[Kirito's GGW] 5th Night

Since New Year's Day is a special occasion, we decided to make a double release for the occasion! So, in addition to part 1 of If You Wish It that we released minutes ago, we also decided to make a manga release to really bring the bang to the new year! This chapter focuses on Sinon. And what's a Gun Gale Wars chapter without misunderstandings and boob issues? Enjoy!



Raws: SAO Scans
Translation: Gsimenas
Cleaning: Mttblue2
Redrawing: Mttblue2
Typesetting: Mttblue2

Alternative versions:

5th Night


  1. So....how self aware is Sinon of the group dynamic?

  2. Sinon: "Like Leafa said, something this big sure have huge tactical disadvantages".

    *Unexpected appearance of the group*

    Sinon: "Oh Sh*t, this is bad".