SAOP1: Intermission chapter

Well, this is still unedited but I seemed unable to find an editor, so I just post this here rather than letting it rot in my private folder forever. I hope I can get a reliable editor soon to edit my future SAO works.

This is basically a published version of SAO Material Edition 7: Continuation of Aria in the Starless Night. There are quite a bit of minor changes the author made in this version but the entire story is still the same one hosting on Baka-Tsuki.

Intermission: Reason for the Whiskers


  1. thx for the work . . .

  2. what changes are there?

    1. Mostly small edits as the web script gets edited by a proper editor before the publishing. But there're some changes author made as well, on top of my head are:

      - «Pursuit» skill can be use only on players you registered as friend, not just knowing name in web version.

      - Kirito vowed to Cardinal when telling Argo he won't hold grudge against her in web version, changed to vowed to just the System instead, because he didn't know the existence of Cardinal System until he met Yui almost 2 years later.