difficult. Recently they grew bigger again. Ah, the bust can be adjusted with the side straps...... Huh? It won't loosen properly...... Err, anyway, I’ll push it in for now……All right. Then, it should be fine if I tie the back straps ......Huh?”

On the other side, Kazuto who is outside the dressing room.

Kazuto:”(Sighing) …… Hah. How long has she been in the dressing room? (Calling) Ooi? Are you done yeet?”

Suguha:”(Half crying) …Uu……Onii-chan.”

Kazuto:”What‘s wrong!?”

Suguha:”(Feebly) I, can't get the swimsuit off.”

Kazuto:”Huh? ...Should I call the shop assistant?”

Suguha:”......Onii-chan, come here for a moment......”

Kazuto:”(Confused) ...G-gotcha!”

And, Kazuto opens the curtain.

Kazuto:”Hah! Su-Sugu...You look......”

Suguha:”(Whispering) Close the curtain!”

Kazuto:”(Shaken) Ah, so-sorry.”

And, Kazuto closes the curtain with a shatsu sound.

Suguha:”The straps have become entangled.”

Kazuto:”I've got it, I've got it... Ahem. For now, turn around and let me take a look at it.”


Kazuto:”Uwa, such a well tied knot. It‘s all jumbled up, huh.”


Kazuto:”Sugu, you've always been careless whenever you start panicking. Like how you recently choked on a muffin.”


Kazuto, while untying the strap with a shurushuru sound,

Kazuto:”But, I'm happy with you as you are. And, alright. The back strap has come untied.”

Suguha:”......Thanks, Onii-chan.”

Shop assistant:”Dear customer. How is the size?”


Suguha:”(Whisper) Shh! (To the shop assistant) I haven't been able to change yet......”

Shop assistant:”Should I help?”

Suguha:”I-It‘s fine!”

+ + +

Automatic doors open,

Shop assistant:”Thank you for your patronage.”

Kazuto and Suguha exit to the shopping district.

Kazuto:”Hey. In the end, I chose a fluttering swimsuit. Are you fine with it?”

Suguha:”Yeah, it‘s fine.”

Kazuto:”I see.”

Suguha:”Yeah. (Hiding her shyness) ……Oh yeah. As for tomorrow, my club activities will last till noon, so I think we should make a little elaborate dinner. What should we make?”

Kazuto:”I’m at a loss when you say so…… Ummm…”

SuguhaM:”The shop assistant just now called Onii-chan my boyfriend.... Well, we are cousins and our faces don't look alike...... I-If we hold hands or do similar things, we'll really look like a pair of lovers.”

Kazuto, continues to be troubled about tomorrow's dinner,

Kazuto:”Fried prawns… And gratin is also fine.”

Suguha:”(Determined) O-onii-chan. You know…”

And then, a bell sounds from Kazuto's mobile terminal,

Yui:”Papa, it is time. If you do not arrive at the station in 5 minutes, you will be late for your next appointment.”

Kazuto:”Oi, isn't the difficulty of that quest too high!?”

Suguha:”(Looking blankly) Next appointment?”

Kazuto:”……Ou-ou-ouch! Su-suddenly, my stomach!”

Suguha:”(Confused) Ha-hah?”

Kazuto:”Crap! I need to go to the bathroom at the station! So you go home first!”

And, Kazuto heads towards the station with a dash.


Liz & Silica chapter

Akihabara. ALO fan event venue. In a big hall, crowded with many visitors (with a high male rate).

Staff:”The entrance to the ALfheim Online fan appreciation event is here!”

A mobile terminal bell rings,

Yui:”Papa, Liz-san and Silica-san are waiting in the waiting room of participant booth number 17.”

Kazuto:”Participant booth?...... Hah, no response, huh. Ooi, Yui, why are you in such a bad temper?”

Kazuto entering the somewhat quiet participant booth,

Kazuto:”.....Number 17, 17…is here, huh.”

Kazuto opens the door with a clank.


Liz and Silica are in the middle of changing clothes ―


Liz and Silica simultaneously,

Liz:”We're in the middle of dressing! Get out of here now!”

Silica:”Please leave!”

Kazuto:”Excuse me!”

The door is closed with a bang.

Kazuto:”(Seriously)…………Stripes and white…”

+ + +

The sound of knocking.

Liz:”(Displeased)……Come in.”

The door gently opens,

Kazuto:”―Silica-san, Lisbeth-san―――I am very sorry for the rude intrusion!”

Liz:”……Geez. For now, just don’t look up.”

Kazuto:”... O-oo!? Why are both of you cosplaying? And just like your ALO avatars, aren’t you!”

Silica:”I have the appropriate cat ears and a tail too. Liz-san has pointy ears.”

Liz: ”We-Well yeah.”

Kazuto:”Oh... Real elf ears! Did you dye your hair?”

Liz:”Idiot! It’s a wig, a wig.”

Kazuto:”Wow. It’s well done. So, why are you dressing like that?”

Liz:”To get a rare item!”

Silica:”That's our aim! An item to use for Pina!”


+ + +

Liz:”And so, Klein and Agil said they would make all preparations. Thus, we unintentionally ended up entering the cosplay contest.”

Silica:”The winning team's prize is so gorgeous. But, the condition for participation is a party of no less than three people…”

Kazuto:”Hmmm. (Realised) ...... Three people?”

Liz:”Leafa and the others had to refuse because they had plans for today.”

Kazuto:”I don't really want to expose myself in the real world…”

Liz:”Well, we did register with your alias. And so, (addressing) Silica.”

Silica:”Understood. Please get dressed in this, okay.”


Silica:”The concept is hero of light.”


+ + +

Inside the contest venue. The venue is full of almost nothing but male visitors.

Master of ceremonies:”Alright, everyone's excited!! The ALO event: cosplay competition! Next up is «Team Hero of Light».”

Silica:”(Cheerfully) Heere.”

Liz:”(Tense) Al-All right. I‘m off.. It will be fine if I follow Klein's script.”

Kazuto:”……I really feel uneasy.”

Master of ceremonies:”The members are: the Leprechaun Liz-chan, the Cait Sith Silica-chan. …So, what is your race?”

Kazuto:”…A Spriggan.”

Master of ceremonies:”The darkness-attribute Spriggan is a hero of light?”

Kazuto:”T-the setting is hiding the power of darkness and light.”

Sniggering comes from the venue.

Master of ceremonies:”Amazing setting, isn’t it!”

Kazuto:”Vertical Square!”

Master of ceremonies:”Okay. Much appreciated, hero of light-kun. A real Sword Skill, wasn’t that cool?”

The venue is booing “get out”.

KazutoM: ”Klein……I’ll remember this later……”

Master of ceremonies:”Hero-kun, step back to the back. Ah, you can't go home yet. Okay, next is……”

Silica:”Mee, I am next-nyan ♪.”

Applause breaks out in the venue.

Master of ceremonies:”Please introduuce yourself.”

Silica:”I am the Cait Sith Silica-nya. Errr, my speciality is daggers-nya and support-class magic-nya. Today I'll support everyone in the venue-nyaa.”

Applause as well as "do your best" and other encouragements soar.

Silica:”Then, here I go. (Seriously) …… Þú sér lind ásynja, burt eimi og sverð.”

The venue rustles with shouts like "ooh" and "way to go".

Silica:”(Cutely) Onii-chan, do your best-nya.”

Among the thunderous applause, "Silica-taan ", "one more time!" and other such cheers resound.

Silica:”Thank you-nya!”

And, Silica comes back to Kazuto and Lisbeth’s place,

Kazuto:”Welcome back! Silica, you did well!”

Silica:”That was so…… embarrassing.”

Master of ceremonies:”Thank you! Thank you, Silica-chan! This raises the expectations of the last member, Liz-chan! Welcome!”


Kazuto:”Liz, it’s your turn.”

Liz:”(Tensed)……Y-Yeah. ……I-I’m off.”

Kazuto:”She's scared stiff, huh.”

Silica:”She’s moving her right hand and right foot at the same time.”

Master of ceremonies:”Well then, please introduce yourself.”

Liz:”……Okay. (Feebly) Ah, that……is Liz. E-Err…… I am a blacksmith. My dream is to craft a sword that surpasses Excalibur for Kiri...... no, just to
craft it.”

Light applause comes from the hall.

Liz:”............That......A-as for today ... H-huh? What was it......”

Silica:”(Whispering) Liz-san, do your best!”

Kazuto:”(Whispering) Rare item get, remember!”

Liz:”(Murmuring) Rare item! (Raising her voice) ..... I-I always greet customers with a feeling like this.”

And, with a deep breath,

Liz:”W-w-welcome, please come in! Ma-Master-сhama!”

A commotion spreads through the crowd.

LizM:”……I-I can't do it anymore. I'm going hoome!”

Lisbeth starts running, but gets caught up in the microphone's cord and falls down with a thud,

Liz:”Fugyu!― (Half crying)……Uu. F-falling over in front of such a large crowd, I, I.........”

Immediately afterwards, greatest cheers of joy and applause resounds.

Audience:”Li-zu-tan! Li-zu-tan! Li-zu-tan!”

Master of ceremonies:”(Invigorated) Clumsy girls are the best!”

Liz:”……Wha? Whaa!?”

+ + +

Master of ceremonies:”We have the results of the impartial voting by everyone of the audience―The victors are, «Team Bikini Armour»!”

Among the cheers of the audience.

Liz:”…Aww. Runner-ups huh…”

Silica:”Isn’t the runner-up prize gorgeous too?”

Liz:”I-I wonder if it was worth the embarrassment.”

Silica:”It's unfortunate that Kirito-san had errands to run and had to go back home. …… If only he had kept to his schedule.”

Liz:”We let him off too easily in the end... didn't we.”

Silica:”(Standing alone) But white also suited our hero-san, right?”

Liz:”…… I’ll let you have the photos I took, so hand over yours too.”

Silica:”Tee-hee. It was worth all the effort.”

Sinon chapter

Ikebukuro. Namjatown -like place. There are many customers in the game centre, where electronic sounds resound.

Kazuto:”Hah, hah. I've arrived! Hey, Yui. Please perform your calculations based on how long it would take by walking, instead of by sprinting at full speed.”



At that moment, Sinon appears.


Kazuto:”Oh, Sinon. Have I kept you waiting?”

Sinon:”Not really. I also just got here.”

Kazuto:”I see. I think this place has old-fashioned games with physical sensations and attractions. What're you planning to do here?”

Sinon:”I'll explain while we’re in the line. The end of the line is.... over there, right?”

Kazuto:”It's a rather long line. (Reading the signboard out loud) 『Dead & Dead』?”

Sinon:”It's a limited time attraction that uses the entire first floor of the building.”

Kazuto:”Ah, I saw that on articles on the net. It's a shooting game with the gimmick of perfect reality, right? If I recall correctly, you have to explore a hospital set and kill AI-controlled zombies with a beam gun.”

Sinon:”Yeah. I got tickets for this place from a shopping district lottery. I want to try challenging this place alone, but... the clearing conditions when playing alone are severe, as the premise of the game is beating it with a partner.”

Kazuto:”And so, you want me to help you?”

Sinon:”…… A muscle head who only knows how to wave a sword around is better than nothing.”

Kazuto:”It is an honour to have been invited.”

While the crowd is talking, shrieks, beam gun electronic sounds resound from a distance.

Kazuto:”I thought that there would surely be many survival game otaku, but there’re only couples here.”

Sinon:”It seems like they're mistaking it for a haunted house. They're even giving a compatibility prediction based on the score.”

KazutoM:”......I'm not quite sure just who is the one making the mistake here…...”

+ + +

Attendant:”Next person! Please enter through the red door.”

The two open the door and, inside the small private room,

Kazuto:”What is this room?”

Sinon:”It's the briefing room. The explanation of the game will begin, so listen up.”

Announcer A:”A biohazard incident has occurred at a large hospital. A patient has turned into a zombie. We want you to subdue them all by using a paralysis gun.”

Announcer B:”You're a veteran detective, so you better damn well protect that newbie cutie.”

Kazuto:”I see, so that’s the setting. As for the veteran detective......”

Sinon:”That’s me. Okay, the newbie equipment is over here.”

Kazuto:”Is that so. ...Uwa, that's a cheap gun. So, do I have to wear this jacket?”

Sinon:”Yeah, if the jacket is touched by the enemy, our points will be reduced.”

Kazuto:”Points? There are Hit Points?”

Sinon:”No. If we take down zombies, we will get points. (Regretfully) To clear the mission perfectly, we must protect our points to the end by ensuring minimal damage.”

Kazuto:”Gotcha! Let's do our best!”

+ + +

Kazuto:”Oh, finely disgusting.”

Zombies:”(Growling) Guuuuuu.”

Sinon:”―― Target - five zombies.”

Beam gun sounds resound 5 times.


Kazuto:”Hey.......when will my turn be......”

Sinon:”(Ignoring) Move up to the next area. The enemies can also come out in the corridor, so look out for back attacks.”

And, they walk on the linoleum floor with a katsu katsu sound.

Kazuto:”…Yes sir.”

And, he follows behind in silence.

Beyond the wall, shrieks like “kyaa“ and “uryaa” and noises of someone shooting blindly with a gun can be heard.

Kazuto:”Sinon. That is...... aren't you scared of these zombies, the shrieks...... or this dim hospital?”

Sinon:”It’s impossible to evade all of them, though how do you regard AI-controlled opponents as scary? ...... Isn’t it just a realistic shooting game after all?”

Kazuto:”(Grumbling) Having said that, you're really absorbed in this and yet...... That's it!”

Sinon advances alone.

Suddenly she looks behind her and notices that Kazuto is not there.

Sinon:”...Kirito? ..... How could you get lost in a straight path, geez…”

And, this time, slowly going back.

Sinon:”(Whispering) ...... Kirito, where are you?”

And, Kazuto suddenly jumps out from the shadows,


Sinon:”(Considerably serious scream) Kyaa!”

Kazuto:”(While flustering a bit) Ju-just kidding.”


In silence, Shino aims her beam gun at Kazuto and fires blindly.

Kazuto:”Wa, stop it, forgive me.”

+ + +

The two walking steadily.

Kazuto:”I'm really sorry… It was just a petty impulse, please forgive me, detective-san……”

Sinon:”You’re a detective too, aren’t you!”

Sinon comes to a halt,

Sinon:”……The room ahead is the boss room. When I open the door, a large number of small fry zombies will come attacking. Moreover, a fire prevention shutter will descend on the passage behind us, so there won't be a path for retreating. ―― Are you prepared?”


The heavy door is opened with a creak.


Sinon:”Kirito, just 5 seconds. If you attract the attention of the zombies ― I'll handle all the rest.”

Kazuto:”OK! ... So, how am I supposed get the zombies to target me?”


And, Shino kicks Kazuto into the room with a doga sound.


Sinon:”The zombies will come at the closest person ―― Your sacrifice will not be in vain.”

Kazuto:”I-I'm going to be the decoy!?”


Kazuto:”(Keeping off the attack) Ha! Tou! Orya!”

Sinon, while shooting with a beam gun,

Sinon:”Way to go. Kirito, your AGI (agility) is also high in real life, huh.”

Kazuto:”Even though you say so, these guys are spawning rapidly! I can't handle it anymore, I'm already at my limit!”

Sinon:”That's because the small fry zombies will keep multiplying rapidly until the boss is taken down.”


Kazuto:”Waah, stay away, don't touch me ! Uhii, forgive me for that stunt!”

Sinon:”Oh, so that's Kirito's weakness. I'll remember that.”

While the beam gun is shooting in quick succession,

Kazuto:”Those 5 seconds were over long ago!”

Sinon:”Hold out over there till the boss dies. If you train them on me, I'll put an end to this by shooting you.”


+ + +

Announcer A:”Congratulations on clearing the mission! Receive your score at the exit.”

Announcer B:”As for the score, your character compatibility is perfectly in check. Well done.”

+ + +

Attendant:”Thank you for your patronage.”

Kazuto:”We did it. Congratulations on the perfect clear!”

Sinon:”(A little displeased) ...... Yeah, thanks.”

Kazuto:”What’s wrong?”

Sinon:”(With an incomprehensible look) Our compatibility lacked... 2 points to the perfect score of 100.”

Kazuto:”That's because I was the decoy. It can't be helped, right?”

Sinon:”(Annoyed) ..... Here, your personality assessment. I think you’d better read it well.”

Kazuto:”What what... ‘You are a person who hands over spoils to your friends too much. Anyone with a kind and gentle character will be liked. But, anyone too kind may also occasionally encounter a painful experience. These words are sent to you 『After a man leaves the safety of his home, at times of taking action in society, he will always face rivals and all kinds of hardships.』’......Huh. (Smiling wryly) Hmm.”

Asuna chapter

Kazuto:”Hah... It's oover. ...Yui, all the tasks have been completed. ......Huh, still no response? ... Hmmm, this is... ah, so that’s it!”

+ + +

A small park close to Asuna’s home.

A high-class residential area, it’s now the evening, and there is no sight of children.

Asuna:”Kirito-kun, wanting to see me suddenly, I wonder what's wrong……”

With creaking sounds, the swing that Asuna was on is swaying quietly.

Asuna:”(Noticed) Huh, Kirito-kun?”

Kazuto:”Y-yo, Asuna”

Asuna:”…Why where you hiding and sneakily watching?”

Kazuto:”E-errrr, I was unconsciously fascinated by the beautiful girl swinging on the swings under the setting sun with a melancholic expression.... So, I couldn't pick the right timing…”

Asuna:”(Sighing)… So, what's wrong? You mailed me that you were suddenly coming to my neighbourhood. I was surprised, you know.”

Kazuto:”Well, for some reason, I wanted to see your face.”


Kazuto:”T-that was a bit of a cold reaction.”

Asuna:”Kirito-kun, what have you been doing today?”

Kazuto:”Huh? Well, uh, this and that.”

Asuna:”You sure have been buusy, he-ro of light-sa-ma.”

Kazuto:”How did you know about my latest dark history!”


Kazuto:”Ah, Yui!? You went to Asuna’s terminal?”

Yui:”Papa's actions have all been reported to Mama.”

Asuna:”Kirito-kun, you see…”

Kazuto :”(Facing Asuna) Ah, I get it. Yui, Asuna, sorry.”


Kazuto:”Yesterday I ended up neglecting our promise. I’m sorry.”

Yui:”...Yesterday, I was waiting in ALO together with mama. And I intended to inform you about Leafa-san and the others’ invitations if you had come.”

Kazuto:”Sorry. I fell asleep while doing my school assignment. When I woke up, I forgot about it…”

Asuna:”Kirito-kun. Don't scold Yui-chan for this. You see, I was the one who had Yui confuse Papa a little in revenge.”

Kazuto:”I see.”

Asuna:”…I really didn't think you would actually get invited on 3 dates.”

Kazuto:”N! No, it happened unexpectedly! Really, it just turned out that way! Besides, those weren't dates! Attending shopping, a hero's cosplay and, lastly, being a bait for zombies! These are absolutely not dates!”

Asuna:”Hmm... But that sounds like it was fun.”

Yui, oblivious to Asuna’s jealousy,

Yui:”The perimeter around papa was full of smiles.”

Kazuto:”Well, it wasn’t boring.”

Asuna:”(A bit pouting)…I see.”


Kazuto:”...Hey, let me get on too. Look out.”

Kazuto jumping on the swings that Asuna is on causes the swings to shake with a creak.

Asuna:”Kya! Riding on the swings with two people is dangerous!”

Kazuto:”It’s fine.”

And, swings with a gangan sound.

Kazuto:”Yui, can you see from the camera? The sunset is beautiful, don't you think?”

Yui:”Yes! It looks like I am flying towards the sky.”

Asuna:”H-hold on! That's rocking it too hard... geez. Fufufu.”

The laughter of the three resounds.

+ + +

On the road that leads to Asuna's home.

Asuna:”Sorry. I wanted to play with Yui-chan more, but if I'm late for dinner time, my mother will be annoyed.”

Yui:”Please do not worry, mama. The swings were very fun.”

Kazuto:”That's it! It would be interesting if we hung swings on the World Tree.”

Asuna:”Thinking about absurd things again.”

Kazuto:”We should try to consult Liz. If it's her, I think she could produce a looong chain.”

Asuna:”Hmm, I think the World Tree is difficult, so couldn’t we make swings near our home?”

Kazuto:”In that case, it will be easy. There are lots of big trees.”

Yui:”Tee-hee. That sounds like fun.”

Kazuto:”Yui. We're going to make it huge so that three people could ride it.”

Yui:”...Papa, that is a promise.”

Kazuto:”Yeah, it’s a promise!”

(The end)


  1. Arigato Gozaimasu. Every boy would love to have this kind of "ordeals".

    Good job.

  2. Thanks so mich! Merry Christmas

  3. Thank you for this! That Asuna chapter was just cute!

  4. This is so cool! Any chance of translating the rest of the CD? Keep it up! :3

    1. The rest of the CD consists of an AW original side story (not really interested in translating), a "Special AW and SAO Cast Talk Collection" (not interested in translating) and an audio version of Versus. I do have some interest in that, but the problem is that our subber dropped the project midway and without a subber, I don't really see the point of translating the story, as the written version of Versus is already translated. I don't think the audio version is too different from the written version.

    2. I wanted to ask politely, because I am too dense for it. I searched for "the written version of Versus" for quite a time, but couldn´t find any results. Where I can find it? Please help. >_<

    3. The original translation is actually on this blog, but translated by a different translator. Though I believe that there are plenty of PDF versions of it on the net. If you really can't find the story, here's a link to the translation available on this blog:

      http://dreadfuldecoding.blogspot.com/2012/02/sword-art-online-versus.html .

    4. Thank you very much for that answer. ^^

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    This is really a wonderful and funny story :D
    The translation seems good also !

  6. Hi,

    I finally added some of your stories into my SAO PDF Archive, Ordeals included.
    Have fun =)
    Mamue's SAO Archive

  7. I really enjoyed it, but it´s sad to see that you did so much work to translate it, and it is a really good translation by the way, and then upload a non-subbed version. I couldn´t accept this, and then I took that project and did my job here. I hope that is what you wanted. ^^ I uploaded it on Youtube:
    Of course I gave credit to this page and the people behind it. Big thanks for the translation, people who share stuff with others, these kind of people are the best. :P I hope that my work was worth something and was something that some are still interested in, I was a little bit too late. >.<

    1. Thank you for taking the time to sub this. I looked over your sub, but noticed a few errors:

      At 1:07 The dialogue line should have been "Good morning. About today’s schedule…", but the sub says "......A promise? I really have no memories of it......".

      At 3:17 - The full sentence was ”Listen, Sugu. The lowness of its defensive power is completely inappropriate. Our dad in America would cry.”, but your sub seems to only have the last sentence.

      At 11:47-54 the sub gets a bit ahead of the dialogue.

      Other than that, great work.

    2. Thank you for the fast feedback. I failed to correct mistakes even after rewatching. Reuploaded the corrected first part and uploaded the second half. I am glad you helped here. If there will be mistakes, just tell me, I will correct them.

    3. At the 1:07 part, why did you add "hello" in? If it's to account for the pause, "good morning" should have been split and shown earlier. Also, the sub for the 11:47-54 time still seems to be ahead of the actual dialogue.

      As for the second video,

      At 1:30 "I'll explain while were in the line". The sub lacks the apostrophe in "we're".

      At 2:35 the sub is ahead of the dialogue. And Kazuto's line is repeated twice.

      At around 4:51, the remark about Sinon going alone appears before Kazuto actually splits away from her.

      At 5:18-20, the sub gets ahead of the dialogue again. And Sinon's line "You’re a detective too, aren’t you!" is missing.

      At 9:02, the line "So, I couldn't pick the right timing" is missing.

    4. Ok, I am really impressed of your skills and I did many mistakes, sorry for that.. I imported all subs in one go in Sony Vegas, and because of that some minor mistakes happened. And I don´t know why, but Sony Vegas ignored some of your apostrophes. Did you used always the exact same? Just wondering, because I corrected the half of them, they where "invisible" and wasn´t displayed even if it was written, the rest was fine, but I skipped one.

      I have only 2 questions to go sure before I render an upload it again,
      - You said you translated it right from the script, but in the line: "So, I couldn't pick the right timing" at 9:02, I would guess there a "Ehh" or something like that in the beginning. I noticed that after I tried to time the sub for that and got confused on how to time that correctly.
      - And what you mean exactly at around 4:51, I tried to do everything like the order described in your translation script, and it seems to be in that order now. But I seem to be confused here and don´t want to make it wrong again, so I will ask directly, can please say the time I should put this remark?

      I really appreciate your suggestions. But sorry for my intrusion, because I am new in subbing things and I am not even native English, so this errors are happening now.

    5. That's a bit tricky. Intially, since this was my first project, I had the translation done on a word file. But then, as I started working on different projects, I learnt that word files weren't awfully convenient if you wanted to have someone edit your work and began using google docs instead. When I finally returned to look over this project, I copy pasted it from the word file to a doc file and got Pryun's help on editing it. Due to copy-pasting, some of the punctuation marks might have retained their style from the word file, while any punctuation marks I added on the gdoc version might be styled differently. So, I can neither deny nor affirm that the apostrophes are different as I never paid attention to it, though such a possibility does exit.

      Now for your other questions. For the part about Kazuto's line, the full line in Japanese is え、ええと、夕日 下、物憂げな表情でブランコを漕いでいる美少女につい見とれて…決してタイミングを計っていたわけでは . I assume the "ehh" you heard was 決して. Unless you had the full line in mind.

      For your other question, not sure why I wrote 4:51, since now I noticed that the time was 4:36. I do hope the difference is not because I'm currently using an iPad... Anyway, based on my recent look, the remark appears at 4:36 in the sub, but the first part about Shino walking off should be at 4:40, while the part about her noticing Kazuto's absence should be at 4:42. In other words, the line "Sinon advances alone." is currently shown at the same time as Kazuto is saying that Shino is absorbed in the game, but it should be placed after he finishes his line and actually splits away. And the next remark should be placed around two seconds later to give Shino time to notice that Kazuto split away.

    6. And in case it helps, I can share the version of the translation on google docs. That version has the translated text right under the respective Japanese text. Even if you don't know much Japanese, you could get google to transliterate the kanji and kana into romaji to follow the Japanese in the audio. In case this would help with timing and any other issues.

    7. If I thought you where so cooperative before, I think I would have ask for help, thats a really nice support and really helps. The Doc would save a big amount of time of the editing progress, but unfortunately I didn´t knew about it.

      If it interests you, some notes to the editing progress itself, skip this paragraph if you don´t want to hear that. It took me alone 2 hours to copy and paste it in Sony Vegas without the " and finally import it in several text´s, so I could sync them later. I don´t know if it is a bug, but everytime I copied a … or ’ (instead of ' the difference it minor, but it changed alot) it changed the textart from the complete line to "MSPゴシック" (Is it a standart for japanese or something?), took me agian some time to change it back. After a half week I finished it beside school. Because on freetime shortage I don´t watched a single Episode Anime or something, I know I was slow but I wanted to finish it, but I got sloppy after a time.

      And yea, back to the sub, I have several dictionaries and things like Mecab and Jparser, that are helping me out with Japanese.
      Just made a romanization of the japanese line, maybe it´s fussy to discuss this, but I really can clearly tell that I can hear:
      "[...] mitorite... [now a fast "Ehh", to be exact, this starts 6 frames before he finally starts with "決して" or in romanji "kesshite", it has a duration of 5 frames, and it is 20 frames after "見とれて" or "mitorite", so I clearly can tell this is between them] kesshite ... taimingu wo [...]".
      I dindn´t misheard "kesshite", but the only thing is, that is what I heard, and I am not professional, so I can´t be sure. But what I can say is, that it isn´t included in the Quote you wrote and the waveline is getting bigger in that part, and it is speech, so I can be sure of what i am asking here. Maybe you should rehear that line in the actual Audio to understand what I mean.
      I only ask for this because if i sub this, it seems like I skipped these 5 frames and it don´t look synchron anymore because speech starts earlier that the sub, but if I do sync it, it seems that I skipped something because your sub starts with "So" but I can clearly hear a "Ehh" for 5 frames. Just want to hear your opinion about that, but maybe I just have overdone things.

      And I think that every other mistake is now gone. Finally. I just messed up the order while I imported the subs, and then mistakes like at 1:07 happened. In the first moment I thought you skipped a line or it wasn´t complete (happened sometimes in the past with other scripts), so I tried to improvise with google translate. Noticed later that I was wrong and did the mistake myself, but it´s hard to tell if no actual text is available.

      Your help was very accurate, and maybe I will look over the doc for the timing, but I think after your correction the sub is good enough, only in long phrases there maybe would be improvements. It seems you are doing things like this on regular basis. After your reply and an another correction of my mistakes, I will reupload it again. Hope that this reply isn´t too detailed.

    8. The ellipses were inserted using a Japanese keyboard, so I wouldn't be surprised that the font is different.

      I've rechecked that specific part in the audio and you're right, there is some sound before 決して, but I double checked the script I have and I can confirm that it wasn't in the script, which is why I didn't account for it. You're free to add it in the sub though.

      I've given you access to the google doc if you want to look through it.

    9. Ok, did everything, but now I wanted to overfly the file, and I wanted to ask, where exactly can I view the file? I feel like I oversee something really obvious and do it wrong.
      Sorry but Google Docs is roughly telling me now, "No Files have been shared with you" or something like that, I don´t view this site in english speech. I only can view stuff from some other people I know, but nothing that is related with SAO.
      If it is my mistake, tell me, I will check again. But I checked it mutiple times until now. Or just give a link, but at the end, I don´t really care how you want to do it. You can choose freely on how you want to share it.

    10. Your email is styler00dollar@gmail.com, right? Since your username led me to your youtube channel, I thought that your email would be the same. And google seems to have found a match for the email, so I figured that my guess was correct. If you're using a different email, let me know and I'll give that account access to the file.

    11. Ah, ok. I have several E-Mails, I really forgot about this because they it wasn´t that improtant and I don´t used it much, I just thought about the Email I used for my YT-channel and searched there in Docs, sorry. Yes this Email is mine too, but in first place I just thought about my YT-mail. I got it, sorry for that intrusion, I found it.
      I think you are asking why it is so, To tell short, I created the gmail after my YT-channel was created because of reasons. In the time i created my YT-acc there wasn´t a G+ obligation and I used another mail provider, and because of that styler00dollar@gmail.com and my YT-channel aren´t exactly connected, but they are both mine, and I still primary use my old Email. And this also happened several years ago, so I really forgot all about the other email. My mistake again. >.<

    12. I will just leave here an ending note. It will take a bit time because I will do it beside school but I will upload the last half finally in this week. I resubbed it nearly completely, done the times new by watching what frame will match best to the soundwave (at least may times), rewatched it and corrected even more mistakes with the script. At first I have done it to make at least some kind of sub to understand it, but now it´s a really good sub.
      I hope you can get happy with my work I have done. I think I did it now good enough to enjoy it. And if you ever will need a subber again, I would do it. :P Thanks for your help.

    13. The line "…So, what is your race?” still disappears too fast and the next few lines are out of sync because of it. There's a bit of a pause in there, so you might be mistaking it for another dialogue line, but in the script, it's part of the same dialogue line.

    14. Oh, I really thought you mean the timing at first and concentrated on that, corrected that instead. Now I see my mistake, I simply overlooked it, again. Will be fixed.

    15. Well, I initially thought that you had mistaken the timing. But now I realised that you had actually mistaken where one of the lines ends in the audio.

      Anyway, I'm not really interested in doing any non-SAO project. There is some other audio drama for SAO, but I don't have the raw script for it and my Japanese listening skills aren't that good, so I don't think I'll be doing any other audio drama project any time soon. Though thanks for the offer.

  8. Nice! Thank you for this! I really enjoyed it :)
    Also, I think that big 'M' next to the character's thoughts stands for monologue. ;)