[Project Announcement] Ordinal Scale manga v1

Since we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Ordinal Scale movie, it's the perfect time to announce that we've decided to work on translating volume 1 the Ordinal Scale manga! This will probably get licensed eventually, but since Yen Press hasn't licensed it yet (and took AGGO from us instead), we figured we could at least get volume 1 (or at least part of it) translated before it gets licensed as a sample of the manga to perhaps get some people interested in purchasing it when it comes out officially in English. While the manga mostly follows the movie, it does have a few changes/extra scenes here and there, while the art is quite nice.

We have already translated chapter 1 and hope to get typesetting done in the following days. We do not expect our work on this project to affect our other ongoing projects, as our (only) editor is not working on the manga at the moment.

P.S. We have also updated Comic Anthology story 2 with new scans and an improved translation.


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