Quiz time!

Just for whoever reads this to exercise their brain a little, here is a quiz for you!

For every correct answer that I receive, one small section of the next chapter will be posted.(and your preferred ID will be posted with it). I've divided it into eight parts, so eight correct answers will get you the full chapter here.

You can send the answer to dreadfuldecoding@gmail.com, along with some description of yourself(I don't want the same people answering using different email accounts, thanks. Don't forget to give an ID you prefer to go by as well). Offer expires when either the whole thing is done(IE enough people get correct answers), or a week has passed.

Here's the question: Every year, this date will fall on the same day of the week as Christmas of the same year. It also happens to occur on the first week of Libra. What is this date?


  1. Is this supposed to be for Sasamisan.

  2. Actually I answered the Quiz without realizing it might be for either one... Well either way I'm fine with it :)

  3. Oops, it wasn't mentioned in the post, but this quiz is for the next part of SAO: Rondo.