Eiji-kun's Ordinal Scale Lecture

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Ordinal Scale's initial release. Hence, to celebrate, I decided to translate a series of drawings made by Director Itou that were released daily as a sort of countdown for the movie. In these drawings, Itou had Eiji explain some of the mechanics and other details about Ordinal Scale the game as a quick way to get to know how the game works before watching it. It kinda doesn't have that kind of relevance now that the movie itself is out, but there were some points in the drawings that didn't seem to be mentioned anywhere else, so I figured I'd try translating them.

Disclaimer: Itou's handwriting is a pain to decipher, so I can't guarantee that I haven't made any mistakes in reading it.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Raws: http://sao-movie.net/special/comic/
Illustrator: Director Itou
Translation: Gsimenas
Deciphering barely legible text: Dennis, Gsimenas

Eiji-kun's Ordinal Scale Lecture


Kirito: Hey Asuna, how do you play AR games?

Asuna: Hmm, how indeed...

Eiji: Huhuhu… leave that to me.

Kirito: Who's that?

Kirito: That's…!

Eiji: Allow me, the rank 2 player, to explain personally…

Kirito: Haah

Bottom-right text: Will be continued until the movie's release date!


Eiji: You play AR games with your real bodies. Thus, you should first make sure you're wearing comfortable clothes when you come to play!

Klein: Like us!

Silica: Iyaa

Eiji: Hmm hmm


To start the game, you just need to put on your Augma and say:
(inside the bubble) "Ordinal Scale, activate!"
And you'll be on your way. It uses voice input. Try not to feel embarrassed about it.


Eiji: It's hard to be aware that you have a weapon in an empty hand, thus use a stick-shaped controller. In AR, this can…

(Below the sword): Become a sword…

(Below the gun): Or a gun!

Kirito: I'll probably just go with a sword.


By the way, damage that you deal with swords, axes, spears, and so on at close range is greater than you'd deal with long-rage weapons.
But then, this doesn't apply if you manage to land a hit right at the boss's weak point, even if by gun…


Eiji: OS character creation is very diverse compared to VR games like ALO and GGO.

Signs: Tiger, Reaper

Eiji: By the way,
How's my outfit? Hm, why is it shiny you ask? … because… it's cool.

Kirito: Hmm


Mic OS Logo

HP Bar Message

Weapons Weapons


The game screen looks like this.
A polished and simple user interface, wouldn't you say?
By the way, when you HP drops to zero, a HUNTER DOWN sign will be displayed and you won't be able to participate in battle for a while. A 'blocked’ sign will be placed on your weapon icons.


OS doesn't have magic. Thus, recovery of HP is limited to items. Don't overlook the healing items that appear during a battle!


Regarding buffs (addition of special effects)...

They produce special effects that increase player abilities under specific conditions and items.
They say, when the AR idol comes out to dance, some special ones are granted to players or something…

Effects (on the left):
Attack UP
Defence UP
Spontaneous healing


Bubble: Vuuvuu

Regarding damage

OS is, of course, an AR game, thus you can't feel the direct impact of an attack.
Therefore, you can reinforce your game immersion by using controller vibrations or special vests as feedback of having received damaged.

Bottom-left corner: What? Like a SONY game console from the 2000s you say?

Eiji's bubble: By the way, I prefer vests.


Regarding ranking

As you rank up, you increase the damage you deal in one blow, and your defense value.
However, it won't mean much if the physical capabilities of your opponent surpass your stats.
It's quite common for lower ranked people to dominate their superiors.
——Though, who'd ever be able to reach my rank…?

Kirito: Gnn
And yet you're not even number one…


Regarding team tactics…

Furrinkazan bubble: We're Fuurinkaan!

Like in other games, it is beneficial to fight in OS as a team.
Having a tank with a shield to take the guard while the attackers make use of the openings produced to assault… is how it works.
Though, for the time being, the above-mentioned Fuurinkazan is about the only group of players who fight that strategically; that's the kind of players that you can barely find around here…

Bottom-left Eiji: A player as strong as myself doesn't need partners though…


Kirito: Gununu

Eiji: How weak!

Since you have to be careful in PvP (Player versus Player), you can't do so-called "sword lockings" in AR.
This can be circumvented by grabbing the part of the weapon's handle where your opponent's controller should be or your opponent's hands themselves.
Thus, avoiding the opponent's attacks as much as possible is how AR fighting mostly works.


Regarding game bonuses

As you defeat monsters, you receive points to rank up and to receive discounts and freebies from cooperating businesses.
The game's administrators are also lending a hand, so you use a drink coupon after an OS battle to moisten your throat.

Kirito: Gyuudon coupons again……


Background text:
Oooh, what's going on
Hold it

Sign: No Entry

Eiji: Thank you very much.

You can play OS in town specifically due to the cooperation of the people in the neighbourhood.
So let's enjoy the game without causing trouble to those around us.


Text below number: (End)

Left text:
Be sure not to swing your controllers in the theatre.
That's an important promise that you'll have to make to me.

Right text:
This brings us to the end of my tutorial.

At Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale-

Be sure to enjoy watching my feats!

Wasn't I the lead…