[Project Announcement] Sword Art Online Aincrad Night of Kirito

So, several days ago, the first volume of the new Sword Art Online Magazine came out. The magazine came with three new manga and one of them caught my attention for the scene in the image above. Sword Art Online Aincrad Night of Kirito (ソードアート・オンライン キリトの#千夜一夜物語#(アインクラッドナイト)) is a spinoff story based on Hollow Fragment (so it follows the SAO game canon rather than the main canon) and here's a short synopsis for it (hiding it from the main page because of spoilers).

When Kirito took on a random quest on the 76th floor to kill time, he didn't expect to be transported to a bedroom and find himself wearing pyjamas. To his surprise, the One Thousand and One Nights quest summons various girls that he is acquainted with, all of whom are tricked into thinking that they have to share a bed with Kirito to complete the quest. The true goal of the quest, however, is for Kirito to survive till morning without getting into bed with them. If he fails, there will be a penalty for the girls...

Although the scene above didn't end the way I expected, the first chapter was still humorous enough for me to take it up as another side project, as manga don't eat up as much time as LN translations do. The release of the SAO Magazine may not have been fixed yet, but the next volume is coming out in December, so for now, it seems like it'll be a bimonthly magazine and one chapter per two months shouldn't be that hard to handle.

The first chapter has already been translated and will be published as soon as cleaning/redrawing/typesetting is complete.


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