[Kirito's GGW] 4th Night

To my pleasant surprise, when I woke up today, I found a message from Mtt that he had finished another GGW chapter. Seeing as our last release took nearly a full year, I had to double check if I hadn't somehow woken up in 2020 already, but since I'm apparently still in 2019, I guess we can consider this progress in speeding up our releases.

Anyway, the 4th Night chapter was bundled with the 3rd Night chapter in the original magazine. As such, the two chapters focused on the infamous More Deban pair: Silica and Lisbeth, even using the same gimmick for the plot of the chapter. And by that, I mean that Zeliska's invisisuit is getting more deban! Enjoy the shenanigans!



Raws: SAO Scans
Translation: Gsimenas
Cleaning: Mttblue2
Redrawing: Mttblue2
Typesetting: Mttblue2

Alternative versions:

5th Night

4th Night

5th Night

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