[Project Announcement] Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online III -2nd Squad Jam- (II)

As promised, now that we have the first chapter of Clover's Regret released and I'm done with my exams (until Summer at least), we'll soon start publishing translations for the third volume of the Gun Gale Online spin-off. We're actually nearly done with the first chapter in the volume, so expect a release within the next few days.

Note that since this volume is considered a part two of the 2nd Squad Jam story, the chapter numbering continues from the previous volume, instead of resetting. Thus, don't be surprised that the first chapter in this volume will be SECT.10.

P.S. The volume has a short summary of the events from the previous volume. Should I even bother translating it though?


  1. Awesome! are you guys going to continue with the manga version?

    1. The next manga chapter has been translated for months. But the group who's doing the cleaning/redrawing/typesetting has been too busy lately. I can't really say when the chapter will be released, as I haven't heard from them the past few weeks.

    2. I see... No problem, I really enjoy your translations and can wait as much as it takes :D