Status Update - 17th of October

Seeing as we haven't posted any translation in a couple of weeks and it doesn't look like we'll have anything to release this week either, I thought I'd post an update on our progress. On my end, I've been busy with uni, as well as a kendo tournament this weekend, so I haven't made any progress the past two weeks. I also have to finish a case report by the end of the week, so I'll probably only return to translating after I get that thing off my back. Now, for the status on our translation projects.


SECT.18 and 19 have already been translated, but our editors are currently busy, so I am unsure when they'll be released. I'm currently working on translating SECT.20, which is the finale of the tournament. However, progress on my own end has been slow due to RL as well.

Clover's Regret

The entire tankoubon has been translated, but the next chapter is awfully long and the only editor on the project is currently busy with other work, so it will probably be awhile before the translation is released.

SAO Comic Anthology

Mttblue has shown interest in typesetting the remaining chapters, but he's currently busy with both university work and helping Defan. Without a free typesetter, we can't really do much with this project.


I am considering doing the character book interviews (especially seeing as we're in need of a filler release due to not having anything else that we can publish anytime soon), if anyone's actually interested in those.

New projects

Another Ordinal Scale side story has been released with the BDs of the movie. I'll probably take it up when I finish with SECT.20 of AGGO... and find some free time.

Rainbow Bridge

Finally got around to TLCing and proofreading part 4, which was the longest one of them, in the last few weeks. Also, someone volunteered to help out with editing, but I haven't heard from them in awhile. I'll probably wait a couple more weeks to see if they're still on board. If not, I'll probably just finish up on my own and release what I have to at least have the translation improvements out in the public.



  1. About the new Ordinal Scale side story:
    Sword Art Online -Cordial Code-

    1. Ehm... what exactly is the point of that link? It has nothing that I haven't heard before. And it has various errors, such as mistranslating the name of the story and mispelling Eiji as Eichi somehow.